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  1. I’m new to the Rigging tools, so please forgive my simple question.. I’m attempting to use the insert truss tool in VW and searching for the best way to replace a truss symbol with another symbol once it's been inserted into the drawing.. For instance, I picked a piece of 20” box truss originally that was 2’ in length, and wanted it to be a 6’ piece instead. Is it easiest just to delete the wrong truss? I don’t see a way to ‘replace’ like you can with fixtures when you want to change a selected fixture to another type.. Thanks! Vickie
  2. VClaiborne

    Editing values for Multiple Objects

    thanks gentlemen! I'll give these a try!
  3. is there a shortcut way of adding (for example) 6" in dimension (could be height, for instance) to a selected group of objects currently located at different heights? I thought there surely is a way to do this, so I tried entering "+6" in the Z field, but it entered 6" for all of the selected objects, which was not what I wanted. i want them to all be shifted up 6" relative to where they were located originally..
  4. VClaiborne

    Vision Update functions

    no, not using v4.. I’m using v2018 sp3. I didn’t know about administrator, so I’ll try that, thanks!
  5. VClaiborne

    Vision Update functions

    well that window sure looks cool, but i don't see that window when I use that tool.. that's why i went digging into the main folder for the updater since I didn't think this was working.. i get the spinning circle for a few seconds then it disappears...
  6. wish list: add some sort of feedback response message that pops up when you run the Update Dongle or Update Library functions in the Help menu.. would be nice for it to say something like " Dongle (or Library) up to date" or "no new updates" like it does in Vectorworks.
  7. VClaiborne

    Forum main page link

    hey Jim, no, Community takes you to this page http://www.vectorworks.net/community
  8. I wish there was a Fixture Request submission page available for Vectorworks like there is for Vision so that I could get confirmation that the request has been received. Being instructed to submit a fixture request on the wishlist seems to me that there is a high risk of the Fixture request being missed, overlooked, and not being created in a timely manner.
  9. I wish there was a link to https://forum.vectorworks.net directly from the Vectorworks main landing page http://www.vectorworks.net in the Support tab. the reason is because the current link to the knowledge base takes you to a different starting page in the forum, making it difficult to navigate your way to the wishlist quickly without using a bookmark in the browser.
  10. Hello, I would like an option in Vision to display the Candela output in Lumens as is possible in the VW Visualization settings.
  11. VClaiborne

    Vision beams extend through hard surfaces

    Thanks Rob, I will check that suggestion out!
  12. VClaiborne

    Vision beams extend through hard surfaces

    i used the room tool in VW to create a room with floor and walls but not a ceiling.. nothing special. then I applied a carpet texture to the floor.
  13. Beams from lighting instruments continue through a hard surface (like a floor or wall).. it would be great if they would stop when they hit a surface unless that surface is transparent.
  14. VClaiborne

    sorting the wishlist by topic?

    awesome Jim, thanks for the great reply!
  15. It appears that the X, Y, Z values are displayed in inches in Vision.. Currently there is no way to change that to feet or meters.. a Vision scene should have unit/ document settings just like in VW documents so that measurements can be displayed in the unit of choice.