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  1. making several sections would be much easier if you could choose an unrendered viewport render mode. or even to choose to stay in the designlayer and make the next section viewport until you would like to rearrange them in an sheet layer. in the current method you have to wait until it is rendered than go back to the designlayer and start again. ...and bthw if you have Open GL choosen it just takes a brake and you have to wait because of the non excisting progress bar you dont't know what the maschine is doing!!!
  2. please mark the activation column somehow . navigation means for me i have to remenber where i am working ( layers or sheet layers) than i have to find the wright column and than click Once! because if i doubleclick somewhere else in the line it changes attributes. with sheetlayers its on the very far left side and in Designlyers its somewhere in the middle. this is so strange if you work all day , because you automate where to click here i have to read first. how about making it a on/ off botton? or have the outlined hook in the navigation barr and have a solit colourd one where the outlined is now....? for my understanding its called "navigation" not to navigate to the point where you click ūüėČ
  3. yes, i am using shortcuts (a lot)....but than again if it works with a tool why not with a shortcut. It feels a bit like you have a key in a piano and it does not work but you can still sing this tune..;-)
  4. please make hybrid objects rotatable in top (3d) view!!!! if you work in an rendered view ( open gl) you habe to change to top plan view , rotate and than rerender... this includes walls and hybrid symbols..just drives me mad!
  5. Hi Kevin, thanks for pointing that out. i tried SmallPdf etc. too, but they are onlineservices so you have to generate a pdf-file, than upload and download the compressed file again... PDF-Squeezer is all in one go on your computer which seams much easier and faster for me....and they don't charge monthly fees..yet!
  6. and bthw. i really dont like the new fancy icons who are a backfall to windows 95 style ...or do i have to call it retro..??
  7. @jnr i had same problem but found "pdf-sqeezer" as an very helpful inexpensive app. it does what it says very well with different presets works well for me.... it appears in the print menue very ease once its set up...
  8. i do not know how often i changed view to top-plan view rotated the hybrid object went back to top view..it's just strange it doesn't work and an error massage pops up all the time. Wouldn't it be easy to programm it that way as if i am working in top view that it does this -even if it would change (invisible) for a fraction to top-plan view and back?
  9. it would be great if it automaticly changes between black and white based on the object / background . or if set a linecolour to white, render it white ...
  10. it a bit off topic but i enhaced my workflow with a little tool called PDF-squeezer. An inexpensive App for OSX which reduces PDF size dramaticly with great quality (in print menue) with different presets
  11. where is the progress bar gone to?? if you update it feels like your computer broke down or at least the Vectorworks App... please give it back! and why had anybody the idea of skipping it??? or am i missing something?
  12. ...and never forget to shut down the App at home before you leave for a presentation at your costumers...this could be very embarassing because they could think (like Nemechek) that you are a Softwarepirate.. bthw even when your laptop is in sleep and nobody works on it... it is a very mistrusting attitude towards your costumers...i think. But never the less i am stuck with it for so many years now...;-))
  13. Open GL progress bar is gone too...if you hit the update botton (or update all viewports) no signs that its doing it...very irretating!
  14. i have all my projects in one folder with multiple subfolders and would like to convert all files so the resource manager can find recourses created in earlier projects. But there are a lot of backup files is it somehow possible to exclude only backup folders and still save in place?


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