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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to get the elevation information of any point of the grading line on VW? Please see the attachment. It should very simple, but I did not find any easier way to get it. Thank you let me if you have a better solution. Thanks.
  2. Is there anyone know how to use VW to create such as evaluation points (such as +BG 161.98') . Now I just use simple text tool to create them, but it is very inefficient, because they did not have any elevation information and cannot use them to calculate the grading. Please let me know if there is any a better solution. Thanks
  3. Hi, Does anyone have such hatch about Eye-bird Stone. I am not sure why there are all rock hatch in VW is round. How do all guys solve it when we have to show eye-bird or structural soil in the landscape details? Thanks
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