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  1. Hello GRZEGORZ, i dont know the right translation. In German it´s called "Intelligentes Symbol". Attached you will find a file in wich i have done a short manual for you. Kind regard, Pascal Völz Intelligent Symbol.vwx
  2. Hello GRZEGORZ, is it important for you to have a menu command? Otherwise, you can save the Marionette Object as an intelligent symbol. Kind regards Pascal Völz
  3. Hello barnes2000 you take the node "objects by crit" and write the following for criteria: sel = true or (sel = true) The node gives the handles of all selected objects when you run the script. Kind regards Pascal Völz
  4. Hello herbieherb, what exactly do you want to do? Maybe you can program your project into a manual part with the existing paint-bücket tool and a second automated part. Friendly greetings Pascal Völz
  5. Hello Michael, for your ideas you have to rewrite the original nodes. Enclosed you will find a file in which I have done this for you. Kind regards Pascal Völz DrawBeam.vwx
  6. Hello Michael, i will check this on sunday. Kind regards Pascal Völz
  7. Hi Michael, the beam must be updated after activating the control box. The easiest way to do this is to move the object with the vector 0/0/0. This is not the nicest method, but I have not been able to find another order so far. Kind regards Ing. Pascal Völz B.A. CADVölz www.cad-voelz.de DrawBeam.vwx
  8. Hello MRoth, in the attached file is at least a start. The script reads all activated objects and then filters them for objects that are on the active layer. If you need more help, feel free to contact me. Kind regards Ing. Pascal Völz B.A. CADVölz www.cad-voelz.de Objects by Criteria-Settings.vwx
  9. Perforated Sheet by Graf | Hagen | Völz The following Python Wheels must be installed: - Pillow File information: - scale in 1/1 - unit in cm Description The perforated sheet tool generates a perforated structure from a bitmap image. The generator creates a circle for each of the pixels, the color or black-and-white values of which giving the respective diameter. The circles have a radius of 2, 3 or 4 millimeters and are spaced at intervals of 1 cm. In order to create a higher contrast, for certain color values no circles are generated. Thus, an image of 200*400 pixels finally has a size of 2*4 meters. Depending on the computational power, appropriate sizes should be resorted to.
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