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  1. Hi @t-bud, regarding topic 1.: there is no real time link. you can use the following to sync the field you need: topic 2.: can you explain by"graphical representation" in detail? Thomas
  2. @Pat Stanfordfile via message
  3. @Conrad Preen maybe there is once again the gap between international and local: when I use the function it came up with this: =OBJEKTDATEN('EVAL SOCKET DEVICE'.'DEVICE') I created a quick report and the result see screenshots. Testet with new file created with v2022 and import from 2021. I don't think N/A is the expected result. If needed I can send the file via DM.
  4. Hi is it possible to change the following data: 'Device-External'.'name' from <EXT> to anything else? When i try to change via worksheet my entry is overwritten immediately.
  5. This Post assists doing the Job:
  6. @Conrad Preen in most cases they are shipped with standard rack mounting. on demand you can get every cabinet or touring rack with: https://www.adamhall.com/shop/de-de/19-rack-zubehoer/19-rack-schienen/948/6162?c=16197 this is nice when you have a lot of non RU devices. In this case the integrator works with distances instead of RU.
  7. Hi @Conrad Preen glad you asked 😉 https://www.technikcoach.de/untertischcontainer https://www.se.com/de/de/product-range/2573-casys-vdh/?parent-subcategory-id=3830#overview https://www.19power.de/6he-10-zoll-wandschrank-serverschrank-mit-glastuer-370x450x368mm-komplett-montiert.html Sorry for linking german websites... Have a wonderful Day!
  8. Hi Michael depends. Usually all Devices in the document.
  9. Hi how to connect more than one device to the same drop point with a "single" mouse click? Does it work as designed and i have to do the same command for twenty times? Showcase: table contains 20 preview displays all connect separately to a floor drop Best Thomas
  10. The word "switch" is manually given by me. could be anything. the connectcad info pallet looks like this:
  11. hi @michaelk please have a look at the "workflow" design attached. Hopefully that helps.
  12. Hi I apologize for the silent time. I filled the example from the initial post with a little life and integrated a table which contains the room list. The requirements have not been done with V2022 either 😉 example02.vwx Rooms 1-200.xlsx
  13. I will do so. Enjoy your vacation @Conrad Preen.
  14. Hi @Conrad Preen maybe it could be done like data visualisation with a like checkbox. On/Off and there you go. But that will better be placed onto the wish list. For 2021 a script would do the job i think. For sure a script working in both ways (on+0ff)
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