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  1. Thanks for sharing Kevin K., although I think Vectorworks | Renderworks can do a nice job with the 'Lit fog' combined with a 'filter' as well.
    See here one of my renders:


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  2. 20 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    I struggled with all this recently so be keen to know whether I've understood it all correctly.


    I believe Physical Sky backgrounds are simulated (i.e. non image based) panoramic backgrounds which like you say can be linked to a Heliodon so that their appearance will change with the time of day.


    HDRI backgrounds are image based so are more realistic but they can't be linked to a Heliodon in the way that a simulated Physical Sky background can.


    The HDRI 'sky' backgrounds just have the above the horizon portion of the image present with nothing to represent the ground. The HDRI 'day', 'evening', etc ones have a darker bottom half representing the ground present.


    The names of the physical sky backgrounds are just to describe how they look. There are none in the libraries but you can bring them into your file via default RW Styles or make your own.


    I've not heard about combining two backgrounds - I wouldn't have thought this was possible.




    @Tom W. I found something: You can have the light coming from a background and you can have the background image come from a completely different background .... in the attached video  'Remarkable Renderworks Ep. 26: Environment Lighting' Daniel Jansenson explaines how as of 7.07min.

  3. That's how I understand it as well...........


    Best to ask @PVA - Jim : could you please clarify your statement: I often use Physical Sky coupled with a heliodon for the environment lighting and then just the regular "fake" jpeg HDR background for the visuals and reflections to avoid this entirely. 


    from: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/57611-whats-special-about-an-hdri-background/&do=findComment&comment=288065


    Is Tom W. correct?

  4. Thanks again @Tom W.  & for the clear explanation.


    I am not sure if that is possible with a Physical Sky and HDRI sky or day. Guess not...


    But combining two backgrounds has been done as I understand from Jim: see Quote from post @PVA - Jim

    ''I often use Physical Sky coupled with a heliodon for the environment lighting and then just the regular "fake" jpeg HDR background for the visuals and reflections to avoid this entirely. ''




  5. On 6/14/2018 at 3:32 PM, Dave Donley said:

    Hello lgoodkind:


    Try using the Physical Sky background and putting a Heliodon in the drawing (the Heliodon is in the Visualization tool set).  When they are both in the scene the sky will respond to the lat-long and time of day settings in the Heliodon.  The sky color and sun light will change based on the heliodon too.


    The sky dome included I think pre-dates our support of the Physical Sky background.  These were created by using the same physical sky feature in CINEMA 4D and exporting the background so Vectorworks could use it.  Now you have dynamic control with the Physical Sky background.


    In order to use Panoramic Image backgrounds you need a source of these image files.  Many 3D content companies distribute high dynamic range sky images for rendering purposes, but it is up to the user to find them.  Try Googling "free hdri sky" to get some samples.  The upside is that the clouds may look more realistic than the simulated Physical Sky ones.  The downside is that the sky image is fixed.


    Both Physical Sky and Panoramic Image backgrounds can be shown in the rendering as a background, as a light source when Indirect Lighting is used, and/or a source for environment reflections like in the windows of buildings or water or metals.  Through Renderworks Styles you can have a plain white background but still show a sky relfecting in the windows, by adjusting these settings in the Renderworks Style dialog.  Hope this helps.




    Can anyone please help me out?


    As I understand the Physical Sky can intergrade with the Heliodon as long as 'physical sun & sky' is turned on in oip.
    Is this also true for a HDRI (background). Or is that what makes them different from each other?


    If the HDRI is not responding with Heliodon is it possible/ logical to use Physical Sky and HDRI background both at the same time to have the benefits of light effect as well as a HDRI background image for a particular view/ outlook?


    What's the difference (if any) between:

    Physical Sky & Physical Sky Day
    HDRI Sky & HDRI Day..............................................?


    @Dave Donley @Luis M Ruiz @PVA - Jim @zoomer @Kevin Allen

  6. Thanx @zoomer. Yes I know what you mean... at one point I got sick of all the options and reviews as well.


    ....eventually I found a great one:


    ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733QS-HG015T, 17.3" laptop

    1TB SSD,  WiFi 6, Win 10

    Processor AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU - 8 cores Threads16

    clock 3300 MHz

    Turbo 4600 MHz


    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop-GPU

    Memory16 GB (GDDR6)


    I have been using it for a week or so and very happy with it... working on a large file (300mb) with lot's of high quality exterior renders (50 pieces) which took an hour in total to render. ūüĎŹūüĎŹ

    I would recommend this laptop since it's very fast and doesn't make much sound and heat up hardly.


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  7. When activating the push-pull tool, 'snap to working plane' in the snapping dialog box automatically turns on.


    Is there a way to have it turned off by default? Or is there another way to prevent snapping to working plane without turning this mode of whenever using the push-pull tool?

    2021-04-13 14_39_34-Clipboard.png

  8. @zoomer


    I am looking at a 17inch laptop I need for  VW2021 architects. I do 2d/3D and renderworks. So need a laptop that can perform well. I checked https://www.vectorworks.net/support/quality-tested-hardware and had my eye on the Lenovo Thinkpad 17. Unfortunately in the Netherlands is not available right now.


    In the 'same' price range I can get i.e.

