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  1. Sade

    Troubleshooting(flashing purple screen)

    @ASagatovVW Thank you!
  2. For some reason when I try to draw lines this purple things flashes on the screen, does anyone know-how to fix this?(picture attached below)
  3. Sade

    Exporting image file

    Usually, when I finish a drawing or model in Vectorworks I export it as a PDF but now I need to export it as an image file. This is going to sound a bit stupid but how do I export an image file as the size I want it? My page size is set to A3 already and I find that with exporting an image file it doesn't follow the constraints of the page. I tried to set the dimensions to A3 page size and export it said something about it being a huge file and then the program crashed. (screenshots attached of what I wanted to export in the program vs what came out)
  4. Sade


    @Jonathan Pickup Very helpful thank you
  5. Sade


    Hi there, I'm trying to edit a hatch but I don't fully understand how it works. Could someone recommend a tutorial that's helpful in learning about this? Also is there a way to download hatches from somewhere else to use in Vectorworks?
  6. Sade

    Dashed lines

    @Nicolas Goutte I tried this and it didn't work
  7. Sade

    Dashed lines

    @line-weight yeah you're right as soon as you make it 3d nothing else can be applied. Is there a way to 'unextrude' or do I need to draw these lines again?
  8. Sade

    Dashed lines

    For some reason when I change the line type to dashed it doesn't work and still looks solid. I've tried playing around with other features and yet nothing seems to be working does anyone know why this is? Could this be because I had extruded it previously? but I changed it back to 0.
  9. I recently started actively using the rendering features that vectorworks has to offer. For univeristy I am designing a living room and wanted the room to be concrete. I used the wall tool to create the walls but is there a way to render these as concrete. Also, where could I find tutorials about learning how to use the rendering features as at the moment I seem to be trying out each option and hoping for the best.
  10. Sade

    Trouble moving furniture

    @Jim Wilson Sent it just now, thanks
  11. I'm trying to create a platformed area with furniture on top. I started with the plan first and extruded the blocks as I wanted them but for some reason I can't place the funiture on top it won't allow me. Even when I tried to changed the Z axis it wouldnt let me either. How do I stop it doing this? Video attached below of what I mean. Vectorworks Designer 2019 - [Proposal 1 (CH).vwx - WATERMARKED FILE] 01_03_2019 14_41_55.mp4
  12. Sade

    Wall styles

    I'm struggling with the wall style I created. Below is what it looks like currently. Some of the problems I'm having is that it looks like there are 2 layers of bricks when there should only be one, I've tried changing the size of the component but nothing has worked. Another problem I'm having is that I need to include timber frames within the insulation but have no idea how to do this. A picture is attached below of what I want it to look like.
  13. Sade

    Trouble drawing shapes

    Attached below Vectorworks Designer 2019 - [section with window detail.vwx - WATERMARKED FILE] 23_01_2019 09_07_42.mp4
  14. Sade

    Trouble drawing shapes

    One more thing, I'm still having the snapping issue with the line tool is there another way I could fix that?
  15. Sade

    Trouble drawing shapes

    This did fix my issue, thanks!


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