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  1. I would like to have the ability to add general comments or notes to worksheets even the pre formatted worksheets such as Landscape Areas. Often additional information would be advantageous Thanks.
  2. alfresco


    Thanks. I will double check everything again. Appreciate your assistance.
  3. alfresco


    I am using VW2021. I have inserted unstyled doors into a model. The glazing is not functioning correctly. I have selected attributes to use class. In settings I have selected classes, glazing to be clear glass. However, the glazing is still solid as in a panel door? If I replicate the process in a blank document, the glazing appears to work correctly. Perhaps something in the model? Any ideas? thanks
  4. Thank you gentlemen I will take another look. 2020Method.vwx
  5. Thank you gentlemen I will take another look.
  6. I am using VW2021. I am working on a landscape plan. I have created a number of Landscape Areas and would like to report area as specified on the plan. I have the different type of landscape areas identified by class. Individual areas have been given a name identifying each area. The associated worksheet is not reporting all area?. There are a number of landscape areas not calculated in the worksheet? All areas are closed and have an area in the O.I.P. Why is the worksheet not updating to report all areas? Thanks lm
  7. Yes sorry... I am playing around in 2021. I thought that I would try to get a feel for some of the new toys...
  8. Thanks for having a look. I am getting mixed results and not totally as expected. Site model still not updating to reflect slab modifiers? 2020StewartSept18.vwx
  9. Pat, I have have tried a number of options. There are a number of exiting hardscape pads in place such a the residential front entrance pad. I have tried a number of options and as you suggest editing for hardscape existing (tried existing and proposed) and new hardscape (existing and proposed ). However, the model is not updating as expected. I would expect the site model to be set to the modified pad elevations as specified? It is still a problem! Thanks for your input. cheers, lm
  10. I am working a a site design with slope. I have created a site model and am developing a number of hardscape elements with the option slab modifier (top or bottom). However, when I update the model I am not getting the results expected. The site model is not conforming to the elevation constraints as specified. I am not sure why? Any suggestions? Thanks, lm
  11. I am using VW2020 on Mac. I am doing interior elevations for a renovation. I created veiwports for interior elevations. Section lines are not appearing on Plan as expected. thanks
  12. Wes, Thanks for you r assistance. I will review and follow up. larry
  13. I am using VW2020 and Mac OS 10.15.4 Catalina. I have a story wall set to 8'. However it is only measuring 7' and I a not able to change it regardless of story bound setting in OIP? Thanks, lm
  14. alfresco


    You make a very good point and I agree. I wanted to adjust a contour on sloping terrain outside of a site modifier in order to increase accuracy. I understand that the editing of contours is not an option at this time? thanks
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