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  1. I've a problem where VW 2022 (sp3) will not load on my mac (HS) laptop: I get a message as attached; I hit 'Close'; VW loads momentarily; then crashes. Any ideas?
  2. I'm having trouble getting my elevation & section viewports to display wall edges and jambs in black since upgrading to 2022. The attached shows 2021 vs 2022. I've normally changed all pen line colours to be black in the section viewport class properties, but this has no effect now in 2022 - ie the wall edges and jambs etc show the class pen line colour (pink & red in the attached) and I don't seem to be able to override... Is there something I need to do to change this?
  3. Exploring further, this can be overcome by changing the sketch options default style (View - Rendering - Sketch Options) to the one you want to use.
  4. Has anyone an answer to this - really frustrating!!!
  5. Can anyone tell me why my 'merge cross section' doesn't appear to be working anymore? I get an outline around all items Using VW2020 SP5 It works on another file with the same settings... Grrr
  6. Hello - I've set up a title block which is not now functioning. When I go to edit it I get this message: 'DwgSizes-Universal.txt' and then the title block disappears...
  7. Hello My PDF publishing is now not showing the insulation batt (as a tile in wall type) in VW2015 SP4. All you get is a single line with only the beginning loop of the tile batt. Doesn't work as a fill either. This is a new occurrence i.e. was working fine a couple of weeks ago! Any ideas?
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