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  1. hey Jim, no, Community takes you to this page
  2. I wish there was a Fixture Request submission page available for Vectorworks like there is for Vision so that I could get confirmation that the request has been received. Being instructed to submit a fixture request on the wishlist seems to me that there is a high risk of the Fixture request being missed, overlooked, and not being created in a timely manner.
  3. I wish there was a link to directly from the Vectorworks main landing page in the Support tab. the reason is because the current link to the knowledge base takes you to a different starting page in the forum, making it difficult to navigate your way to the wishlist quickly without using a bookmark in the browser.
  4. Hello, I would like an option in Vision to display the Candela output in Lumens as is possible in the VW Visualization settings.
  5. Thanks Rob, I will check that suggestion out!
  6. i used the room tool in VW to create a room with floor and walls but not a ceiling.. nothing special. then I applied a carpet texture to the floor.
  7. Beams from lighting instruments continue through a hard surface (like a floor or wall).. it would be great if they would stop when they hit a surface unless that surface is transparent.
  8. awesome Jim, thanks for the great reply!
  9. It appears that the X, Y, Z values are displayed in inches in Vision.. Currently there is no way to change that to feet or meters.. a Vision scene should have unit/ document settings just like in VW documents so that measurements can be displayed in the unit of choice.
  10. the software console currently in Vision that controls the Shutters of a Leko should be expanded to offer control of all attributes of a selected fixture so that Vision can be used to setup a look for a conceptual rendering without needing a console connected.
  11. Need a way to grab a group of fixtures (e.g. lekos) and change an attribute value for the entire selection (e.g. lens types) at one time without having to go one by one.. For example, I have 18 source4 26 deg fixtures in my scene, but I want to change them to 19 deg instead..and I don’t want to go back to VW to change them because I’ve added other elements in my scene already… currently they have to be changed one at a time in Vision...
  12. would love a search box inside the Vision Fixture Mode menu in the VW object info window… having to expand the menus inside this window every time it opens seems inefficient..
  13. It would be really super smart if you could simply right-click on a 3D object in Vision to access it’s object properties (like X,Y,Z position for instance) instead of having to open the root menu to find and edit the properties..
  14. If I change something in my Vision scene, it doesn’t automatically update my VW drawing with those changes.. there should be a way for Vision to update backwards into my VW drawing so that anything I change or add in my Vision file automatically gets added into my VW drawing.. the communication between both programs should be bi-directional.
  15. I agree completely with Scott that Vision should be able to work as a conceptual rendering tool- and/or that Renderings should be able to use the stage/ real world lighting fixtures you're placing in the same drawing.. there isn't a really good workflow in VW currently for this especially for event lighting designers..