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  1. joerg

    dual dimension in Object onfo palette?

    that sort of works if i type a value followed by an appostroph (') and than enter , it changes to the right dimension...
  2. joerg

    dual dimension in Object onfo palette?

    i tried associat dual dimensions but i can't highlight the second dimension to change numeric values
  3. joerg

    dual dimension in Object onfo palette?

    Thanks Nicolas, thats possibel but than i still have to recalculate it by heart...well would have bee too easy than;-)
  4. hi! i am working on my first US project for my german customer and as i am used to metric dimensions now feet are required.....i struggle a little (lot) and it would be helpful to have both metric and feet in the info pallette to compare it. i worked out dual dimenstion and how to tpe in feet dimensions in the objectinfo but than it gets converted to metric and i dont have the feet information anymore....is there a trick?
  5. very good!!! i was waiting for that.... and it looks like it can handle perspective as well..right?
  6. Thanks Matt, i just wanted to show my "workarround" with these 2D png files in screen plane ...worked quite well and is a quick solution for complex forms. As walls are hybrid and a floorplan looks better in 2d etc. i know there are so many demands....hard to please everybody! We'll see!
  7. i really like that...if we do interiors and use realistic chair symbols it was very easy to create a hybrid object with the "render bitmap tool" in open GL and alpa transarency (a bit tricky with resolution and scale though) , where a hidden line was often a fail...would be great to have this option too ,even it has no proper snapping etc....
  8. joerg

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    great!.... and while you do this, could you ask your programmer to have a coloured edges mode as well...;-) (white edge on a black object)
  9. Please !!! make these object editable like solid substraction or addition...... i guess this has been asked for several times but...!!!
  10. joerg

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    hi there Apple announced that there will no more support for OpenGL in the new MacOS.....will this effect openGL render in Vectorworks?? that would be a tragedy for me personally.....
  11. Thank you very much! a much needed feature to apply textures...
  12. true! if the viewer would give the option to convert to older versions no problem....
  13. it would be great if there would be an fileconverter online used in the browser window.... lets say i got an VW file 2018 but only running VW2017... instead of asking could you please convert and send again. it would be much easier (and cooler) just drag to browserwindow and select the wanted version and download again....
  14. joerg


    Thanks Mark!!! i tried all this before and here ...probably with some bad Thursdaymorningkarma id didn't work. the mesh was created of 3d polygons and when you edit (doubleclick) the mesh there are the polygons but it is not possible to add them.... anyway thanks again ill use you geometry...!