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  1. Two suggestions for to modify the site model: are those 3d polys at the same layer of the site model? and place them at the class Site-DTM-Modifier. Concerning textures: Site Modifiers - Texture Bed,the more simple way. Over time, you can integrate it with the Hardscape tool. Section: do all the changes, or it rendering in open gl and see if it improved
  2. Yeah!!! Database - Edit Criteria and change it to the Record presence. Thanks!!
  3. Hey guys, Doubt: I'm making custom worksheets based on records that I made. The only thing that I'm struggling is that it keeps summarizing hardscapes that aren't attached with the record format in question. Can anyone help out a way to exclude from the worksheet the hardscapes without the record attached? Thanks!! PS: If the file would help, I can send.
  4. So that would be a massive increase on productivity, to have these kind of calculation parallelized. Wishlist material, what do you thing? Worth a post on the correspondent forum?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I've done that. I was only wondering if we can increase the CPU usage by the program itself.
  6. Hi guys, Using VW on a complex Site Model, each Update takes more than a minute. I tried to increase the priority to High but it didn't had major impact. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  7. Man... I am embarrassed... You are totally correct!! Thanks!!!
  8. Hi guys, Designing a bench for a project, used the Extrude Along Path tool. In a empty file, result looks ok. When I copy that or try to do the operation on my working file it gets all funky... Any clue about the problem? I usually don't use 3d model tools, so I'm a little bit lost on this chapter. Thanks!!! João Rodrigues
  9. Just leave here the result of the first model that I presented in this post. Certainly a solution to develop!! Thanks for the feedback guys!!
  10. Hi guys, a help, if you can: Sometimes I have to place multiple symbols / objects on multiple plants (for example emitters on hundreds of shrubs, support posts for trees, etc). These plants are usually inside Plant Objects, so each plant doesn't "exist" as a individual entity and the process of Transform into 3d Symbol - Apply the Replace command is difficult to apply. Any suggestions that could help me? Thanks and regards!!!
  11. Thanks, that helps a lot in my planting schemes!!!
  12. Can you help out on this matter? How can I do it? Thanks!!!
  13. To take care of the image Prop: 1 - Edit 3d Graphic of the Plant Object: 2 - Ungroup the Image Prop 3 - Delete one of the two resulting 3d Poly: 4 - Model Ready to be exported (C4D) and, in the import in Twinmotion, select "Keep Hierarchy": Concerning the Replace tool:
  14. Think I found a work-around. Image props are, in fact, two images that, when exported to twinmotion, are assumed as 2 separate objects (and you would have to delete one of them of avoid object duplication). If I ungroup the image prop and delete one of them (in VW, before C4D export), I can then apply the replace tool in Twinmotion!!! Render of images and video: under 3 minutes. Video1.mp4
  15. I tried what you proposed, got no results. I'll post the example, to see if anybody can help out. Export menu: Import menu in Twinmotion: TEST_EXPORT.c4d TEST_EXPORT.vwx
  16. It was the UV yes, in in impot options I signed the "Fix UV/Texture" option, it worked out!! Now, second doubt, if you can help out: We work with dense planting plans. Now we have two chances: place tree-by-tree and make some random plating for the rest or, and it would perfect, to use the "Replace Object" function. I'm facing one of two problems. When import, if a leave, in the Collapse menu, the "Keep Hierarchy", Twimotion creates two objects and the replace won't work out. If I leave the "Collapse by material" it assumes all the trees as a group and when I replace a group of trees transforms in just 1 new replaced tree. See images, please. How do you deal with this problem. I tried to change grouping in VW, but it didn't made difference PS: I use the Cinema 4d export. If you want, I can post the example file where I'm making my experiments.
  17. The second chance yes, I'll give it a try and post the results. Thank you very much!!
  18. @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD any idea of what I'm doing wrong? (you are the go to guy in twinmotion, sorry to bother you!!!)?
  19. Hi guys, I'm making the trial to the Twinmotion 2020. It looks like a very powerful tool. With simple models, I can import directly the site model with the different textures, add trees, no problem. I'm now facing some problems with complex site models (please see the image). Do you have any idea of what I'm doing wrong? How you usually deal with this king of files? Thanks!!!
  20. Thank you Tony, I had never tried to ungoup a Landscape Area, this it's a very good help!!! Yes Pat, that is a good point. Another way around to do the trick is, after ungouping the Landscape Area, when all the objects are still selected, Group them. But, to the future, it would be a very interesting improvement on the Landscape Area tool to be able to keep its edit capacities and be able to have that 2D representation. Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated.
  21. Hi guys, I've been working with some tools to improve my planting schemes. The Plant tools already a very complete tool but there's a lack on it: random planting schemes. The normal reply would be the Landscape Area Tool. Take the following example: a certain area, choose 3 species and there you go. There is one problem: it doesn't give us the individual planting scheme in 2D, but it appears in 3D mode: I explored a very interesting Marionnette Object that would help: The result: But there is a problem: it doesn't give you the control that the Landscape Area Tool allows (qty/m2, %, etc.) So, am I missing someting or maybe this would fit on the Wishlist Forum? It's obvious that the information is on the Landscape Area object (otherwise it wouldn't give us a 3D representation and quantities). Why don't make it available on 2D representation? This would be important for Executive Plans, sometimes it is a little to vague to let that information missing. Thanks!!!
  22. Hi guys, Had this problem some time ago. I edited the report from VW to convert m2 to sq feet (edited the landscape area cell) and converted gallons to m3. Take a look and see if it helps you. METRIC.vwx
  23. I upload the test file with the example that I presented. If anyone has a different way to works this method and is willing to share it, feel free to use the file and share with the community!! TESTE.vwx
  24. Can you post a file with the problem?
  25. Hi guys, I've been trying to improve my way to work the site modifiers. One of the objects where I'm struggling is a curved path. I send to you 3 examples that I tried: Site modifier pad - Clearly wrong, it assumes a straight line from the starting point until the final point, ignores the turns. 3d Polys - Modelled two 3d Polys and assumed the then in the class Site - DTM - Modifiers. Better results, but could be more precise. Roadway (poly) - Beat results but I have some doubts if the path has an irregular shape. What do you think? Am I ignoring some other way to work this object? Thanks!!!


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