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  1. Hi all, in previous versions of Vectorworks I used to open the library file, for example ETC Source Four, and edit the 2d component of symbols to include my colour coding. in 2024 you can't seem to open these files, now containing ".vwx.proxy" file extension. does anyone have a solution for this? I know a template file is most peoples work around but I do work for so many different venues and hire houses that my template file would be so bulky from the number of symbols required. thanks in advance. Alex
  2. having an issues (at least I think its an issue), unless an accessory such as a hook clamp is baked into the fixture it isn't showing in a section viewport, I have checked the usual boxes such as infinite depth but nothing seems to fix it, I'm now not seeing some fixtures that have accessories added to them. I have attached some images for reference, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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