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  1. In Spotlight, is there a way to show “Trim” (height of a truss) with the Hanging Positions? There is a check mark for displaying name, but it would be really great if one could display Trim Height too. And what would be super great would be a Trim Display (Z position) for each end of a Lighting Position that would angle the Truss if the two ends were given different heights. (Hey, I figure if I’m ask for a feature, I might as well ask BIG)
  2. I spoke with the draftsman who created the dwg. In Autocad, when you want to break up a grouped symbol ( a symbol made up of various symbols) he uses the "Explode" command. In VW I thought a grouped symbol could be broken down using Ungroup, but that option is grayed out. So what I did now was to "Edit" the grouped symbol, select all, copy, then paste it into the drawing, after I delete the original grouped symbol. The copy is convertible. It's sort of a pain, but I am not normally convert a large amount of DWGs into VW format. It is still strange that the original grouped symbol could not be converted when I had it in it's edit window.
  3. The drawing was imported. It was originally a DWG. But that should not matter. The fact that the OIP sees the symbol should allow me to convert it into an instrument. For example, if I drew a simple circle, created that circle into a symbol with the name Par 64, I am able to convert that into an instrument. I cannot figure why if I copy the symbol from the imported drawing, paste the symbol into a new drawing, it then allows me to convert it as per normal.
  4. The symbols (i.e. Par64_MFL) were grouped together with other symbols (i.e. 10' Truss). I am able to edit the grouped symbol and select each individual symbol. If I choose the Par64_MFL, it shows up in the Object Info Palette as a 2D Par64_64 symbol. If I use the Custom Selection tool, select find all symbols Par64_MFL, it will find them. But when I try to convert them to instruments, the choices to convert to instrument, accessory, light position, and multi circuit are grayed out. If I copy the selection and paste them to a new drawing, then I am able to convert to instrument. Strange??
  5. I am able to edit the the viewport by "right click""edit design Layer". The way the drawing is built has the entire system (truss, lights, properties" as a symbol. When I edit he symbol, I am then able to select each 2d symbol (a piece of truss, a fixture, and so on). I select the symbol, it shows me that it is a symbol in the object info window, but it does not allow me to convert it.
  6. I imported a dwg into a new drawing. I am able to enter and edit the viewports created. I able able to select an 2d symbol. As an example, it shows up into the object info panel as Par 64_MFL. When I try to convert the symbol into an instrument, no such luck. The choices under Modify/Covert to "Convert to Instrument" or "Convert to Accessory" are "grayed out" and are not selectable. Any ideas?
  7. I did a search and can't find anything on U Dimmer. What is U Dimmer, and why is it listed if you can not access it?
  8. I wrote about this last July and only got one reply that didn't work, so I figure I should ask again. I have created a few "light positions" that are semi circles. If I select one of the "positions", the highlighted position is shown as a rectangle. This rectangle crosses my floor lights. They are no where near the "light position", but I can not change the "position" in the light information menu. When I type in "floor" it reverts back to "Pipe 6" immediately. I've tried putting the two positions on different classes, but there should be a way to to over ride the auto positioning feature. Any ideas?
  9. I just want to say in public "thank you" to Jeffrey. He was able to assist and fix the problem with my Macbook Pro's track pad. Thank you.
  10. Jeffery, I clicked on the "attachment" link which opened a new page with only this: SetPref(10002,TRUE); AlrtDialog('done'); I copied this, opened Textedit and pasted it and saved it as: TrackPad_Fix_Pref.vss I then ran Vectorscript and it only gave me an error report. Any ideas?
  11. I tried to downlaod the file you suggested, but I click on the link, a new page opens with SetPref(10002,TRUE); AlrtDialog('done'); Is this the script? What am I doing wrong?
  12. 7-ML-24463-ML- For all customers using VW 2009 on MacBook platforms, not just Spotlight users...
  13. I won't harp about this. It didn't help much last time when Service Pack 1 came out. I am just wondering when, if ever, there will be a fix for the zooming in and out using the Macbook Pro track pad and having the drawing regenerate correctly.
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