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  1. Yes sorry... I am playing around in 2021. I thought that I would try to get a feel for some of the new toys...
  2. Thanks for having a look. I am getting mixed results and not totally as expected. Site model still not updating to reflect slab modifiers? 2020StewartSept18.vwx
  3. Pat, I have have tried a number of options. There are a number of exiting hardscape pads in place such a the residential front entrance pad. I have tried a number of options and as you suggest editing for hardscape existing (tried existing and proposed) and new hardscape (existing and proposed ). However, the model is not updating as expected. I would expect the site model to be set to the modified pad elevations as specified? It is still a problem! Thanks for your input. cheers, lm
  4. I am working a a site design with slope. I have created a site model and am developing a number of hardscape elements with the option slab modifier (top or bottom). However, when I update the model I am not getting the results expected. The site model is not conforming to the elevation constraints as specified. I am not sure why? Any suggestions? Thanks, lm
  5. I am using VW2020 on Mac. I am doing interior elevations for a renovation. I created veiwports for interior elevations. Section lines are not appearing on Plan as expected. thanks
  6. Wes, Thanks for you r assistance. I will review and follow up. larry
  7. I am using VW2020 and Mac OS 10.15.4 Catalina. I have a story wall set to 8'. However it is only measuring 7' and I a not able to change it regardless of story bound setting in OIP? Thanks, lm
  8. alfresco


    You make a very good point and I agree. I wanted to adjust a contour on sloping terrain outside of a site modifier in order to increase accuracy. I understand that the editing of contours is not an option at this time? thanks
  9. alfresco


    VW2020 I am unable to edit exiting contours on a site model. When I modify an existing contour the changes are not saved and the model reverts to prior to editing? I try to move an existing contour or delete a contour or portion and get the same results. Why are the edit reversion not created? Thanks
  10. I am working on a planting plan with a Plant list with images VW2020. I want to insert comments into the remarks column. When I select from plant records comments 1 in the remarks column the information appears. However the images in the image column disappear? Help appreciated. Thanks, lm
  11. I recently tried to migrate a number of notes from my user folder into a document. I find that in vw2020 a dialogue box has been eliminated and I am not able to upload multiple notes at a time under a section as I could in vw2019. It would appear that I have less autonomy with my data base notes in 2019. Is there any way of uploading multiple notes in 2020 to a document? Thanks,
  12. Thank you very much Benson. Are we taking Design Layer Veiwports? or something else?
  13. I have a 3 story residential structure in my project. I also created a site model. I want to place the residential structure on the site model at the correct elevation. I am unable to use the send to surface command for the building. Several of the design layers are locked? and will not respond to the command send to surface? suggestions? I am using VW2020 thanks
  14. alfresco


    Wes, Thank you very much for comments and attachments. It was very helpful and I was able to come to a resolve. Greatly appreciated!


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