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  1. A student of ours exported their PDF and when they imported it into Photoshop, it asks for a password. It happened on 2 machines. The students then changed the file into TIFF or JPG's and exported into Photoshop no problems. Is this a setting in Vectorworks that it automatically locks itself?
  2. A couple of people here are facing the same issue. When they zoom in all the way, lines suddenly disappear, and when the zoom out they reappear. I have students working on SP1, 2 and 3, and they all experience this problem in varying degrees. Have tried the solutions suggested above, and none of them work for us. So far only Mac users have reported this fault. Any other ideas/hints will be grateful. Thanks.
  3. I figured it was a false positive. Especially since the A/V does not pick it up once the program is installed on a client machine. I just wanted to point this out to the staff considering that when I called them they had no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, I called Sophos and told them about it, and they're looking into it as well. And Avast did not pick it up for me in 1 pass. I had to do thorough cleaning at level 5 before it picked it up.
  4. Hi there, I am writing here because the people at the help-desk in both countries (USA and UK) keep saying that they have no idea what I am talking about. But after 5 scans, I still keep seeing a virus embedded in your install file! Here's a screen shot of the virus: (Image will expand if clicked on) I use Sophos Anti-Virus, and this is the student edition of VectorWorks. Here's the details of the viral infection: http://www.sophos.com/security/analyses/viruses-and-spyware/malbehav160.html Although it's rated as a 'low-level' infection, I am surprised that it has not been rectified. I am not worried since once the application is installed the infection seems to go. I was just wondering if you were aware of this.
  5. Hi, some students of mine want to check when their student editions will expire. Is there a way to check the exact date of when the product will expire?
  6. I had this problem with VW2008. I deleted and reinstalled the program and the problem still persisted. In fact, I cannot get it installed on the machine at all. Okay, I updated the student's computer to Leapord, then I installed the Service Pack 1 update. I am still getting a 'No Valid Serial Number' error. Any more suggestions?
  7. I told them to disable it, and it worked fine. Thanks for this. Do you know the reason as to why this would be a problem? Does this problem only pertain to Windows? Does this problem only occur on certain printers (with the GDI enabled)? What is the function of this certain feature?
  8. On another note, I have also figured that it was a case of missing fonts. Use a generic font (such as Arial or Helvetica) that is universal. Two out of the three computers having this problem was resolved by merely changing their fonts. The reason I surmized was because the fonts were not installed on the computer, yet VW somehow listed them. Don't know why, don't ask me. It just worked when they changed the default font to Arial.
  9. Hi, sorry to bring this back up, but I contacted someone but they have not yet got back to me. I am therefore going to BUMP this to see if anyone else can answer my questions. First off, when I launch VectorWorks 2008, I get this annoying message: After which, I then click the OK button, and I reach this place: I type in the serial number (which works fine): Then this page appears. Because I can see the two at the side I know that this is a valid serial number: I press OK and I get this message: Which brings be back to this place: Then I can keep going on in an endless loop. The person is running Mac OSX 10.4.11 on a MacBook Pro. She is the only one with this problem.
  10. This is another bug I've been experiencing as well. I do not know what operating systems they are on. I will suggest the double 'z' approach. I wonder why that is, and I am curious as to how you figured this out.
  11. It depends. I think they are printing to either a DocuColor 250 or a DSc224 (both Xerox machines). I have asked them to try on HP DesignJet 90r, so I am waiting for hear what the status was. I am not sure about GDI imagaing, but I will bring this up.
  12. If there are no issues with VW, I wouldn't be here. True, the problems are more persistant with PC's than Macs, though. Out of 20 Macs, 5 have problems, though the problems with the 5 Macs are severe. 22 out of 40 PCs had problems, especially those with Vista currently installed. Although most of them required removing a lot of software and a reinstall to fix the problem a couple of their computers had to go back to the reseller. Good for them, though, they got newer computers in exchange. The files are being lost on the computer. The file in particular is the one that submits the serial number and name of the user to validate the install of the program. The computer is running Tiger OSX 10.4.11 Should I try reinstalling one more time? EDIT: Tried reinstalling to no avail.
  13. I updated one of the Macs and it fixed the problem. However, one of the other students runs Tiger. Does this problem also come under Tiger?
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