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  1. it is funny to follow this thread...i started with minicad back in the 80s and it was a very advanced drawing board, which i loved because it enabled me to print proper plans on multible pages when i couldn't afford a plotter...with a bonus 3D ability for presentation. I had many dicussions with other minicad users and they used it a total different way as me and still see it with Vectorworks. This was the other beloved beauty..i could find my own way, as anybody else does. A lot of flexibility. But when things changed most for the better, some not. Allways iritating. My partner doesn't get the 3D thinking and still uses the drawingboard in only floorplans and sections or elevations and his projects work as well. I work in 3D so we just use the same tool in different ways. For me personal i had no problem with screen plane and layer plane except it sometimes get rendered the wrong way if you didn't setup your viewport proper (display screen objects etc) and yes i use screen objects for croping (creating) viewports a lot and i would miss that! but it would be still workable... it is just a tool for many different purposes. And back to this thread i have the imagination that zoomer and P Retondo have just different perspectives.. i like that and try to learn;)
  2. cursor symbol does not change anymore and is ver inaccurate ...means almost useless. happens since latest update... UI.mov
  3. it is gone with VW 2022...! byebye OGL
  4. i use PDF Sqeezer...a lifesaver! reduces all PDF sizes (up to 90%) with great Quality via Print menu...not for free but worth it!
  5. i imagine this is a CU problem or could it be an other issue? i get Ghostimages while panning and or zooming.. very disturbing! VW 2021 iMac (Retina 5K, 27 Zoll, 2019) Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB Ghostimage.mov
  6. i am having the same problem since today newest VW newest MacOS ....kills me it's like taking off a key from a piano....! any tricks lately? Bthw wheelclick on a logitech mouse is working...
  7. so many times i target theese dots an do not hit them. They are very small on high resolution monitors. It takes a lot of concentration and there is enough space arround to enlarge them...should be easy and would make my work less exhausting. Anybody else?
  8. joerg

    Rhino export

    anything new in this matter i try to export a whole project for planning partners so i shifteted everything to one layer( bevore that i grouped each layer content) but it comes as one lump of a solid...? any tricks welcome!!
  9. im am working in VW2021and was hoping for better but... and somehow glad that i am not the only person missing that! there is a statusbar if you work in designlayer but not when updating openGL viewports .... actually there is great joy and quite a bit of frustration in working with VW ... little things like the (too) small ankerpoints are hard to target on screens with high resolution nowadays...plenty of white screen real estate arround this area...
  10. i would really appreceate if i would know what my programm is doing... for example: rendering viewports in open GL --no progress bar or any information how long the render takes are you rendering at all opening a backup file and change view to viewport - pinball and in finder "application is not responding" if i wait several minutes tadaaaah! here i am pinball stopps programm reacts again. i have a several breaks and waits and no idea whats going on. the status bar would be great if it would let me know whats going on. ...please talk to me!!;_)
  11. if you are able to print try PDF Squeezer costs about 8Euro but great small PDFs
  12. i cannot change the appearence of text on a floorplan viewport ...VW2021! any tricks?
  13. i totally agree! there are many little things i would love to change which you notice only if you work a week for 10hours a day ... the level of concentration is exhausting but a UI designer who doesn't works with a program will never notice... the goal should be the automation of a musical instrument...you wouldn't change the keys on a piano maybe only on the left side or the change the pedals because you like it that way...
  14. it is great to be able to split the Navigation tabs but usage still a bit strange if you constantly working a consistence UI would be great. Why not doubleclicking somewhere in the line and make editing names in rightclick ? or have the clickable column in front (very left) on both palettes! so i have to concentrate which column i click because it is different in sheet layers and designlayers, and than even the sheetlayer is activatet one desgnlayer is highlighted for some reason.
  15. ok ill try to move it.... moving is not possible for me i guess ill post it again...
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