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  1. Does anyone know what the Vectorworks Web Helpers are which are running on my Mac? (see screenshot attached)
  2. I’m looking to replace my 2019 iMac (3.2 GHz i7, 16 GB ram), as its getting a bit slow (I bought it refurbished from Apple 2 years ago as an emergency stop-gap!) Looking at the current range of new iMac’s they appear limited in terms of RAM and power, compared to the Vectorworks min recommended spec (Mid level User). Any suggestions for what to buy?
  3. Here you are Matt The Whitehouse OPTION 5 rev A.vwx
  4. Hi - this is still occurring when I open 2022 files. The 'move' 0.0 doesn't overcome the problem now either... 😕 The Whitehouse OPTION 7.vwx
  5. Yes - just opened the file again this morning and its working!
  6. I'm having the same issue on my Mac. Can't activate any of the options - they're all greyed out...
  7. Ah - Full break 'without' Caps - that's that part sorted - thank you
  8. Thanks Tom - Curious they not test that before publishing? Seems like a pretty fundamental operation.
  9. And does anyone know why when I insert a door into a wall, the wall junctions on said wall become mitered? (See screen shots before and after)
  10. Hello I can't seem to control the appearance of my window in wall in VW 2023 The attached screenshot shows the window with details on (above) and off. With details on, the jamb lines are missing. With details off, the jamb lines are missing and the window looks nothing like a window... Any ideas?
  11. 2 Dyke Road PROPOSED.vwxHere you go Matt Thanks
  12. Yes - the file was created in VW22. My concern was that this workaround needs to be carried out every time I open a previous VW22 file...
  13. Yes - that workaround works. Thank you! Will this bug be sorted at next service pack?
  14. Hi Matt No its definitely a wall issue. See the below 3 screen grabs showing shaded, hidden and wireframe...
  15. I'm having same problem - very frustrating! Have to go back to VW2022 til this is sorted I'm afraid. 2 Dyke Road PROPOSED v2.vwx
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