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  1. Hi. I have been using VW for a few years now but I am at the point where I am wanting to model more complex shapes. I have played around with 3d power pack contours, nurbs etc.. but I havent found a formula for creating shapes such as this: http://www.dubaichronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/zaha-hadid-for-omniyat-1.jpg Using this building as an example could someone loosely describe how I would model a shape similar to the towers? Thanks for your help :]
  2. I have 2 extruded shapes, both of which are 'curved'. I am trying to subtract one from another to leave a space. Whenever I subtract solids it says either that it cannot compute geometry, or VW just crashes (ie is not responding)! I can't understand why it wont subtract the solid as the shapes arent very complex. Any ideas? VW 2008
  3. Thanks for the input, hopefully it will inspire me on. Everyone seems to be in support of C4D... but on various polls I have seen scattered around the internet it is 3DS Max that seems to be the more popular choice. Interesting!
  4. Mr Gog, To be honest, I didnt think that the model had to be set up in C4D as well as VW! This is probably where my problem lies! Have you got any suggestions for how I should set it up? I realised that you can change your view around one object, but you cant change how you view a whole model (like you can in VW). This is what frustrates me when using C4D. Didnt know about cameras either, but I never use them in VW... not until now anyway. Surely there must be a book/tutorial website that covers the basics of modelling for architects and designers with C4D? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the responses. I have been messing about with C4D for a few weeks, but I find it impossible to 'walkthrough' my design. It is incredibly easy to create a perspective of a design within VW... I am still trying to work out how to move around my design in C4D, so much so that it became too frustrating and I gave up! Cant seem to find much advice on the subject on the internet so I am beginning to look for an alternative that is more user friendly. That said, V-ray/Maxwell and C4D results are sublime! I read some reviews on Artlantis, but I am not too convinced about the final result compared to C4D.
  6. Obviously VW is the first choice modelling program due to its ease of use and capabilities, but what program do you suggest to use to create phorealistic renderings? I have tried C4D but I find it far too complicated to use, especially for interior visuals and renderings. I am looking to test several programs to see what is : a) interface/user friendly b) Gives the best results. Hard 3DS Max was good but is there a plugin for it? Thanks :]
  7. Thanks Roger. I have already 'cleaned' my computer and tried re-installing as you had posted previously, and I took a thorough read through your thread, and they're are similar problems to what I have but it seems more than likely that the problem is NOT a Quicktime or VectorWorks problem, but a problem related to another program running on my OS. I have spent the past day partitioning my HDD nad installing a seperate XP OS. I have next to nothing on my new partition (absolute bare minimum) so I will install QT followed by VW08 and we shall see what happens...
  8. The studio pc's at my Uni also have QT 7.4 working with VectorWorks 2008. So it should work? Or are you suggesting that VectorWorks is a hit and miss with certain versions of QT? Someone at QT said that I cannot have 2 versions working simultaneously on the same OS (regardless of partitioning). Back to square one.
  9. Ok... but VW08 should work with QT 7.4 - mine doesnt! It ONLY works with 7.1!
  10. I now have time to sit and try to resolve this problem. - I removed ALL traces of VW08, QT and iTunes from my pc, including the registry - Restarted PC - Installed newest version of QT (as of today) - Installed VW from scratch ...same thing happens! If I uninstall QT and re-install version 7.1 then it seems to work perfectly, this should not however be the case! I am very close to partitioning my hard drive so that I can run VW in a seperate partition without affecting any other QT programs. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  11. You are right it is merely an educational note and it does crash after this alert. It says that the version of QT might not be compatible/wrong version.I also get an error message afterwards, at which point VW closes without the program really opening! In system tray I have: Airport Base Station Agent - for playing wireless itunes 2 internet connections Mcafee I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling but still hasnt worked. I have just installed latest version of QT (standealone) and VW08 still isnt working.
  12. I removed all traces of QT from pc and registry. I removed all of iTunes (after backing up). Downloaded latest QT (without iTunes) and installed. Ran VW 2008 and it still crashes, with a warning message that I need to install QT version 7.2. I really am stuck with this. I have tried every possible logical method to resolve and nothings changed. Help!
  13. Thanks Roger. I had already uninstalled QT then re-installed a new downloaded version of it and itunes but th esame problem occurs. Im going to try to remove itunes and QT then reinstall new versions after making sure VW is working properly. Its annoying me as there shouldnt be such a problem in the first place Lets hope it works :]
  14. I checked through the control panel, and it says version 7.4 It also said this when I launched QuickTime. Would you recommend uninstalling iTunes, QT and VW deleting registry then re-installing everything. If so, in what order should I re-install. Cheers
  15. Can anyone figure out what problem may be or any course of sction I cpuld take to possibly remedy this problem? Thanks
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