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  1. Ah the EVER OCCURRING arrows showing up all over the place. I have never used a piece of software so prone to such ridiculous errors. I have a file that has them showing up on all the hardscape objects. Why on earth can we not set a class arrow style to NONE!!!!!!???????????????????????????? WHY ARE THERE ARROWS ON HARDSCAPE OBJECTS?
  2. I'm not seeing this solution working for me. Why on earth would anyone ever want fractions on a topo? Why is this even an option. Why don't tools like this just work for us? This appearts to be a bug.
  3. Perhaps the issues we are all having with landscape areas is mathematical. The algorithm used to generate these quantities is not a true 'circle packing' process involving tricky math. What this tool apparently does is create a grid with spacing based on the largest plant in the list - though even this is not consistent. This means that the quantities for the smaller plants in the list will be way off if you use plants that vary widely in spread. Take a look at the attached to see what I mean. The only way to make this tool useful therefore is to create landscape areas that include plants with very similar spreads.
  4. This is confusing - I suspect the reason for the lack of response. It is unclear whether we are to sort on 'Plant Record', 'Plant' or simply 'Field Value'.
  5. Unless I am missing something this still does not resolve the issue in 2022. We always draw objects with all styles BY CLASS - However there is NO WAY TO TURN OFF arrows/line markers via class attributes. when you draw a line and set 'make all attributes by style' we get arrows on EVERY SINGLE OBJECT. Please tell me I am missing something.
  6. Is this still not resolved or did it come back to haunt us in 2022? There is NO WAY TO TURN OFF arrows/line markers via class attributes. However when you draw a line and set 'make all attributes by style' we get arrows on EVERY SINGLE OBJECT. Please tell me I am missing something.
  7. 2022 - the OIP stops working after a while and displays no information about any selected items. I repeatedly have to close the software and re-start to solve the problem. Right clicking an object brings up the info but nothing shows in the OIP
  8. It appears the worksheet criteria function, though it has been nicely improved, does not work. See attached. Setting a criteria for the record, in this case 'Plant Record', has no effect on the data.
  9. Having this very same issue right now with a deadline. It appears the 'Mass Plants' toggle button has been replaced with 'Apply fill across plant grouping.' I've resolved a few of the issues by unchecking this. Do you know by the way how to batch -revert to 2021? I wonder if this is possible. I've stupidly already batch converted the projects I'm working on and deleted the old files. Now I'm screwed.
  10. Unless I am doing something wrong here creating a paving/class material legend with images doesn't seem to work properly. The hatch images in the attached document only show a background color and not the actual hatch. How are we supposed to create a material legend - as requested by building plan checkers across the united states? Can someone tell us how this is supposed to be done in Vectorworks? I've been using this software for 20 years now and there still isn't any reasonable way, as far as I can tell, to create a hardscape legend. hatches not working in worksheet.vwx
  11. Confusing indeed! I do see the usefulness in the joint pattern options, especially the radial pattern. I don't see any way, as you say, to also apply a hatch under these joint patterns. If it can be done the best option (for us anyway) would be to have the hatch and joint pattern on separate classes to turn them off/on on sheet layers. The most important thing here is that we need control over hardscape hatches so that they may be displayed differently on say an irrigation plan vs. a planting plan. Simply greying out the entire class or layer is not very useful. We used to create separate layers or classes for paving fills and linework. If we are to transition to using hardscape objects then we would need the same functionality to retain readability on construction drawings. Thanks for your response.
  12. It appears that hardscape objects appearance is not to be controlled by classing but by hardscape object definition. What is very confusing to me however is that you also have the ability to set components of a hardscape to have a Material and that material can also have a hatch setting for 2d views. The material appearance settings however seem totally irrelevant as I can't seem to find any way for those to be displayed.
  13. Me too - Another Vectorworks pre-release disaster - again we are the beta testers - not the developers who apparently don't bother to use the software after they 'improve it' for us. My mistake again in upgrading - Better to wait a year to upgrade as I have in the past as it is not worth all the headaches. We are reverting back to 2021 for now. We will upgrade to 2022 and the END of 2022.
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