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  1. I'm receiving messages from architects who say our exported .dwg files are marked as made with 'educational' software and thus stamped with this warning. Anyone else with this error. We are full owner's of 3 licenses.
  2. We are use Lumion for complex scenes and generate most of our content in VWorks. The routine of exporting to Collada each time a file is updated can be a time drag. I was looking into the File IO reference in the script pallette and don't see anything there other than export DWG. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. lgoodkind

    Symbol images in worksheets

    Thanks for your response. Yes we've had this problem for years and have tried EVERYTHING under the sun. No we cannot get the display you show above. All we get is a letter C - with the same settings you show.
  4. lgoodkind

    Symbol images in worksheets

    Am I the only one who continuously has problems trying to get symbol images to show correctly in worksheets? IS there a trick I'm missing or does it just not work that well? See below for typical example - I see a 'C' but no linework. This is a symbol from the VWorks library
  5. I too have this problem constantly. Setting a path in the user folder in preferences as mentioned above did not solve the problem. I spend about 20 -30 min. every day re-locating referenced files when switching offices. If any one has a solution to this problem you would save me 2,000 hours over the next 15 years!
  6. When placing a worksheet on a sheet layer - and that worksheet has image functions showing graphic symbols - unless the class(es) of the symbols are currently turned on they will not show up. This is really bad. Obviously if you are inserting a worksheet on a sheet layer it shouldn't matter if the class the symbols are on are currently turned on or not since this is controlled through the viewports. Or maybe I'm missing something? Vectorworks please change this error/
  7. lgoodkind

    Best way to draw curbs and SWalks?

    I assume this never went anywhere with Vectorworks 2017,2018,2019? To simply be able to draw curbs and sidewalks seems should be a very basic tool of this software and yet it's not really possible. You can try a pathway using the hardscape tool but changing the border to try and create a thicker curb edge is impossible as you can't enter a negative thickness there. For now the wall tool is they only thing that works, will display in 2D, and give any BIM data.
  8. Does anyone else have the same problem? or am I the only one who's ever tried to use this tool? When trying to set the significance colors of existing trees - no matter what you change it will always default back to black and white - nothing I've done changes this -either by classing them or any other selection.
  9. Pat thanks for your reply but we are not referring to the database row criteria but the other menu when you select the left database column. You cann't type what you want there the only option is to use the drop down menu and scroll throuhg 1000+ items
  10. Is this supposed to be this way? When we want to edit the worksheet criteria -> Field Value -> X = " " We have to scroll through a thousand items in the hope that we might find what we are looking for? If I want to add Plant Type to the Field value there is currently no way for me to find in in this list as it is simply too long. Am I missing something here? Is there a better way to do this?
  11. lgoodkind

    General Notes Needs Columns

    i second this again - why do we have the ability in keynotes but not general notes!
  12. Currently we cannot modify an Irrigation Hydrozone once it's created with the clipping tool or by using 'subtract'. One has to manually edit the poly line points - very time consuming. Please fix this. Thanks
  13. We need to have the ability to do this. Please add this as a feature request - our details are a mess because we can't do this currently. Thanks
  14. lgoodkind

    Open GL Views getting clipped

    Zoomer- this is very helpful thanks. I did in fact have an object on a civil drawing georeferenced miles away that was causing the problem. Anyones else in our office without years of Vectorworks experience would not be able to figure this out. I wonder if there is a coding solution to this?
  15. lgoodkind

    Open GL Views getting clipped

    This is happening again on the same model. We've been working on this for a year now and keep running into the same problem. Vectorwoks - I do not know of any other software program that has this issue. If it is related to some referenced file being far from the internal origin what is the solution? All of the referenced files have been moved close to the internal origin and yet walking around in OpenGl view entire portions of the model completely disappear. So annoying.


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