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  1. Hi jumping on that topic: is it still impossible to create a pop up filed through VS?
  2. @Jesse Cogswell this is an awesome piece of letters and numbers!!!
  3. @Pat Stanford found your script Procedure DesignLayers_to_Worksheet; i sniffed around to find what variables are used for the additional data and how to get them into the same worksheet. no success... and as a goody how can the order be changed from top to bottom?
  4. 😞 Any tips where to start...
  5. Hi all, is it possible to show Design Layer Data in a worksheet? Row 1 : Name Row 2 : Stacking Order Row 3 : Description Row 4 : Elevation Row 5 : Tag Row 6 : Scale Thank you fo your help1
  6. For sure i know the "template way" using a script for that task will save up to 6 hours or even more setting up a new project every week. the additional data input is essential. today i was facing a project including 317 Rooms. (317 worksheet rows...)
  7. i try to hijack that thread with my own idea of automating layers etc. so here it is: Workflow Wishlist Connectcad: Room List for an new project will be provided via Excel > create Layers + sheets + „Rooms“@Rack Elevation the Room List will be provided via Excel and transferred into a worksheet inside VWX running a script to create Layers (duplicate a master and rename it as often as needed) named after the Room Numbers provided via Worksheet running a script to create Sheets (duplicate a master and rename it as often as needed) named after the Room Names provided via Worksheet running a script to create Rooms @Rack Elevation Layer ( (duplicate a master and rename it as often as needed) named after the Layers created before all stacking order needs to be the same the Room List could contain up to seven columns: 1: Building 2: Elevation 3: Room Number 4: Room Name 5: Purpose 6: Description 7: annotations DesignLayers Layer = Worksheet Name = Room Number Description = Description Elevation = Elevation Tag = Pupose SheetLayer Sheets = LayerName Rooms@RackElevation = LayerName is this possible via script or do i better delete the whole idea?
  8. @Jesse Cogswell here you go: the script so far. usually the device name is like: projector-01. in an ideal world it transfers to: projector-RoomA-01 cause it was drawn on design layer "RoomA". It will be important that the script only functions on active devices or it will be possible to choose before running the script. devName := GetRField( h, 'Device', 'Name' ); SetRField( h, 'Device', 'Name', Concat( devName, '/', currLayerName )); devTag := GetRField( h, 'Device', 'Tag' ); SetRField( h, 'Device', 'Tag', Concat( devTag, '/', currLayerName )); ResetObject( h ); currLayerName := GetLName(ActLayer); criterion := Concat( '(((SEL=TRUE) & (R IN [''Device'']) & (L=''', currLayerName, ''')))' ); ForEachObject( callback, criterion ); RedrawAll;
  9. With a little help it was possible to get the following to work: get design layer name as prefix/suffix via script. is there a way to insert this data between the name and the given number of the device: (name)-(number) must have: (name)-(design layer)-(number) What i am looking for is one more criteria to manage the insert. therefor i think the criteria that handles the device name needs to be expanded to find out where the letters end and the number begin. (or where the (-) is located) Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi looking for a quick solution without redrawing all circuits to switch Source to Destination and vice versa. Edith Path and reverse direction seems not like the way to be. Any tips and trick welcome! Regards
  11. Hi all, is it possible to do the following via marionette/script: - device generated via connectcad sits on design layer: media room - the device name is: projector - the script collects all devices with the same name (for example:projector) and adds the design layer name to the device name, then it numbers all these devices - result: projector-media room-01 is this possible or out of reach? i am a newbie to all aspects of scripting and marionette but willing to learn...
  12. Hi Conrad, exactly not the way we are looking for. The syntax for our cablenumbers you can see here includes our prefix and a number for the signaltype plus the number. How to achieve this via the spotlight numbering tool?
  13. Hi Conrad, how close do we have to stay?? 😉
  14. Hello unfortunately, a second variant has registered in a larger project. This currently results in two tasks for which we do not find the right solution. One: We need to renumber all cables. Unfortunately, the tool starts at the last assigned number. In our case at 2123... However, it is imperative that we start again at one. How can we realize this without redrawing all connections? We already tried to set up a new Numbering-system without success. Two: According to our customer's specifications, the device name should also include the name of the physical location. (roof, dimmerbeach stage left,...) We have already arranged all devices on layers in order to have a good overview. Is it "automated" to include the name of the layer in the device name? One possible syntax: name-location-number. (dimmer-roof-001) Attempts with the numbering tool from ConnectCad as well as from Spotlight have unfortunately not resulted in any result. The ConnectCad functionality of Rooms is known, of course. and is also used to create rack views. With almost 800 devices, we would be reluctant to go down the manual path... Has someone already solved one or both problems and is willing to share their solution? I am happy about help.
  15. Good morning actually not a real problem, but a workflow that I would like to keep. Experimental setup: One building has 20 rooms. Each room should be equipped identically. As an example, we then have 20 rooms with one display, one LAN switch and three AVoIP devices. The switch is integrated into the overall network structure of the building. In order to be able to assign a room to each device in ConnectCad, ALL devices (i.e. all AVoIP devices) would have to be individually numbered and then located as equipment in the rack elevation. But that is not what I want. Due to the room id, all devices are clearly assigned and i want them to be numbered 1-3 like the AVoIP devices. Unfortunately, an additional database cannot be included in the evaluation of the circuits. Has someone happened to solve this task?
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