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  1. @bbudzon Vectorworks Export menus should do this kind of mapping for you....
  2. @JustinVH yep, i just found it there.. i thought i had deleted my last goofy comment in time... 🤭
  3. so i realized that i have folders in my RM in VW2019 that I don't have in VW 2018 sp6.. I installed VW2018 SP6 on my Mac laptop yesterday, and that was what I was using when i wrote about needing those rigging bits.. now that I'm back onto VW2019 Sp3 I do have the CIty Theatrical folder you showed with the arms and the search for c-clamps shows alot of symbols, thanks!
  4. sounds great. Ideally, by having these types of things connect to objects like truss and pipe just like fixtures, BW could then properly account for weight. in the meantime, I'm just trying to draw up all the bits I need to extend a source 4 leko 48" below a truss LOL
  5. @JustinVH thanks for the tips, Justin, I did try a RM search for c-clamps but nothing showed up. Would love to have these types of symbols available to insert using the insert rigging tool and/or insert lighting tool, and for them to connect to truss like a fixture as well 🙂
  6. Looking for generic symbols for things like C-Clamps, Mega Claws and Clamps, Side Arms, tail downs, extenders, tube extenders, Safer Side Arms, etc. Does this exist already? I've checked the Service Select Portal and don't see anything there...
  7. How many Vision users out there think Vision needs to include a Virtual Software Console that gives you the ability to control fixtures inside of Vision without a lighting console??? Click Like if you agree! Shown Below: WYSIWYG Realizzer Light Converse
  8. hey Mark, I've tried putting this fixture request through your link on this page as well as through the service select portal but neither seem to be going through.. so here is my request: 

    We need to add all three PRG Ground Control Followspot fixture profiles into Vectorworks as well as Vision please:
    Bad Boy
    Best Boy
    Super Ray

    Currently, none of these are in the Vision profile library so you can not export them to Vision







  9. Scott I'd love to know how you got this to work.. I'm using your unit setting map and still can't get the right Channel/Address/Universe settings to work between Lightwright/VWX/Vision...
  10. Hi Jim, this has been happening for me with build 459802 when I open the Spotlight Preferences window, turn on the 'Perform Complete Reporton Exit'and click ok. I entered this into Jira already as well.
  11. @JimWoodward thanks Jim, that is exactly what I was looking for!
  12. Hi VWX team, how do I turn off all beam directional markers while in Viewport? I inserted LEd and moving lights and created a viewport and have these directional arrows and angle markers that I want to turn off but can't seem to locate any settings for this thanks!
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