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  1. You will notice more difference if you have a 7200 rpm hard drive. You will also have a problem finding the 4gig chip, the MBP will only address 6 gig of ram
  2. Have you tried using multiple extrude?
  3. Just deselect Snap to loci in VW Preferences>Edit
  4. I believe they are now available, as E series is now shipping
  5. NNA have delayed the release of the education version, probably due to this problem.
  6. If you place an additional vertex at the end of the 80m arc, it will no longer experience changing behaviour.
  7. Hi Best route is to use bi-rail lofting. First create a polygon to represent the front curvature, and convert to nurbs Second create a line and convert to nurbs and move to the right height/angle lets say 2000mm in y and z axis Third Create a rectangle 2000mm x 100mm to represent thickness, convert to nurbs Choose Loft tool from 3d palette and choose bi-rail loft Select first the Poly nurbs,then the line nurbs and finally the rectangle nurbs. You can then drop this into your roof.
  8. There was a long discussion about this recently: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=110520&fpart=1 Check this out
  9. Have you seen this: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/11/03/apple_investigating_problems_with_macbook_pros_glass_trackpad.html It could be either a mechanical or software issue. Watch out for updates
  10. The Document preference>Black and White only should do the trick. It works for lines, fills and patterns
  11. You dont say what computer you are using. If you save it as a pdf, which is how macs print anyway, might be the route forward. You will then have a file that does not need rendering prior to printing. I was producing stage sets on VW11.5 I was rendering and animating 40mx30m stages with 1000seats on a g4 powerbook with 1g of ram if I remember correctly.
  12. Just tell your admins to install Quicktime!!
  13. How much RAM are you using? What video card are you using? Although the video requirements are not very high, its best to have at least 256MB VRAM. Here are the system recommendations for 2009: http://www.nemetschek.net/designer/sysReq.php Do you have the same behaviour in a previous version? HTH
  14. For stage visualisation, ESP Vision is hard to beat. There is a VW plug-in and as with Artlantis, changes made in VW can be updated in the ESP/Artlantis files without having to make any other changes, lighting and rendering settings etc stay the same. Artlantis is a stand alone programme, but requires 3D files to input prior to rendering and animating etc. http://artlantis.com/ ESP Vision is also a stand alone programme that also allows programming of lighting desks, lighting plots, and anything else happening in a stage environment. http://www.espvision.com/ Also of note the Opening and Closing Ceremony at the Beijing 2008 Olympics was modeled in VectorWorks and visualised in ESP Vision http://www.espvision.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1224716820&archive=&start_from=&ucat=&
  15. I would have thought that this would be information that could be provided as a comparison chart by Nemetschek staff. Their sales and technical team should be able to provide you with the necessary information, especially as you know Revit very well. Try them on Monday morning.
  16. These guys at Astra at the University of Antwerp in Belgium have been getting their heads round GPU processing: http://fastra.ua.ac.be/en/index.html They have produced an 8 parallel graphics card supercomputer. Is this the future?? By the way this has already been posted
  17. You need 12.5.3 on 10.5
  18. 106MB for a house is very large, are you using symbols etc. Have you tried Artlantis Studio?
  19. Its a very simple process, every document that is produced in the Educational version has a watermark. If any part of that document is copied and pasted into a non-educational file it will take the watermark with it. So if you open an educational document on your office machine it will have the watermark, it is not a virus but a simple device to keep the different versions distinct.
  20. Whats your system and profile? My understanding that even windows has quicktime enabled. What you are describing is a function of the programme, not of quicktime. You need Artlantis Studio to do this most efficiently and quickly. HTH
  21. M.CH


    You can run several versions of the programme, without uninstalling.
  22. Have you tried the 2d reshape mode using the selection box? Select the move handles tool then draw a selection box and move the walls the desired amount. HTH
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