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  1. Charlie Winter

    Spotlight LX Record - Parts

    Anyone discover updates to the lens & point function of the parts record in 2019 yet?
  2. Charlie Winter

    Numbering Tabs Backward

    It appears that the tabbing for the new numbering dialog is backward. Anyone else?
  3. Charlie Winter

    v2019 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down causing lag in Blank Document

    Also fixed. Will keep an eye on it, in case functionality changes.
  4. Charlie Winter

    v2019 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down causing lag in Blank Document

    Jim, I'm running OS 10.13.6 on a iMac Retina, 27" early 2017. I also just submitted a VSS request with the buggy file.
  5. Charlie Winter

    v2019 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down causing lag in Blank Document

    Creating Blank Document Select Symbol Insertion Tool Click 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down in the menu bar ... ... Still waiting... ... ... 2m. Vectorworks logo bounces in dock, and then I can return to the program, with no resource menu open. Select the 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down again, and... ... ... another 2 minute wait.. then the logo bounces again. Help.
  6. Very excited to dive into 2019! What better way than with a program hang. I'm encountering a long delay with opening the resource window of the 'Choose a Symbol' dialog, when activated via the OIP. No lagging issues when using 'Replace with Symbol' via the menu. Anyone else?
  7. Charlie Winter

    Create Project Issue History

    Is it possible to input the <Design Company Name> <Company Address> & <Company Contact Info> in a field, prior to the creation of the Project Issue History via the Issue Manager? Or is it WAD to input that information after the creation of the worksheet? Thanks!
  8. Has there been any traction on this issue? Is this improvement something we could expect to see in v2019?
  9. Experiencing an odd bug today, while using the application switcher in OS-X (CMD-Tab, or Alt-Tab for windows users). When I tab back into my drawing, it enters the LEFT 3d view... Any one have experience with a similar problem?
  10. Charlie Winter

    Multiple View Panes - Walkthrough bug

    I believe I have stumbled upon a bug here in the multiple view pane configuration. While navigating the lower right viewport with the 'walkthrough' tool, i encountered the bug when attempting to initiate fly-around. My typical workflow is using the navigation keys (W, A, S, D) and elevation keys (Z, C) to orient my camera. Then I will click with my mouse to engage flyover, to reorientate my view, and repeat the process of using the navigation keys and elevation keys until i've achieved the position i want. In the current software, when I initiate the flyover tool the following occurs. [Mouse Right] - (Right) viewport rotates clockwise [Mouse Left] - (Top/Plan) Rotates Clockwise No Flyover occurs in the lower right viewport, where it is the selected, and intended viewport for rotating. Thoughts?
  11. I find the title block manager to be an efficient way to manage data. Will there ever be an alternative to navigating between sheet layers? Currently 'nexting' through the sheet layers is time consuming. Is there an option in the future for a dropdown menu to allow faster navigation between sheets?
  12. Charlie Winter

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    Just updated to SP3, the refresh bug has been cleared! Thanks!
  13. Charlie Winter

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    Thanks Nikolay! I look forward to service pack 3, and posting an update here.
  14. Charlie Winter

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    @Nikolay ZhelyazkovI've attached (2) videos as an example. The first, is a fresh file, with a default 'unstyled' 2018 title block. The video shows me editing the sheet title with no delay. [Original 2018 Title Block.mov] The second video shows me editing the sheet title of my converted 2018 title block in an average sized lighting plot file we draft. [Slow Title Block.mov] Its my opinion that the refresh is tied to the geometry contained in the viewports. Thoughts? Original_2018_Title_Block.mov Slow_Title_Block.mov
  15. Charlie Winter

    Sheet Title updating per character entry

    @Nikolay ZhelyazkovOk. I am currently running VW2018 on SP2 on OS X 10.13.3 What is the anticipated release for SP3?


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