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  1. Sounds good, thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your help Jesse. I've created a library of my own pickup symbols. These are hybrid 2d/3d symbols, exactly like the stock pickup symbols. The only difference is that in my custom symbols the "nested parts" would be in this example a 5/8" shackle and 3' Gac-flex. The stock symbols contain a shackle symbol but the sling is just a generic solid. I'd like to be able to count the individual parts in the pickup, rather than just the "pickup symbols" used. Screenshots attached, I hope I'm explaining this well. Thanks so much.,
  3. Hello, I've looked through and haven't seen any topics on this, unless I missed one. I would like the Spotlight>Reports>Create Report command, with "Symbol" used as the criteria, to count the hardware used in the pickup symbol, such as the shackle. This doesn't seem to be happening. Screenshot attached. I rely heavily on the "Create Report" command to generate symbol counts for me to make inventory equipment lists when I prep shows, I'd love for the symbols used in the truss pickup to be counted as well. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.
  4. Here's a screenshot of a simple sling made exactly how "Cris with no H" suggested. I created a helix spiral for the wrap, arc for the end of the sling where the shackle would be, some lines, duplicated some 3d loci along path, traced them with a NURBS curved, and used that NURBS curve for the path object for an extrude along path.
  5. Hi all, I've just installed SP3 for Spotlight 2020 and now my options for truss types to insert has been limited. Screenshot attached, it won't let me expand the "Vectorworks Libraries" Library. For instance I am no longer able to insert Tyler Truss. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  6. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense, I'm sure that will work I'll give it a try!
  7. Here's a screenshot of what i mean, you can see the text box has been shifted off-center but in the symbol in the design layer it is perfectly centred.
  8. It sure does, I hadn't thought of that but I've just tried that.
  9. Hi All, was wondering if anybody has had any issues similar to what I'm having. I've got symbols which have text boxes in Layer Plane as part of the symbol, which look fine in my design layer in any rendering style. However, when rendered in a viewport on a sheet layer the text box if off center and half of it is missing. This happened no matter what scale the viewport was in. Let me know if anybody has any ideas, thanks.


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