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  1. The hardscape tool would be greatly improved if you could actually generate a materials schedule with it - one that includes the manufacturer, model/color, and installation notes and detail reference. I can't find any way to reasonably do this - am I missing something?
  2. The title says it - there is no way to make the keynote bubble match the callout it is linked to. Is this a known bug? All are on same design layer at same scale note the size of the callout and the size of the circle in the legend. I have tried and tried even on an annotations layer there is no way to make the bubbles the same size other than setting the text margin to 0. Seems pretty elemental - Am I missing something?
  3. In spite of what Vectorworks touts and a BIM modelling tool, the Hardscape tool isn't quite there yet. The major issue with this tool is the fact that if you are using it to modify terrain none of the edges or corners can connect lest it throw a slew of errors and not work well. I don't k now anyone who would issue cad files to a design team with poor drafting where edges and corners don't meet - as is what is needed for this tool to work properly. I know this is likely a difficult math problem to solve but the reality is that this tool is not yet useful until it is.
  4. lgoodkind

    Drawing Label rectangle size bug

    great suggestion - didn't see that, thank you/
  5. lgoodkind

    Drawing Label rectangle size bug

    It seems to me that his rectangle should adjust when the size of the text is changed no? but it looks like you cannot go beyond a certain text size or the rectangle does not change. This is too bad because we assemble our detail sheets with these as borders to the detail windows and use a pt size of 20 for the title and 36 for the number.
  6. Unless there's something I don't get in the cryptic wiki on the tool, as the title suggests, at least for US ADA compliance, it is useless. there is no way to create a compliant ramp with this tool. The landings are only drawn with the same length as the ramp width - 60" is the requirement here in the US and there's no reason to make them any longer and they cannot be shorter. Handrails are not compliant either as they need a 12" extension on both the top and bottom. So I have to ask - what is this tool for?
  7. lgoodkind

    Callout tool: text margin bug?

    I don't know what all you folks are doing. How is it that you can have a library of details with no text or callouts in them? Or for that matter a library of details without callouts. I'm not talking about a few drawings here of a back yard. We have drawing sets with hundreds of sheets and hundreds of details. It is standard in our industry and teh architectural field to use callouts in details for clarity. The fact that this tool is such a pain to use, along with other issues, is one reason why Vectorworks has so little market share. Listen to veterans of the field and see what they do in large construction document sets - and learn.
  8. lgoodkind

    Callout tool: text margin bug?

    OK since 2012 this is still an issue? It would seem this needs to be a page based scale object correct? Why then do we have to do math with every different scale of detail drawing we do to get consistent callout bubble sizes? It's these little things that drive me nuts about this program and I reiterate - anyone using Rhino - do you think they would allow these bugs in that program? Why us?
  9. Thank you for your reply, No it is not a font issue. Apparently it is a Vectorworks issue. If anybody else has tips on how to dimension 3D views I am all ears here. Apparently the only type of viewport it will work in are wireframe and hidden line.
  10. I'm trying to dimension a 3D object - I've placed the dimensions on the design layer in an isometric view. I then created a viewport on a sheet layer. When rendered in anything other than wireframe or hidden line the dimensions are all messed up with overlapping text. The hidden line view takes FOREVER to generate. Is this a known issue? Also wonder how you control the size of the font this way? It is tiny even though the viewport and design layer are at same scale.
  11. When exporting a site plan that contains Hardscape Objects to a civil engineer or architect hardscape components have multiple redundant overlapping lines that is a pain for other consultants to use. What is the suggested solution for this?
  12. I'm receiving messages from architects who say our exported .dwg files are marked as made with 'educational' software and thus stamped with this warning. Anyone else with this error. We are full owner's of 3 licenses.
  13. We are use Lumion for complex scenes and generate most of our content in VWorks. The routine of exporting to Collada each time a file is updated can be a time drag. I was looking into the File IO reference in the script pallette and don't see anything there other than export DWG. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. lgoodkind

    Symbol images in worksheets

    Thanks for your response. Yes we've had this problem for years and have tried EVERYTHING under the sun. No we cannot get the display you show above. All we get is a letter C - with the same settings you show.
  15. lgoodkind

    Symbol images in worksheets

    Am I the only one who continuously has problems trying to get symbol images to show correctly in worksheets? IS there a trick I'm missing or does it just not work that well? See below for typical example - I see a 'C' but no linework. This is a symbol from the VWorks library


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