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  1. Charlie Winter

    Microsoft Surface

    @Jim Wilson Curious about this. Are there future plans to incorporate touchscreen functions into Vectorworks?
  2. Charlie Winter

    Is there an app for that..?

    Not exactly. I was curious if there was an iOS app built specifically for the forum, rather than navigating and posting via a web browser when I’m on the go.
  3. Charlie Winter

    Video Projector beam

    @JBenghiat This looks like an interesting new tool. Is it functional for v2019?
  4. Charlie Winter

    Is there an app for that..?

    Curious to know if there is a preferred forum (RSS) app on iOS to navigate the tech board or a VW forum app in development.
  5. Charlie Winter

    MVR questions

    @Simon Allan As a fellow end user of VW, I am equally excited MVR and the potential therein to shift the industry in how drawings are created and shared across multiple platforms. I've been following this thread for a while, and am also planning to experiment with the updates in SP3. What 3rd party software are you hoping to incorporate MVR with? The other potential I see for this is Cinema 4D (especially as it's under the Nemetschek Group) or d3 (disguise). I am no expert in the coding or software engineering required for creating the MVR container ( @bbudzon @klinzey ), but I would imagine much of your troubles with missing geometry and rotation are a result of missing code that would be generated by Vision when it creates the MVR file meant to be imported back to Vectorworks.
  6. Simon, sounds like a great question for the Vision team.
  7. Charlie Winter

    Displaying FPS in Vision

    That's it! Great. I find this more helpful than a 3rd party solution because in the expanding debugging view it allows you to see which render feature is the most taxing on the graphics card. There is no note in the help documentation about this feature. A search for frame rate or FPS points to setting the frame rate when rendering out a movie.
  8. Charlie Winter

    Displaying FPS in Vision

    @markdd Frames per Second, or the frame rate of the visualizer. If your previs session seems to be lagging, chances are the frame rate is low. I like to see the frame rate as feedback to how far I can push the visualizer before it begins to lag.
  9. Charlie Winter

    Displaying FPS in Vision

    In lieu of a current feature displaying the FPS in Vision, what are some preferred freeware programs people use?
  10. Under settings, in the ETC Nomad shell, check that you have sACN enabled.
  11. Hmm.. I don't recall installing a loopback adapter on my desktop for this to work. After I updated the DMX Provider in Vision to sACN everything clicked. In ETC Nomad, under the sACN Output Viewer does the Source Name read as Mac? My Source IP address is my current ethernet address.
  12. I am sharing a video here of a 5-second intensity fade up and fade down in Vision and MA3D. I have noticed there is a bump on and bump off in Vision as it nears 0, but MA3D gradually fades up and down. Has anyone else noticed this with Vision? Vision_MA3D Dimming Curve.mp4
  13. Check that your DMX Provider in Vision is set to sACN.
  14. Charlie Winter

    Ambient Intensity via DMX (more than 8bit??)

    Great! I'll be sure to submit the request and review what other functions could useful to control via DMX.


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