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  1. lgoodkind

    Delete added Leader Line... how?

    I am on SP3. I've tried again and again, new drawings, old ones, small ones, big ones, .... nope. Why me. I select the callout, right click, select delete leader line, try to point to any of these extra leaders, they do not highlight, they do not delete, nothing happens. Even zooming in on it - nothing. I can add them - just can't delete em. The time consuming tedium of it all.
  2. lgoodkind

    Delete added Leader Line... how?

    this positively does not work in annotations layer even after SP3 it still isn't fixed. Yes it works on a design layer view - not in an annotations view - which is the only place we use the tool
  3. lgoodkind

    Hardscape Path w/2 classes BUG

    Here's another bug that needs fixing. The attached file contains hardscape objects that somehow have 2 classes applied to them even though all attributes and hardscape settings are by class. Each hardscape has a different color applied to each class and 2 classes are present. VWORKS F-UP-#12345.vwx
  4. lgoodkind

    Resource Browser image size

    +1 on this. We've had to create files like the attached just so we know what they look like. The RB is pretty useless because of this fault.
  5. lgoodkind

    Texture Creation - Preview Render

    Nice work - you are certainly pushing the envelope of Vectorworks! I'm curious where the people came from and how you got them into Vectorworks, how large the file is and render time (per your hardware). Is the stone a bump texture? Was the background post-render?
  6. lgoodkind

    Open GL Views getting clipped

    I managed to move the content in all of the attached referenced files to the same point near the internal origin and this seemed to have solved the issue. So I guess it really is true - even referenced files with the user origin far away from the internal origin can cause this problem.
  7. lgoodkind

    Open GL Views getting clipped

    This is happening to me in a large model. I thought is was on account of the entire drawing being miles away from the internal origin so I spent 1/2 hour moving everything closer to the internal origin and now it is worse. I can't even work on the file in 3D anymore as the view is just clipped off. This is NOT a clip cube. It even happens in wireframe. If when walking throgh on the groundplane I turn in one direction the entire drawing disappears. Unbelievably frustrating - something always seems to happen with VW when critical deadlines are upon us. Should have stuck with Sketchup.
  8. lgoodkind

    HDRI Domes

    Can you give some insight as to the use of the 'curvy dome' or sky domes in general in Vectorworks?
  9. lgoodkind

    Rendering Turns all objects grey with black background

    yes image props
  10. lgoodkind

    Rendering Turns all objects grey with black background

    Ambient on, Heliodon
  11. lgoodkind

    HDRI Domes

    I was able to get the effect working but still unclear as to how all the elements interact. I especially don't understand how sky domes work as there is no reference to them in the help - there's a background 'curvy dome' included in the program but no reference as to what it does or how to use it. The rendered image is using a spot light. It appears the environment lighting cancels out the fog - this is turned all the way up to 90%.
  12. After working in a file for a while this always happens to me - the render turns into a black background with grey rectangles. I have to restart vectorworks for it to go back to normal. Anyone else with this problem. It's been persistent from 2017 through 2018. Mac Pro 5,1, 12 core 32GB ram Nvidia Titan X with 12gb
  13. lgoodkind

    Cloud Rendering

    So these are the specs for the Cloud rendering system Pretty sad for a could-based rendering server. One could put together a machine like this for less than $2k. I would expect a company like this to have the resources and value its customers more to allocate more resources to make it worth our while. I have a 12-core mac with Titan X with 12gigs I purchased for $3k that is 2x as fast. VWorks please step up.
  14. I'm having trouble with complex Civil files where the x-referenced files are in the same folder however VWorks is looking for them in the wrong location. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or encountered it before? I've attached screen shots showing the file structure and the VWorks error. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. lgoodkind

    HDRI Domes

    This is the same scene with the same settings with trees as image props. No lit fog effect visible even with it turned up to 90%. Perhaps its as you say that the HDRI background lighting conflicts with this?