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  1. Charlie Winter

    Matthews C-Stand objects

  2. Charlie Winter

    Matthews C-Stand objects

    Excited to see that the grip library is expanding with the inclusion of the Manfrotto stand symbols. Can we expect Matthews c-stand symbols not far behind?
  3. Is it possible for a script to assign a specified class (written into the script) to single or multiple selected Lighting Device Objets?
  4. Charlie Winter

    [Screen ReDraw] Screen won't redraw until initiating zoom

    Anyone encountered this redraw bug?
  5. Charlie Winter

    labels arbitrarily move far away from fixtures

    I've often encountered this issue when entering an ISO view or flyover and then return to Top/Plan where I find my labels exploded as shown above.
  6. Charlie Winter

    Multiple File References

    I have accidentally created two separate references to the same file, 'gmv symb lighting v2019.vwx' They are both up-to-date as a 'path to relative document'. Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact steps I took to find myself in this position. I believe one was created as an absolute reference. Knowing this, what steps can I take to reconcile the two? Thanks.
  7. Charlie Winter

    Undo and Symbol Record Data Refresh

    In the attached photo is a custom position label symbol, with a custom record format. I am experiencing an issue where the symbol does not refresh to its previous data when executing the undo command. The top symbol shows the 'Position Label Field' with the default value P-##, and the bottom field shows the 'Position Label Field' with the modified value from the Spotlight Numbering tool, using the Object with Record option, 1. For this example I executed the undo command, and as you'll see in the OIP it reverts to the original field data, however a nudge will be required to refresh the symbol so it will update. The action of nudging symbols after undoing a numbering action is not ideal. Has anyone else had this experience?
  8. Charlie Winter

    Focus Point Selection after Insertion

    @BSeigel Did you have an opportunity to follow up on this topic, and its functionality? Does it work as designed? Those that also commented here expressed the same issue of inconvenience with both the lighting device and focus point remaining selected. Thx.
  9. After many years of working on the aluminum mac keyboard, I am looking at purchasing a new keyboard. My goal is to have more customizable shortcut keys, better tactile response, and a more ergonomic layout. Looking for recommendations Thanks!
  10. In the attached screenshot, I am showing my original label legend on the left and the duplicated legend on the right. Why have my labels in the duplicated legend been repositioned to their default (x,y)? Is this WAD? I don't want to use the 'Create Label Legend from Instrument' command because all I'm updating in this new legend is disabling 'right reading' of the Channel field.
  11. Charlie Winter

    3D Label Legend Text Resized when adding or removing fields

    FWIW, I have also just experienced the fields resizing, and losing their formatting when adding additional 2D fields to the legend.
  12. Will it be possible in a future release to class out the leader lines?
  13. The walkthrough tool almost works at 100% with the multi-pane view. With multi-view panes enabled, and a floating view pane as the active view, I activate the walkthrough tool. The keyboard hotkeys to move left, right, up and down work as designed, but the error comes when clicking the left-mouse to enable the camera to orbit. At that time, the active cursor shifts to the Top Left view pane, until I click the left mouse button again. Then my floating view pane view is refreshed, and the active cursor is restored to the floating view pane window. I have been able to use the walkthrough tool successfully in the multi-pane view, without a 'floating view pane'. Floating View Pane Walkthrough Bug.mov
  14. Charlie Winter

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Have you checked the width of the text box in the symbol? Sounds like it is very narrow, which is resulting in the single letter word wrap.
  15. Are you sure you created the clip cube viewport correctly? I experienced a similar issue, using section viewports, and VW identified THAT as the bug. I've uploaded my scratch here, with a clip cube viewport. 3D Label Legend - Clip Cube_V2.vwx


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