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  1. Hi everyone! I´m trying to import an IFC model from ArchiCAD and it takes too much time to open in VW Landmark 2022, when it open's... Sometimes it's stuck at 50%... Are there any tips to follow? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Monadnoc! I followed your steps and got it! Problem solved! Nice work and great result! Hope that in future VW versions the wall option have some option to get this result.
  3. Hi Monadnoc! Thank's for your reply! I tried to do the process described on the last post of that topic but could not get the result. I followed the steps but only got this result with the Extrude along the patch. More tips to help me?
  4. Hi Tamsin! Thank you for your reply! I've tried the first option you gave but the when a run the Fit Walls to Objects the file crashes. Probably the site model is quite complex to run this option. I will try to do in a The second option you said I managed to do, but in this particular case I don´t want to draw the steps, just want the top of the wall to be an offset of the existing slopes. Does the first option you gave makes the solution like the video shown below?
  5. I want just an offset of the topography slopes. The bottom of the wall must follow the existing terrain.
  6. Hello there! I'm trying to create a small wall with 80cm high, along a property house (marked as yellow in the image). Is there any way to create a wall that follows terrain topography? Thanks!
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