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  1. See what I did there? (because you will crack it) I would be in the same boat. I'll have to wait until I have my geometry head on. (think I may have mislaid it! - usually getting VW to provide unknown offset dims and the like.) Best of luck
  2. Nice sheet @Chris Burton I see the problem - I don't think this can be down to (say) rounding - there must be something obvious (surely?) You've checked the originator's derivation? Although nobody on that forum seemed to have found fault. I've a had a cursory look but I can't see anything glaringly obvious. I'll have more time later. Meanwhile someone far better than me will surely step in. This would be like a 1 minute brain teaser for @Pat Stanford (if you have time Pat)
  3. Often the 'simplest' way is to Google the question and see what the (sometimes quite varied) answers thrown up are. There aren't many questions these days where you're asking it for the very first time (unless you're Stephen Hawking - RIP Stevie) So, the first answer I get is this. http://electromotiveforces.blogspot.com/2012/04/equation-for-determining-belt-size-of.html Looks ok? Also looks like you could quite easily transfer the calculation to a VW worksheet with the primary distances and pulley diameters (the 'given' figures) fed in automatically from the drawing. There are others on the web, but I didn't look further. Once you get into whether the belt is 'Vee' etc, I got 😐 You may even find someone will provide you with that worksheet! - there's some mighty benevolent guys on this forum. Hope this turns out useful for you.
  4. I'm not sure you can in this scenario B. Yes, that would enable you to 'grab' and move the three point contact area with the pulley - which is a very useful option on this tool when the geometry is consistent and just needs relocating. I don't think its as easy as that in this instance, as the geometry changes when the pulley(s) are moved in relation to each other and reshape tool doesn't have the finesse required to incorporate the reshape of a small section all in one action. My take on this.... So, the repositioned pulley has obvious and immediate changes to belt contact, and the changes also affect the 'fixed' pulleys.(I've only pointed out the lower larger one) Or have I missed something and I need more coffee this morning!! (prob need more coffee anyway 😴)
  5. Yes I remember (hate to admit it) There were some teaser files with moving gears and cranks (the files - not me). In those days the simulation was achieved by scripting - something available today and still works (as not much has changed in scripting). The scripts have ©1997, Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. Developed by Tom Urie on them. These days you'd probably be directed towards Marionette for the way to achieve this, but here's an old thread on that sort of track... Shows most stuff is possible!! Also shows theres clever guys on this forum
  6. Have you searched for the problem(s) using a suitable keyword(s) from.. This forum - most questions have been asked before!! Vectorworks 2018 Help - http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FLandingPage%2FWelcome_to_Vectorworks.htm Google. Will throw up old information - some from this forum, sometimes from YouTube Direct from YouTube. There are some excellent vids from VW and from users themselves. Some are dated, but the techniques and tips are often still valuable and valid for recent VW versions. Or come back with a list - but its good to go on the search, because you'll often stumble over other (sometimes better) ways of achieving the same thing.
  7. In Finder, Cmd-J will show/hide View Options. This is under the View Menu... In viewing the options available, you can see Show Icon Preview is a choice you can make on a window by window basis. I believe this is default, so (another user?) may have switched off. Edit. Should have mentioned - I assume you are on a reasonably up to date Mac? Or were you given the oldest one in the studio?😉
  8. Thanks @David S (I was hoping @Jim Smith would be able to lend you something)
  9. You'd better change to your 2006 garb to get you in the mood... 🤣
  10. You could have your various sheets as 'saved views' inorder to always navigate to exactly where you want. But that won't have solved the issue - just worked around it. @zoomer most likely has the problem nailed.
  11. Seems you have some wrong classes chosen Christiaan Will this do? example GADZOOKS.vwx
  12. Same on 2017 for me Kevin. And yes - all other dropdowns behave. Simple to have found this in Beta (TBH should have been Alpha). Probably not considered important enough, as (only!) shoddy workmanship rather than a major disruptive bug. I'm betting this was probably introduced when they 'polished' the Resource Browser. (I'm also betting this will be 'adjusted' 2020 🤣)
  13. Apologies Kizza - the expected/correct operation of this is obviously another thing broken. Wonder how far back that happened? We need a broken list as well as a bug list.
  14. Don't think so, I have the same so I think you'll find it WAD. After all, it depends on where you locate your RB. Edit. Just thought I'd mention - I find this a really clunky control and choose not to use it at all (which probably accounts for me not seeing the 'feature' you've raised). I use the zoom on my mouse, which I bet you'd definitely prefer (other navigation controls are available😏).
  15. Yes - Designer, Architect and Landmark. Not Fundamentals, Spotlight, Braceworks☹️(According to the feature matrix) Would be interesting to sit-in on the product meetings and see the criteria used to choose how the various features are distributed within the VW Products. I recall someone suggesting a 'pay per feature' perhaps be adopted to strengthen individual products with the missing features if required by the user. However, VW has a knack of providing similar functions in other ways and usually there's a work around.
  16. (I feel like Arthur Negus - sorry non U.K. readers - Negus was a celebrated antiques expert, OBE and British television personality and antiques expert, specialising in furniture) Source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Negus Its been around for a while. Here's 2016 http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/index.htm#t=VW2016_Guide%2FDetails1%2FCreating_Repetitive_Unit_Details.htm&rhsearch=Repetitive unit&rhhlterm=Repetitive unit&rhsyns= Not sure how much earlier this tool goes back. (Others may know) Suffice to say VW doesn't change much. Pretty much duplicated/replaced by line type. Nevertheless useful and good to have a play with. May provide you with a very useful/flexible way to produce your seating. Have fun. (Possibly see you on 2nd)
  17. In case you've not yet found it Andrew, the info for 2019 ( which I believe you are on) is here http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FAnnotation%2FCreating_Repetitive_Unit_Details.htm&rhsearch=Repetitive unit tool&rhsyns= &rhhlterm=Repetitive unit tool
  18. Appears to work in 2017 Christiaan. The small area you've provided as a test gives subtle clouds that I would assume will fill the whole elevation as you were expecting. Its certainly making a difference. Testfile 2 Opened in 2017 Assuming you are only after visuals for Monday, maybe this will work?
  19. @line-weight Exactly - Me too. 'Emperor's new clothes'
  20. One for the marionette guys? Maybe ask the same question on the sub forum?
  21. Mmmm - if only you could see some sort of pattern imerging in the links. Beats me 🤣 (Yes, I realise you're misbehaving @Andy Broomell)
  22. Posting the file (or stripped down version with the problem) might help.
  23. Yes, sometimes VW OIP's do seem short on expectation when choosing options. HTH
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