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  1. Antonio Landsberger

    Tiles / Verlegewerkzeug

    Extrudes are possible, but have not been fully tested, yet. Those are planned for the next big version 3.0.0, but I cannot say when this will be happening. Please write me a private message and tell me what you want to do. I might be able to help you out.
  2. Antonio Landsberger

    Connecting N-th element from different lists

    To close the loft, you have to add the first curve (POP FRONT) to the end of the curve list (APPEND).
  3. Antonio Landsberger

    Connecting N-th element from different lists

    Hi GRZEGORZ, you're almost there already. To make the connections between the two circles, you need the Polygon3D node, which takes lists of points. List of points in your case would be point pairs. To get those first ZIP both outputs of the Divide Curve nodes and then CHUNK this big list into lists of two elements (pairs). Antonio
  4. Antonio Landsberger

    Alert Dialog and Attribute Popup

    Hi KroVex, 1) You can simply use a valve node for this purpose. By default it passes the item when True and blocks the output when False. If you need it the other way round (pass when False, block when True), you can use the not node to invert the boolean value. 2) I have no answer for this one, but I would like to see this in Marionette as well.
  5. Antonio Landsberger

    A couple new node uploads and more to come

    Dear Marionette community, after some time, we have finally come around to finalizing and uploading some of the nodes that were created/improved in order to solve various challenges for customers. And we will continue uploading more goodies next week. Here's a list of what we uploaded this week: Get System Info With a single click this node provides the user some of the most commonly used operating system and Vectorworks information. There's an option to see the information as an alert additionally to getting the data via out-ports. For more experienced users, this node can serve as a template for their own custom nodes and networks when system information is needed. Ungroup to List This node returns all objects from groups chunked into separate lists according to the group they were previously part of. Get Bounding Box v2 This node will provide you with the coordinates of all four corners and the dimensions (width and height) of the bounding box. Random X n (spoken "Random times n") Depending on the input this node returns random whole or floating-point numbers and rounds them to the number of decimals set in the OIP. Through iN you can set the number of random numbers you need. Get Holes in Poly This node returns all holes and the outer poly of any given polygon as new separate geometries. Please have a look, let us know how you like it and send us a message if you find a bug or have ideas to make it better. ūüôā I wish you a wonderful weekend, Antonio


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