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  1. Finally getting back to Vectorworks after a pandemic hiatus, and I fully agree with this statement. Really shouldn't have to write or modify VectorSctpts to restore what was a well functioning tool.
  2. Please restore the 2020 Hoist Tools to v2021 - or update the documentation to instruct on legacy work around. Simple tools like "Select All Hoists" no longer exist in 2021.
  3. Thank you for the workaround, Sam. I was a customer of yours before VW incorporated the hoist tools into the standard distro, pre-braceworks. Seems like they've created a market for you again! Guess I'll submit a feature request to restore the lost tools. Total insanity over there!
  4. How does one "Select All Hoists" in VW2021? I've re-added the legacy tool which was removed, but it does not select any hoists. Where can I read on the reasoning behind these changes?
  5. So Braceworks calculates the screen and projector correctly, but does not like the slider supports having no Allowable Force on the drop to the screen. Later in the report, the sliders are seen as a Suspension Point capable of supporting 0 lbf. Any way to enable a load on the sliders, or hide them in the report?
  6. We often hang video screens on VER-lock cable drops from trusses. My feature request is to have Braceworks incorporate the "'Screen Support>Sliders" function, and see the screen as a load a few feet below the truss. (I generally move the screen to the same elevation as the truss to force a calculation). I can also insert point loads at 50% of the screen weight, on each end then turn off screen calculation, but that adds a few steps....
  7. Makes sense. Thanks for testing. Hope to see the 'ground support' feature working eventually!
  8. Is there a workaround to get braceworks to calculate a vertical truss box? I have no trouble building the box, connecting all objects and rotating to vertical. Braceworks believes there are FEM forces on a strictly vertical load. This is using Christie Lites B-Type. Screen Frame Test.vwx
  9. I converted my CS800 hoist distro symbol to a "Accessory", where you can give it an item weight. Spotlight>Object Conversion>>Convert to Accessory Alternatively, you can create a load with the "Insert Load" tool. Once the load is created, in the OIP, click on Show Symbol and select your existing symbol. You can change the weight value and item description at the bottom (Load Name).
  10. Rob, Does the cross section file need to be updated separately, or is it part of the service pack? The Christie truss still registers as rigid, even after the SP3 update. Thanks!
  11. Are the Christie Lites truss symbols supposed to have Cross Section data? They appear to be set as RIGID
  12. Nope, there's no quicker way. This seems to be the 'official' workaround for borders, teasers or any soft good that doesn't reach the ground..
  13. Is there a correct way to attach a soft goods Border or Teaser to a truss in Braceworks? I am able to attach a full length drape (and calculate successfully) if the height of the drape is the same as the truss (i.e. 30' trim, 30' drape). When I shorten the drape to be a header (30' trim, 20'drape), THE LOAD IS NOT CONNECTED If I change the drape to a border, THE LOAD IS NOT CONNECTED If I draw a new border, THE LOAD IS NOT CONNECTED Is there a workaround other than extending the item to the ground, calculating, then shortening the item again?
  14. Just downloaded the Christie Lites package from Select Service. There is a bug in the truss weights. The resource manager has the correct Imperial and Metric weights listed in the 'Truss Record', but the 'BrxTrussItemRecord' imports the Metric weight into the drawing (even though the Units of the document Mass is set to Pounds). Screenshot attached - the Total Weight in pounds should be 96lbs, not 44. So beware if you are doing weight calculations!
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