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  1. VClaiborne

    Vision & Backspace and/or Delete

    i didnt enter a VB, but will do so now ūüôā
  2. VClaiborne

    Quiet Crashes

    Hi Jim, this has been happening for me with build 459802 when I open the Spotlight Preferences window, turn on the 'Perform Complete Reporton Exit'and click ok. I entered this into Jira already as well.
  3. thanks LJ! thats a great tip!
  4. @JimWoodward thanks Jim, that is exactly what I was looking for!
  5. Hi VWX team, how do I turn off all beam directional markers while in Viewport? I inserted LEd and moving lights and created a viewport and have these directional arrows and angle markers that I want to turn off but can't seem to locate any settings for this thanks!
  6. VClaiborne

    Vision - FAQ

    @Rob Books thanks Rob!
  7. VClaiborne

    Vision - FAQ

    thanks Jim, how about requesting it for the Vectorworks library, is this the same link?
  8. VClaiborne

    Vision - FAQ

    @JimW "What if I need a fixture that isn't included in the library? If you need a fixture that is not included, simply submit a request to Vision Support via the fixture request link on the homepage, and we will make every effort to provide that to you within 72 hours, often sooner. Additionally, we will make that fixture available to all our users via the update server." Jim, where can I find this link? I need to request a fixture in the library thanks! vickie
  9. vision team, is there a trick to getting zoom to work in Quad view? in the attached image, I have not been able to get zoom to go far enough in towards the stage and vehicle before it completely disappears off the screen and i get weird 'artefacts' instead of a close view of the stage... any tricks?
  10. VClaiborne

    Vision: Grid

    hello vision team, i have a few questions in reference to the "Toggle Grid" option in the Window menu.. are there preferences for this grid? is there a way to move the grid? What is the grid relative to? what is the spacing? is there a snap to grid function? in the attached image, why does my grid appear off to the side away from the 'Looked at Point" marker? and how do I reposition the grid?
  11. So I'm noticing that when I click in a value field in the Root Properties menu that backspace will delete the values as long as the entire value field is highlighted in Blue, but if I click into the field and then try to use backspace to backspace out a single number in the field that neither backspace nor delete will delete the number preceeding it.. this doesn't seem like expected behavior to me and is inconsistent with the backspace functionality in Vectorworks, so I'm curious if this bothers anyone else? I would expect the backspace or delete key to back up a space while removing the number, enabling me to type in a new number without an extra step of having to highlight the individual number first...
  12. @bbudzon here are the settings I prefer to change from the defaults: In the Document preference/Root properties menu: Render Shadows TRUE (ON) Camera FOV somewhere between 60-90 Rendering Normals TRUE (ON) Specular Strength 100 (I like the appearance that the beam closest to me appears brighter) Bloom Percentage- I set this to 0 Bloom Lens strength- I set this to 0 Resolution Quality: 1920x1080 Texture/Shadow/Surface Light quality: all stay at Medium for me but I can lower the surface light quality to Low without really affecting much if i leave texture quality at medium I have my looked at Distance set for 1000 also
  13. VClaiborne

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    still not seeing any difference with the mouse scroll wheel, zoom seems the same to me... same with Pan as well.
  14. VClaiborne

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    i am not seeing any difference in the reaction time while using the flyover tool, is that what I'm looking for?
  15. VClaiborne

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    "Push Looked At Distance is a way to make the camera tools interact the way you want them to. Small numbers mean you can get closer to objects, but this can make large motions take longer. Larger values mean you can't get as close to objects, but large motions will be faster. We decided on 90 as a default. I often use 300 unless I'm trying to get close to a fixture or scene object." Brandon, I'm inside an esc that has a object, the 100x100x60 room with ceiling and walls. If I'm understanding looked at distance based on the description above, adjusting the looked at distance, should I see something happen on my screen if I'm currently inside the walls of the room, correct? is this like a wider camera viewing angle? I don't see anything happening at all on the screen even if I set the number to 1 or 1000.


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