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  1. Hi @RitchieTheBrit, a Marionette wish for "click-on-wire-to-insert-node" already exists, so combining this with a pass node would essentially do what you describe. The only catch here is, that the pass node is a ListAbsorb node, so you'd have to fix that. Or we introduce a pass node that has an OIP option to disable list absorb.
  2. Since Vectorworks 2023 there is a new way to use python third party libraries. See also: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Python_Package_Catalog Please have a look at this.
  3. @Anders Blomberg If you have this line for your OIP in the node for a value, that should be read-only, ReadOnlyValue = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Value Title', Marionette.WidgetType.TextStaticParam, '<None>' ) you can use this line to change the value within your node self.Params.ReadOnlyValue.SetValue( str( some value ) )
  4. @sc.78 Which version of Vectorworks are you working with?
  5. Hi @sc.78, Welcome to the Vectorworks forum and to the Marionette community! In the string node Object Name use "Column2", which is the universal name of the column object. But if I was you, I would first define different column styles and then use to get the style you want to place and run the locus location to p of the Symbol node. Best of luck!
  6. You will have to get the width/height of the text object and move it by half of it.
  7. @Alexander Dron Thank you for trying out the tool and the questions. The question you have to ask yourself is: "What intention do I have?" Do you want a 2D graphic that you can easily adapt to dimensions you have? Or do you want to get a report on how many tiles you need for calculating costs? If it's the first: go with the native Vectorworks resource called "tile". If it's the second go with the Marionette Tiles tool. With any square tile in any size you can try the universal square tile symbol. Just resize it by setting a different scale value. Auto-size is not planned for Tiles at this point. At this point I really cannot say, when or if this tool's development will continue.
  8. Allowing the OIP Input fields to be set by style was not in the scope of this version of Vectorworks, but I know that the devs want to bring this functionality at a later point in time. When though I do not know.
  9. Hi Pat, Here's the screenshot of the results on a Mac with German language settings.
  10. Thank you for this @Letti R! I'm attaching a non EDU version and a screenshot for others to see. It certainly shows that an improved Chunk List is necessary. Marionett_ DomC Problem_solved-non-EDU.vwx
  11. @Ramon PG It's an entry in the Marionette Gallery. You can search for files, if you change the search options.
  12. Hi @Letti R, to only get the contour of a poly with holes, try this one because it separates the two. Regards, Antonio
  13. @Marissa Farrell Wouldn't the new Marionette option "Show execution time (Debug mode only)" (since Vectorworks 2022) be the tool of choice to see in which order the nodes are being run?
  14. @MaxStudio This should work like Peter said. Here's a screenshot and v2022 file: Marionette-Wrapper-OIP-order.vwx
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