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  1. I want to achieve a rendering in VWs which can be presented to the client. What can be the minimum steps to be taken care of while rendering. I have attached some images if anyone can help with what can be done to improve the quality of the render
  2. Hi Luis, This is Adarsh I have attached the 3 viewport: First one with Interior lights + Environment light + Heliodon Second one with Interior lights only.(No environment lighting and NO Heliodon) Third One with interior lights set at 1500 lumens.(No environment lighting and NO Heliodon) The question is can we control the lights with lumens considering with real world? Which means if we are using led light of 25W which is equal to 1500 lumens but when we enter 1500 lumens for light in VW's the brightness won't be like reality. It will be as third image, if you can help us how does it work and your suggestion for which one to use to get better result and outcome.
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