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  1. @Thomas Peters Hi Thomas, the issue you're having is indeed a bug, not what you are suspecting though. Not the difference between metric and imperial is at play here, but the scale of the design layer at which the red symbol was created (here: 1/4''=1') and the scale of the design layer you are trying to insert the red symbol. If the two scales are different, all wires within the wrapper are disconnected and thus: no more geometry in the Marionette Object. Long story short: this was reported a couple weeks ago. There's a chance this might be fixed with 2021 SP3 - no promises though. Regards, Antonio
  2. @C.Wittmann Please do tell us how you solved it in case someone else runs into the same issue. Bitte schreiben Sie noch wie Sie es gelöst haben, damit andere von der Lösung profitieren können, falls sie in die gleiche Situation kommen.
  3. @sbarrett Sarah, could you please have a look at this? It looks kinda familiar, but I cannot put my finger on it.
  4. Hello @Pumpkin welcome to the Vectorworks forum! If you want to get to the interesting point of your requirement, you can start with this: This already does the first part for you: lookup and list all symbols that are in a specific folder showing up in a nice little dialog. Now you just have to figure out the second part: filtering the list of symbols using the criteria specified by you. Good luck! Regards, Antonio
  5. The hatch definition being a resource (like symbols), I'm not sure there is an easy way to solve this. Looking through the developer wiki I could not find any useful command. The nodes you are using only work with Fill Patterns: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix#fptable The colors you get in Vectorworks are long integer RGB values. What in web design usually is 0-255 is 0-65535 in Vectorworks. A simple conversion gives you the values you want.
  6. Hello @sstanelle, welcome to the Vectorworks forum. Right now, it's not possible to create a functioning searchable pulldown in VectorScript or Python, because the necessary function to add items to the list is currently not available as a VectorScript command: InsertItemInSearchablePulldown() It's different to AddChoice() which is used for CreatePullDownMenu(). I just sent VW Inc a wish to implement it, so users that don't work with SDK can also create these searchable pulldowns. Regards, Antonio
  7. @Nomi If you're on Windows, try Numpy 1.19.3 instead of 1.19.4: https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/a4/23/13d2991c156cfd22bfd4a9ae6dcb1a9372004a0e16508b680d17f3280eb4/numpy-1.19.3-cp38-cp38-win_amd64.whl Windows 10 introduced an issue with the 2004 update: https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/1207405/fmod-after-an-update-to-windows-2004-is-causing-a.html
  8. @DomC Any ideas? @Gregi To me this looks like either a bug or Marionette node OIP controls were never intended to be used this way.
  9. Hello @C.Wittmann, welcome to the forum. This issue is not trivial, but doable. First you need to convert the 3d solid into 3d polys, convert those into 2d polylines and decompose those into 2d lines. Once you have the lines, you can setup an array with the line handle and their length depending on their center point z-value. Then just sort the array by the length and thus determine the min and max. The node called "IFC List attributes" in this handy tool contains exactly the process described:
  10. Hi Endre, the problem is not with the Solid Boolean here, but with the type of objects you are trying to merge. The node "Path Extrude" produces an object called "Extrude Along Path" which is a PlugInObject. PIOs cannot be used for boolean operations. Produce extrusions with the node "Extrude" and then try merging those with the node "Solid Boolean". Good luck.
  11. If you want the slider to have more options, all you need to do is delete the first line inside the node and adjust the floor (min) and ceiling (max) value to your gusto. The slider min./max. values are enforced since Vectorworks 2020 SP2 - meaning: you cannot type in whatever value you want. If you go below, the number will stay at the min value and at the max when you go above it.
  12. Yes, this issue was fixed - I think around 2020 SP3 or SP4.
  13. Hi Frank, IFC units are always as follows: lengths are in mm areas are in m² volumes are in m³ The values that are written into the IFC basequantities have to be adjusted accordingly. This applies to Marionette just as much as it does to VectorScript. Regards, Antonio
  14. Hi @Hushaam, right now the wrapper only takes one poly. It could be programmed differently to support multiple polys, but that isn't planned at the moment. Feel free to have a go at it though. 🙂 Best regards, Antonio
  15. If the ordered list is not enough you may need to put a group behind it for the objects to be drawn in the correct order.


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