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  1. Thanks, I was confused by the option to delete leader line in the OIP which wasn't working for me. The context click menu seems to work now.
  2. Thanks for that - not always apparently clear - I was trying to use the obvious 'drawing stamp' button in the OIP. Phew - another late night with 50 drawing sheets to go. Thank you
  3. There are other issues with this tool perhaps I should note elsewhere. The major beef I have with it is that in order to change the drawing stamp one has to convert to and unstyled sheet border then re-create the sheet border style. Did anyone think about the consequences of this with a 100+ sheet drawing set? Do I have to manual go to every sheet and re-assign the style just to remove or change a F-ing stamp? Am I missing something here? LG
  4. Vectorworks, Please! Fix this bug. another tool that doesn't work. I Wonder how you beta test these things? Delete leader line doesn't work,
  5. Yes - plus another, Seems like a no-brainer
  6. I Agree completely. I've had to create separate files where I render extruded boxes just so I can actually see the difference between the textures.
  7. Agree - totally useless when you can't really even see what you are looking at. The same goes for textures and image thumbnails - can't see enough to tell the difference between them.
  8. This is an unbelievably frustrating problem we have encountered throughout the last 10+ years and never seems to get resolved. For all the time we have spent correcting drawings that have randomly had referenced files shifted, Vectorworks technically owes us money.
  9. Why did the help menu move to the right side of the screen? I think this change is really silly and makes for an annoying transition since almost every other software wiki I use the menu is on the left of the screen. Why do you insist on changing things that aren't broken to begin with?
  10. Rendering a section view is not well thought in VW - here's why. You can't include a background/sky that extends past any of the objects in your viewport. So it will look like this with the sky cut off at the roof. The only workaround is to place an object in the background with no fill or line at the height you would like the background to render.
  11. This is ridiculous. What is the point of using a database for notes management if it doesn't have the ability to spell check?
  12. I've noticed over the years that when you save a file in a rotated plan view containing referenced files and then re-open the file later all of the referenced files are no longer located properly in the file. For instance you have a civil survey file referenced in to your architectural site plan file. For ease of drafting you rotate the plan view so objects are orthogonal 90deg to your view. if you save and exit this file when you re-open it your civil file will no longer be located where you need it. This has been a HUGE problem for our office over the years and makes the 'rotate plan' tool pretty useless and in fact dangerous. VW 2018 SP01 MAC pro 2009, 64gb, 12-core 3.33, 12gb titan pro
  13. Yes sure, here's one. Atelier_vierkant.vwx