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  1. Thanks, Rick. But yes. I really do mean what I said: various symbols all referencing the same database record. I realize that in most cases, one symbols equals one unique record, but I'm trying to see if there's any way to cheat. The scenario is for lineset schedules/labeling. The idea is that I have many symbols that describe the same lineset. There is the actual lineset symbol in the hanging chart, there is a label and trim in the section, and there are two labels with trims in the groundplan view. I want to have all 4 of these symbols linked in some what so I can change the trim on the section label (or better yet, have a script I've written change the trim based on the actual Y position of the symbol) and have that new trim reflected in the plan and the hanging chart. This may not be natively possible, and the best option might be copying and pasting in worksheets, but that is still a step I wish I could automate. In terms of the bulk editing you're talking about, I do most of my bulk editing in LW using data exchange to sync back to VWX. In terms of what you said about it being difficult to find and sort symbols in the drawing, I would recommend looking into Spotlight's Find and Modify feature, but also looking at Josh Benghiat's Savvy Select Similar Instrument (http://www.benghiatlighting.com/software/products/ssi1),
  2. Is there any way to have multiple instances of various symbols all referencing the same database record? Like they'd each have the same record format attached and when you change the data in one, all others update?
  3. Jake DeGroot

    Bind X-Coordinate to Record Format

    Never mind! Answered my own question: ForEachObject(MyProc,(R IN [MyRec]) AND INSYMBOL); Thanks again!
  4. Jake DeGroot

    Bind X-Coordinate to Record Format

    This has been a super useful thread. Thanks, guys! I am adapting Pat's script from https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=212682#Post212682 and it's working great as long as the symbols are loose on the drawing. How can I modify it so it would work even if the symbols are nested within another symbol?
  5. Ever since upgrading to VW2015 on my Mac running 10.10.1, I am experiencing a very annoying bug. Whenever I have a Vectorworks window open in the background with another app in focus, then I activate Vectorworks by clicking in the drawing window using my middle mouse button, Vectorworks essentially gets "stuck" in pan mode. Vectorworks doesn't technically take focus on my mac, but I can pan the drawing. In fact, the cursor remains a selection arrow, but moving the mouse around pans the drawing. If I left click in the window to actually activate Vectorworks, my cursor changes back to the pan hand, but all the toolbar menus and commands are grayed out and unavailable including save and close window. The "Vectorworks" window is the only one that remain accessible and the only way I have found to actually continue working is to quit Vectorworks, tell it to save when it prompts me, and restart the app. Ugh!
  6. What is going on with Retina Display support? In this Knowledgebase article it says VW2013 just barely missed out on Retina display support and "Future versions of Vectorworks will make great use of the high resolution Retina displays." But now here we are with 2014 released and looking terrible on the brand new MacBook Pros with Retina Display. What gives? When can we expect support?
  7. In my sheet layer viewports, cropped design layer viewports are not showing up. As soon as I add a crop to my 3D referenced Design Layer Viewports, they disappear from sheet layer viewports. Why? Any way around this?
  8. Jake DeGroot

    VW2013 More Label Legend Issues

    Thanks for the reply, Kevin. Bug submitted for second one. Could I possible then turn #2 into a feature request? It was an incredibly useful part of my workflow and have spent a huge amount of time making custom legends for different lights in different orientations and assigning them all to be the default per symbol. Why would this not be the intended behavior when it works so brilliantly? Since the default Light Info Record has no "Use Legend" field, who does it hurt by keeping the feature as it was? For most users, it will remain as-is, but for power users who want to make custom Info Records, it saves hours and hours. Please bring it back!
  9. I have a drawing with a whole bunch of referenced resources. I want to reference more resources from the same source file. I navigate to the source file in the resource browse, right-click on the symbols I want to bring in, and click reference. It asks me where to put the symbols and I keep the "Preserve Folder Hierarchy" option checked. So far so good. But, when I look in my destination file, the new references in there in the proper folder, but in addition to that, Vectorworks pulled any embedded symbols into that folder too. So, for example, I have a C-Clamp symbol referenced in an Iron folder. Then I reference in a new Source Four Section Symbol. It goes in the Source Fours folder, but when i do that reference, since the C-Clamp symbol is used within the Source Four Section symbol, it pulls the C-Clamp into the same Source Fours folder. Thus, all my organization gets all messed up and I have to hunt and peck trying to find symbols that aren't where I put them. Grrr.
  10. Jake DeGroot

    Label Legend Manger not ready for Primetime?

    I had this same issue. And it was raised here:http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=184751Post184751 Fortunately, it looks like this was resolved in SP3. Now we're just left with the issues here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=184750
  11. This issue was raised here too: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=179000 Looks like it was resolved in SP3. Now we're just left with more Label Legend issues noted here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=184750
  12. Jake DeGroot

    VW2013 More Label Legend Issues

    I know there have been a whole bunch of posts recently about bugginess in Label Legends in VW2013. It seems like some of the issues have been resolved in SP3, (such as the container right-reading bug) but I still have a couple of very annoying issues remaining: 1) I am unable to get vertically rotated text to show up via a legend if the legend is set to be non-rotating in Label Legend Manager. I am using the same legends I have been using for many versions of VW and in my legends, the purpose field is vertically rotated so the purpose should be written-out alongside the light and in line with it, vertically if the light is pointing up. If the Non-Rotating option is checked in the legend's Edit Fields dialog in Label Legend Manager, then all text displays at 0? all the time. This is not how this should work, right? I would think expected behavior is that the text shouldn't ever rotate from it's angle/position in the legend as the light rotates. It should not be locked to 0?, overriding my legend's layout. I guess the workaround is to turn off Non-Rotating for all my legends, but this is frustrating. 2) For many years, I have used a custom Light Info Record format which includes a text field called "Use Legend". In previous versions of spotlight, this field would allow me to specify a default legend per symbol so whenever I inserted a lighting instrument, it would already have the proper legend. Now, it seems to no longer work. When I insert my lights, they get added with no Legend at all. However, if I do a "Replace with Active Symbol" from within the Lighting Device's Object Info Palette, then it grabs the proper legend and adds it. My current workaround for this is to have to manually assign all legends. Grrr. Thanks for any help/suggestions/fixes. Jake VW2013 Spotlight on Mac OS 10.8.3
  13. Jake DeGroot

    Video Screen Tool - Changing Projector Symbol - List Empty!

    Thanks for the response, guys. Good news Klinzey's idea of making sure the "Display Default Content" preference was turned on fixed everything. Not even sure why I had it off, but turning it on made the list work. Thanks again!
  14. I am trying to change the projector symbol being used for my Video Screen objects. For some reason, though, the list is empty besides the current "Projector-Small" option. When I first began inserting video screens, I could not get the projector to display at all. The list was empty and even with "Projector-Small" selected as it was by default, nothing was visibile. I was able to sort of fix this by manually importing the "Projector-Small" symbol from \Libraries\Defaults\Video Screen\Projector Models.vwx into my current drawing. When I did this the projector showed up. So I tried importing all the rest of the symbols too, but still, "Projector-Small" is the only one on my drop-down list. What I really want to do is make some custom ones as described here but I can't even get the other stock ones to show up. Any ideas?
  15. Jake DeGroot

    Reference Symbol Folders and Entire Symbol Libraries

    Ah ha! I did some more experimenting and I figured out a solution. If you use drag-and-drop importing (drag a bunch of symbol folders into the drawing space of the new file) from a file which is already setup as a reference, it will bring the symbols within those folders in as references! Woohoo! I still wish "Reference" was not grayed out when you right-click on a symbol folder, but this is a fine workaround.


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