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  1. One procedure that I saw in a webinar is to create 3d loci or stakes with the heights of the contours and then distribute those elements in the lines that you imported using the "Duplicate along path" (https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/Objects_edit1/Duplicating_Objects_Along_a_Path.htm). In that way you reduce the vertex number to be included in the new site model, making it much more lighter to work with. With the Existing Site Model created, you'll include the Site Modifiers to get to the final grading that you desire and you'll get the values.
  2. Yes, just changed the height of the wall with 1900m to 3,048m and the result is like this:
  3. @sbarrett thanks for your reply. Indeed we have several months without rain, so almost certainly the error is overthere. Thank you and I'll follow your contributes closely.
  4. Hi guys, Excellent resource, already on my drawing standarts!! Just one situation to report: the precipitation chart doesn't work for my location. I attach the file so you can see if it is something from my location (absense of data?) or not. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!! PrecipitationChart_180523_v2020.vwx
  5. Hi guys, I've been using Vectoworks Landmark since 2017 and, at this moment, I use it as my exclusive software. Each project that I develop with Vectorworks I try to enhance the BIM capabilities of the software (IFC import, water budget, plant schedule, etc.). After seeing the webinar with Eric Berg, I saw that I have a long path to walk... The questions that I would like present are: Do you reccomend a specific online course? Last year I did one about Sustainable Site Design / Analysis and helped me a lot. Do get to a "smart design", I saw a lot of custom spreadsheets. Are they done with the normal spreadsheets or are you using other resources? Can you give your feedback to "step up the game" and use all the resources that VW offers? Thanks!!
  6. This is something that I had already struggled and still didn't had a solution. How do I do several copies from an original object without knowing the number of copies? What I would like to do is to copy an object giving a base point and then just click where I want my copied object layed out. Can someone help me?
  7. I contacted the VW support team a month or so ago about this. The website is down due to some legal problem but they should come back. I'm willing to buy the whole package as well... If someone gets some feedback from other source, please share it!
  8. Hi guys, I'm struggling with a custom folding measures. I'm trying to prepare my layout with the following folding measurements: I place the measures but I never get that specific layout. I attach a sample file so you can take a look and possibly sort this question. Best regards, João Rodrigues TEST_FOLD.vwx
  9. Hi Jonathan. True, I forgot to tell to use site modifiers (pad or contours) on the top and base of the stairs (creating a steeper slope in the exact area of the stairs in order to be seen). If you don´t do it the stairs will be hidden by the site model. Thanks
  10. They can touch, you might have a struggle if you have a side wall, it will tend to make a corner on the first or last tread. But it's a matter of trial and error.
  11. Hi, What I usually do is to work either with Pads (Site Modifiers - Pad) or Hardscapes and draw the plan. I attach an example so you can take a closer look both of the commands (just an example, just to demonstrate the tools). Good luck!! TEST_v2015.vwx
  12. Draw the Line -> Right click on the line -> Create Objects from Shapes -> Wall
  13. Hi guys. Another way to do it is to use the wall tool: each tread is a different wall and you change the width according your drawing. The height is manipulated by the levels of each wall. Hope it helps you!!
  14. Hi guys, quick question: Does anyone knows what is hapening with the Rendermall website (http://vwx.rendermall.com/)? It is unavailable at least in the last two days... I would like to buy some 3D plants but is getting hard to do it... Regards,
  15. Hi guys, I'm starting a new landscape architecture project and I'm having some issues concerning top/plan representation of an IFC file. From what I understood, when I import an IFC model to VW, the elements are recognized as an "IFC Entity", but, entering in edition mode, are just Extrudes, creating a problem in the top/plan representation. Any suggestions to correct this problem? Any IFC import procedure should be done? Create 2d Poly's of the faces of the Extrude Objects? Just attach some print screens of the situation (the site models were already created by me). Thanks!!
  16. Hi guys, good afternoon, I attach to this post the VW file. The project relates to a road rehabilitation (creation of a walkable course, parking area, etc.). I added the stakes of the topographic survey, created the surface and then added the intervention limit. To that point on, the surface started having 3d errors. I tried to simplify the limit, but the errors kept going. Any suggestions? How to you usually faced this problems? Best regards, João Rodrigues 2017_03_02_ACESSO_MARINHA.vwx
  17. I started using Vw Landmark around 6 months with my pc with Windows 10. But from the begining I heart about the optimization of Vw for the Mac plataform. As I’m going throught increansingly complex projects, I would like to know your opinion: is there really a difference between plataforms or is it just “fan talk”? What is the “best suite for the Vw 2018? Thank you very much!!! ps: I tried to search the theme on the forum and didnt found any discussion.
  18. Thanks for the reply Eric. Just two questions on this procedure that you presented: Do you convert the imported 3d polys into some kind of smart object? How do you the referred operation to assign those 3d polys to site modifiers (layer control)? Thank you very much for helping!!
  19. Not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but the change in the source data doesn't appear as a proposal in the site model, but changes the existing situation. Can I do something different to bring 3d polys (the redrawn contours) as site modifiers inside an existing site model?
  20. Good night guys, I'm working a new project over a topographic survey and I want to change it based on a completely new design for its contours. As I'm working with another cad software, what I was thinking to do was to edit the site model by double-clicking on it, editing the "Proposed Site Model Contours" and pasting the imported 3D polys with elevation. Unfortunately, this way isn't working. Can you give me any advice on the best way to do this change: just create a new site model based on the new design of the contours (is there a way to "merge" site models?), edit the contours individually? I'm open to suggestions. Best regards!!!
  21. Hello guys, Just starting to use VW Landmark 2018 with SP1 (PC Windows 10). Every time I edit the contours for the proposed site model (double-click in the site model - "Proposed Site Model Contours") I make the alterations and, when I exit the yellow window, VW just crashes, no error log, it goes straight for the Windows Error window. Same applies even if I don't do any alterations to the model. Anyone with the same error? Suggestions about what to do? Thanks, João Rodrigues
  22. Thanks, worked!! I tried reinstalling without uninstalling but as you indicated it worked fine. Thanks!!
  23. Hi guys, After the last update of the Vectorworks Cloud Services (v5.9.0), I always get the same error when it tries to open (see image attached). Is anyone having the same problem? I have the Vectorworks 2017 with Windows 10 Home. With regards,
  24. Hi guys, I need some help/clarification, I'm designing an irrigation system with small flower beds (please see the image). Is it correct the way that I'm designing it (connecting different spaces to a single valve)? The program isn't signing any error, but, as it is the first project that I'm developing in VW, I would be grateful for the help. If need, I can upload the file so you can see if I'm not making any kind of mistake. Thank you!! IMAGE.pdf
  25. Thanks for the help Eric. It is my first attempt with VW, I found the Hunter PC Bubbler and changed its specs to the flow of the root watering system.


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