    Acer ConceptD CN517-71P 72TO 
    Intel core i7 9750H Hexa Core (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz)
    RAM 32GB

    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 - Dedicated 6 GB

    1000GB SSD NVMe, PCIe


    separate number keyboard



    DELL XPS 17 9700, Intel¬ģ 10th gen. Core‚ĄĘ i7

    Intel Core i7-10750H Hexa Core (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz)


    512GB SSD

    Intel UHD Graphics,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (4GB GDDR6)

    Intel core‚ĄĘ-processoren, NVIDIA¬ģ GeForce RTX‚ĄĘ 2060 NVIDIA ¬ģ GeForce¬ģ GTX 1650 Ti

    no HDMI

    no number keyboard ;(



    They both are not listed on the VW website Quality-Tested Hardware. Can you please advise?

  9. In the Vectorworks (2021)> Preferences I set the Smart Options Display to View/Draw - Building Shell - Previous Tools - 3D Modeling (clockwise)


    I am using a wacom tablet, so instead of using 'show with spacebar' and or 'middle mouse button' in Workspace Editor> Keys I set the a hotkey to 'Trigger Smart Options Display'.


    Now I noticed a bug: after leaving my computer alone for an hour or so the icons change (well flux me ‚ąŅ‚ąŅ is this even possible?).
    It's not a big deal, cause while the icons are gone bonkers the functions are still in tact. Just wondering of any of you noticed this bug too?


    And maybe for Vectorworks something to look at?


    Smart Options Display.png

  10. 42 minutes ago, Kevin K said:

    @C.T sometimes it is difficult to resolve issues like this without actually having access to the files.

    is it possible for you to post all of the associated files relating to the object in question, so we can see if we are having the same problems?  There are times when Importing an obj file into VW is not working as expected, so I will open it in Cinema 4d, then export it back out as an obj file to reimport into VW.  I realize not everyone has c4d, but if you can post all the files related to that object, I am happy to see if I can get it looking right for you.

    remember.....all obj files MUST have an accompanying.mtl (materials) file.


    @Kevin K I managed to get this far in vectorworks, see rendered image.




    I'll send you the files.



  11. On 11/20/2020 at 7:50 PM, Kevin K said:

    I totally agree with  Claes. I import a lot of objects into  VW and for me, obj works the best in most cases. Mainly because the textures on the object(s) are very faithful to how they should appear.  That said, many times after import you will need to flip the orientation and sometimes scale the objects. I will say that the only other choice is 3ds, but I have found that less reliable, especially where  ore complex textures are in involved.


    @Kevin K @Claes Lundstrom @zoomer


    I imported a *.obj. 'nespresso machine'.

    Along with the model I got the images of buttons, logo and also a bump file which I all imported in resource manager to apply. Doing this by hand since it doesn't come by importing the object.

    Also the model is one big mesh group containing lots of 3D polygons. So it's quite a lot of work to go into the group and select the 3D polygons that need to have the same texture (i.e. milk, transparent containers, shiny chrome parts etc).

    Is this normal way of handling an object file? Or is there a better approach?

  12. 18 hours ago, line-weight said:


    That's very interesting - I've just tried this and it definitely makes a difference.


    Unfortunately, having classes set to "show others" is not a feasible workaround because any model is going to include objects in a number of classes, so you'd need to be constantly changing the active class.


    You are right that's not a solution (just I noticed).

    I do use 'hide selected' in interior models to reach behind certain objects, which I find very useful.


  13. On 8/1/2018 at 5:22 PM, line-weight said:

    Here's another recording of the typical push-pull tool problems I'm having.


    - This file was created from scratch in 2018. Not converted from an earlier version (unlike the recording I posted further up)

    - The PP tool has mostly been behaving itself in this file until now. Has it reached some level of complexity that triggers the problems?

    - You can see that for some reason it works ok when 'outside' of the building, but not inside.

    - This file contains no imported bim objects or complicated symbols. In the recording I've shown one symbol that's in view, and you can see it's not a complex one.

    - Even if I delete that symbol, and the door and window objects visible, the problem remains

    - You can see that the only way I can edit that object with the PP tool is by making it a group, and then going into the group.

    - Doing a cmd-F to bring the object to the 'front' has no effect.


    This problem seriously hinders the ease with which I can work on 3D models.


    Hi, I just happen to see this post. I experience something similar. When certain classes are turned off (i.e. walls) it still is in the way using push/pull tool or even a 2D line or polygon tool to reach a surface. My way around it (although not a perfect solution) is to set 'Class Options' in Navigation Palette to 'Show others'. Then the tool will not snap to the hidden class.

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  14. 17 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    Thanks @C.T 

    I'm confused now!

    Did you use the 'Clip Surface' command or 'Subtract Solids'?

    When you say you drew a cylinder + were in a 3D view that suggests you used Subtract Solids because you can only use Clip Surface in Top/Plan with a 2D shape. 

    Of course you can subtract a 3D shape from a Roof or a Roof Face but then they become Solid Subtractions + are no longer Roofs.

    Is your Roof Face still a Roof Face?



    Sorry for the confusion (I meant Oval instead of Cylinder) & Yes that's the thing I am not so happy with... I did Clip a 2D Oval Shape from the Roof Face so it stays a Roof Face indeed... But:


    @Kevin K A Leak or Gap is formed anyhow by punching an Oval through the angled Roof Face. Because the oval punches straight down and not perpendicular is the relationship to the Roof Face. And then as @Tom W. rightfully says Subtracting a Cylinder through a Roof Face will change the Roof Face into a Solid Subtraction.



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