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  1. lgoodkind

    Title Block Position

    This is not working for me. I am unable to move the page tool. It's 2 am and I need to get a 20 sheet set of drawings out and this happens?! WTF. ahh VEctorworks.
  2. lgoodkind

    Why all the topo labels?

    Is there a reason Vectorworks creates all these topo labels on the site model? No sure I understand how to control this. How am I supposed to delete these? any help is appreciated. Thank yuo
  3. lgoodkind

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Perhaps you could assist with how an IFC export works in VWorks? You mention above that this is the preferred way to get a model into Revit from Vectorworks but we are not Architects and do not have the capability of creating stories etc. We've tried exporting IFC objects but doesn't seem to work with our work (hardscapes, solids models). We are landscape architects. Can I ask again what you suggest is the right method for exchanging models with the team that uses Revit?
  4. lgoodkind

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your input - I will give SAT a try for REVIT export and try IFC for VW export.
  5. lgoodkind

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Robert, You wrote at a great time as we just this morning are trying to import a 550mb Revit file. The problem we have with Revit as well as IFC is the way objects are grouped and classed . Even after requesting the architect properly calls all object what we get are a bunch of IFC entities with groups and symbols inside all on class '0' or 'none' with no texture applied and attributes not assigned by class. We therefore cannot apply textures to this file in any way to make it a useful tool for visualization as it would take many hours to convert everything to proper classes to assign textures etc. If you could point me to a resource that will will explain a better way to do this I would appreciate it. The architects (EYRC) are using the standard AIA layer/class naming convention in Revit so I doubt there's anything more they can do. As it is now we can't use either IFC or Revit, without essentially going into every object to assign classes and textures. This is a lot easier in a program like Lumion but is not a reasonable endeavor in VW.
  6. lgoodkind

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Really? This is the extent of this knowledge and interchangeability? I need to export our work so that the large team using Revit can integrate into the model they are building. Apparently there is no way to do this? IFC is not useful as there is no usable information in the file and it needs to be re-built in revit. Just thought I'd ask
  7. lgoodkind

    Keynotes in symbols

    Thanks but not at all what I am talking about. We use databases regularly for keynote legends on plan sheets. I'm talking about using them in detail drawings that are symbols referenced into a parent master file.
  8. lgoodkind

    Keynotes in symbols

    We are trying to find the right way to compile a library of details to create detail sheets. We prefer to use numbered callouts with keynotes however if you draw a detail this way, turn it into a symbol you can't edit it later without all the callouts no longer linking to the keynote legend. The simply won't link at all to anything if you try and subsequently edit the symbol you created. Has anyone encountered this? Is there a better way to create a detail sheet than referencing the details in as symbols?
  9. lgoodkind

    XFrog Tree import size

    This is great information - thank you. I must admit I knew nothing about the differences in software architecture that precludes one program to solids modeling versus meshes. I surmise from your note that programs like 3DS are geared toward these types of meshes. I don't like using such detailed trees either but in a few cases it is helpful to get the correct volume, shadow and density.
  10. lgoodkind

    Extrude Along Path Node

    I too could use this functionality. Did you have any success?
  11. lgoodkind

    Simplify Mesh Doesn't work?

    Thanks for looking in to this. I realize now that you are right that there was extraneous linework within that mesh which is why it wouldn't simplify. I assume this is what you found? We are going to transition to Rhino/grasshopper for most of this type of prototyping but thought I'd at least try first to see what VW can do. I hope Marionette evolves eventually to the same level but alas no single piece of software can do everything. VW already one might say tries to do too much.
  12. lgoodkind

    selected objects node

    this would be helpful if there was a file associated with it. I can't tell which nodes do what. What type of node is the one she selected to type in 'sel = true '?
  13. lgoodkind

    XFrog Tree import size

    I've noticed that 3D trees from Xfrog or any anywhere else come in to VW at more than 10x the original file size. Does anyone know why? This basically makes them unusable in VW as any serious use in visualization would bloat the file beyond what most people's hardware can handle. Attached example is a Quercus agrifolia: the 3DS file is 9.9mb - in VW it is 101.3mb
  14. lgoodkind

    Simplify Mesh Doesn't work?

    Interesting, it doesn't work at all for me with any of them. Thank you Andy.
  15. lgoodkind

    Simplify Mesh Doesn't work?

    Andy, I have 3 meshes in this file that I was trying to reduce - the doesn't do anything for me even with simple geometric shapes. Maybe you can try. cloudmesh marionette.vwx


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