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  1. It's not a simple problem to solve I'm afraid - if you depend on the regular Marionette Nodes that is. I tried my hand, but it's getting quite convoluted and compared to this one here it might not even be possible to solve with the default Node library. Example v2022b.vwx If I had to do this, I would most likely write my own node. Maybe @DomC or @Letti R know how to tame this network to do their bidding. @Marissa Farrell This network would also benefit from a modified Chunk Node that can take a list instead of a single integer.
  2. Hi @ASag, First off: your example file only contains what is visible in the screenshot you posted: text and rectangle objects. Unless it's well hidden, there are no Marionette Nodes in there. Then: please have a look at this wonderful Marionette tool by @DomC: This might be all you need, because this looks pretty similar. From the partial screenshot of the network I cannot tell what you are trying to accomplish. Could you maybe post a document with the network?
  3. @Niels Timmer and @HebHeb Please send your findings to your local distributor, so they can file a proper bug report.
  4. Let's say we have (styled) walls with symbols, (styled) doors and (styled) windows. A script could go through all walls, but then what? There is GetNumOfWallBreaks, but this will only give me an integer. There is GetObjExtentsInWall, but this requires the SymbolH additionaly to the WallH. Also I would probably get FALSE for round walls as the boolean, not just for all the checks with all the different symbols etc. Isn't there an easier and cleaner way of doing that? The goal is to have a worksheet reporting primarily on windows and show in which wall style the window is placed in one of the columns. That can only happen, if the windows have this information (in a record format for example). A script could be a way to read out and write this information into the record format attached to the windows.
  5. @markdd I know an easy way to do this: Since Vectorworks 2022 you can use worksheet functions within the data tag. In this case I would go with the function IFS, because you have a fix amount of possible conditions paired with their output. It would go like this: #WS_IFS(('Lighting Device'.'Pan'>=-45)&('Lighting Device'.'Pan'<45),'↑',('Lighting Device'.'Pan'>=45)&('Lighting Device'.'Pan'<135),'←',('Lighting Device'.'Pan'>=135)&('Lighting Device'.'Pan'<225),'↓',('Lighting Device'.'Pan'>=225)&('Lighting Device'.'Pan'<=315),'→')# It's always good practice to write the worksheet formula into an actual worksheet first. Once you are happy, you can insert it with this modification #WS_<># into the data tag formula field. I used the first of the available arrow symbols for each direction from here: https://symbl.cc/en/collections/arrow-symbols/
  6. Hi @MrPilot, Ok, which node is buggy? This topic is about different OIP controls and some custom nodes. How is the node buggy? What is happening with which steps and what would be the expected behaviour instead? In which Vectorworks version is it buggy? Do you have a document, with which this bug can be seen? Have you contacted your local distributor about this?
  7. @Victor10 @unearthed I'm uploading a v2016 and a v2018 export from Vectorworks 2019 here, but neither Dominique nor I can give you any guarantees for any of the nodes in these files. DomC Nodes v2018-11-12 v2016.vwx DomC Nodes v2018-11-12 v2018.vwx
  8. @Ryoung Do you want to end up with something similar to this?
  9. I wanted to use the number in a text object. But we found a different approach, that doesn't require scripts.
  10. Is there any way to read out the order number for design layers as can be seen in the navigation palette or the organization dialog? I looked through the dev wiki, but couldn't find any VS command.
  11. @Marissa Farrell Perhaps this node could be improved by introducing an OIP option that can be toggled (preferably two radio buttons) that lets the user choose which behaviour they wish for.
  12. @Lyuben Could you please define what VCS sync, LAN sync, and delta sync are and how they are different? How do these work?
  13. These lines of code work perfectly, when I install the python package in Vectorworks 2023 SP6 with macOS or Windows. files-vwx-png.zip
  14. @Sebastian Giese Please read my answer again and read the linked page again. What is missing in your code is the import part. import requests Put that in the line right before #inputs. Then you should be good to go.
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