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  1. i have imported some symbols into my drawing from another drawing. When i try and eddit the instance it says that it is locked, and will not unlock. i can eddit it in the parent file but i can not update the symbol in the new file. Any ideas?
  2. I have recently received a DWG from an architect. I first imported it into a VWX, then I went to open the DWG in TrueView and a warning came up saying that the drawing was created on ?educational software.? Can this drawing that I imported corrupt other VWX files in the same way as VWX educational?
  3. Thanks i will give it a shot.
  4. When drawing a series of connected polylines is it possible to edit the last polyline rather than escaping the tool and starting over?
  5. I have a drawing which has both 2D and 3D objects. When I go to an iso view of the model the 2D Stays in the front plane. Is it possible to make it so the 2D stays with the 3D?
  6. When ever I import a particular symbol into a drawing and attempt to edit it, I get a message stating that it is locked, and it will not unlock. I can go to the drawing where it was created, insert it and edit it there but not within any other drawing. What gives?
  7. Thanks so much Pat. I deselected Group option and now all is good. you are a life saver.
  8. I can?t figure out what is wrong with this symbol. In all the other symbols I have created this has not happened. I first created the necessary 2d components, then copied them and extruded the items. Now when I import the symbol and change to an iso view the 2d remains on the viewing plain. I have never had this happen before. Any ideas?
  9. How does one import a vwx file into Google SketchUp.
  10. Does anyone know if I need renderworks to do a walk through? When I try to activate the visualization palette a window pops up saying that it is ?unauthorized? is this a glitch or does this mean that I don?t have the proper software?
  11. When i go to activate the visualization palette is a windo pops up saying "That menue is not authorized for use in this application" Do i need renderworks to do a walk through?
  12. Is it possible to set the drawing to shut off 2d objects when you are viewing in 3d?


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