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  1. Aha - that worked - you are a genius Farookey! Thanks very much. Only thing now is the inserted toilets have filled in red, but will see if I can fix that
  2. I am in top/plan. I have already drawn several rectangles which I've filled in solid black. Something has happened that is stopping me from filling in further rectangles/squares. The attributes palette shows the solid colour as red, which is what I want it to be, but it isn't changing the fill colour on the rectangle. Is it a setting I need to check/change in classes or drawing set up etc? Many thanks
  3. Hi Everyone I am using VW2008 at my current job. When I dimension something, then export it as a PDF, it exports fine, but the numbers on the dimensions are missing. The dimension lines/arrows are there on the PDF, just the numbers have gone missing. I've tried messing with classes/visibility and different resolutions but nothing seems to make any difference. I know it can be done because I exported something last week and managed to correct it, but can't remember what I did! Any help appreciated......thanks
  4. How do we create a layer link in 2008?? According to the instructions, we should go to VIEW / CREATE LAYER LINK Then we should be able to select the layers we want on the link layer, but there is no "create layer link" under the VIEW menu!
  5. Hi there, I completed rendering of a 3 storey building. It was achingly slow - every time I added a new colour to something, the whole thing refreshed and took about a minute before I could work on it again. I've only had 5 lessons on the programme, so obviously still have a lot to learn, but wondered if there is something I am not doing that would speed this up. I am guessing it may be something to do with classes? For instance, I added a circular table with 4 chairs, then copied these to create a total of 6 sets for a cafe area. The floor with this cafe area was the longest to keep refreshing, and I am thinking perhaps I should have put these items on a furniture class so I could have switched it off whilst doing other work on that floor? I also found the resource browser to be a bit limited on symbols (for instance there doesn't seem to be much for retail display counters) and in particular the choices of colours for walls, although I figured if I rendered according to Obj. Atrr it seemed to let me change them this way - and somewhere in doing this it stopped letting me render my top floor walls.
  6. Thank you both for your help. I managed to un-class the wall styles and render them in the end, although the inside walls on my top floor wouldn't render, but it looked passable when printed.
  7. I have internal and external walls I want to render in colours/textures etc. Any walls I have subtracted from/Solid subtractions (eg arches etc) can be rendered simply using the attributes palette but this won't work on walls which are still classed as walls. I rendered one outside wall (say in cement/brick) but it renders on both sides, but I don't want this render on the inside face of the wall. When I choose part to render (left, right, centre or all) whichever option I select makes no difference. There must be something simple I am missing here, but it's a recurring problem I can never solved and in my last drawing I had to make out the internal walls were exposed brickwork!! The only way I can think around it is to create an extrude to the dimensions of the internal wall face, extrud it by say 5mm, and then put it against the wall and render/colour it using the attributes palette. But surely there's a much simpler way?
  8. Hi there, I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this for me. I've create a 3 storey building with lots of furniture and fittings. Everytime I place something into one of the floors, I am often needing to view the drawing in elevation to locate heights of items I want off the ground. But when I look in elevation view, I am always 'outside' the building and having to negotiate lots of lines to see the object I want to deal with. Is there any way I can put myself inside a room to view closer up? The only way I know is to create a section viewport but it just creates this on a sheet layer - not what I want really. Thanks
  9. Hi there, Just to let you know I don't know how to send my 'radiators' to Vector Depot, but this is what I did: I drew a rectangle in plan with two small circles at each end. I then extruded them all to the desired radiator height, and then grouped the mall together. I tried to create a symbol out of it, but as I needed radiators of differing lengths, and it wouldn't let me edit the symbol without making all the radiators the same, I just created different length grouped ones and put them into place. Hope that helps.
  10. Hi Mike When I go to open the .jpg files on the link you posted, I can't view them because I'm not registered, but when I try to register, it gives me a message saying registration has been disabled by the administrator....... Allison.
  11. I have the original drawings saved to my desktop in pdf format, but it won't load to my post as an attachment. Properties tell me the file size is 36.4 MB - could this be why? Sorry for all the posts, just trying to find a way to complete my drawing
  12. Ok I attached my whole drawing of the three storeys. If you can view it ok, I need a gabled end roof (ie in plan view like a rectangle with a line across the centre). Then I need to know how to make the roof cover the walls at the front and back of the building where they just out chimney breast style. Then to cover over the bay windows/walls at the back, but more of a flatter roof here than the traditional Victorian 3-sided conical shapes. The roof is not to have any overhang, and is in fact supposed to rest inside the walls which rise above it by approx. 5-600mm. As an extra, these top walls have triangular capped tops at the front and back of the building. Also the end walls on either side of the building need to rise up as wall peaks, but higher than the roof top and also with capped tops along them. If I can find the original 'survey' drawings on disk, as poopsed to the manual I am worknig on, I will try and upload that too - my scanner isn't working for me to scan what I'm working from in. All help greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi David, I can create a basic gable ended roof, but no idea how to add the other bits, so I wondered if I could attach my plan of the top floor, to show the roof style I am trying to create, it might be helpful, but I don't know how to upload a PDF attachment to my post - if anyone knows, please let me know - I don't think if I entered an image it would load. I will try adding a file of my drawing and see if that works. If not, will try just adding a viewport pdf of the top floor
  14. Hi David You're brilliant - there WERE two walls in the same place! Thanks so much for that. Regards Allison.
  15. Hi everyone, I can create a roof when its a basic one over 4 walls, but my building has a basement to roof bay wall with windows on one side, and the front has a chimney breast protusion in the middle on the other. When I selected all the top walls (which worked out as many), the prgoramme tells me its too complicated to create a roof. Is there a way we are supposed to be able to do this? Allison.
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