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  1. Yes, this issue was fixed - I think around 2020 SP3 or SP4.
  2. Hi Frank, IFC units are always as follows: lengths are in mm areas are in m² volumes are in m³ The values that are written into the IFC basequantities have to be adjusted accordingly. This applies to Marionette just as much as it does to VectorScript. Regards, Antonio
  3. Hi @Hushaam, right now the wrapper only takes one poly. It could be programmed differently to support multiple polys, but that isn't planned at the moment. Feel free to have a go at it though. 🙂 Best regards, Antonio
  4. If the ordered list is not enough you may need to put a group behind it for the objects to be drawn in the correct order.
  5. @techecc Attached is a version with a simplified version. Now the color dropdown node has two out ports: one with the string, one with the color tuple. Marionette Test Smaller-ALa-20200407.vwx Edit: the file size is a little smaller, but not much.
  6. Yes, you could try to reset (rename) the user folder (so Vectorworks sets up a new one). Within the Vectorworks folder settings you can see where it is, both on Mac and Windows.
  7. Hi knallfrosch, the text looks good on my end. Are you using the latest servicepack?
  8. Hi @jimi123, Tiles is a Marionette script. As such it doesn't require installation. Simply download the English vwx file plus the manual (pdf file) and follow the instructions.
  9. Hi @AlHanson, the If node should work fine. Could you please the check the checkbox in the object info palette of the Bool nodes? If the checkbox is ticked, the Bool node returns "True" as is indicated by the text "True" right after the checkbox. If the strange behavior of the network(s) persists, please upload the vwx-file with the information which Vectorworks version you are using.
  10. I believe I have a solution for you. Use SelectObj with the criteria (IFC_ENTITY='IfcMechanicalFastener') to get all IFC entities that even could have the field "Tekla Bolt". Then make a loop to go through all selected objects using IFC_GetPsetProp to check for the value of "Tekla Bolt".
  11. Hi @David O, I don't think there's an easy way around this. What kind of solid are we talking here? Primitive solids like cuboids or cylinders? Are they tilted in any direction or in a right angle?
  12. Hi @WhoCanDo, have you tried writing 'Tekla Bolt.Bolt Name' instead?
  13. Hi Niels, thank you for your message. We are aware of the issue. Currently the node doesn't work in either wrappers or Marionette Objects. Our developers are working on resolving this. As soon as I receive information about it, I will post it here.
  14. @Olaf Pfeifer Maybe this is what you are looking for:
  15. @Amorphous - Julian Hi Julian, thank you for your feedback. Being responsible for the Marionette tool "Tiles", I will take your suggestions into consideration going forward. Please send me a message with all necessary information of your setup, so I can try and replicate the behavior you are experiencing. I did a quick test just now on my laptop using a square of 20 * 20 meters and the pattern "English Bond". It took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


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