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  1. I will give this a try as well! Thanks!
  2. This worked perfectly! Thanks
  3. Hi, I might be aksing the wrong forum. In that case, sorry. Please direct me to the right place. I would like to visualize my building in the garden which has a gentle slope and some small hills. Is there a way to add this? Like a lawn. Without having "Landscape". Tanks. /Ragnar Olofsson
  4. Your answers has been most helpful. Thank you! I now would like to soften the edges of the holes. What tool or steps should I use for this? Thank you again. Ragnar
  5. I am designing a board 1200x2400mm with 325 holes with a diameter om 20 mm and a vertical and horisontal distance of 96 mm. Making one hole in the board is not a problem, using the "Push/pull tool:sub face mode". But making it 325 times...! I don't seam to be able to copy/paste a hole. Nore can I select more than one circle at the time to extrude. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it!!
  7. Hi, this is probably a simple question but I just can't sort it out. I have several Roof faces that I want to Connect/Combine. This works great until I change one of the roof faces with the Push/Pull tool. Then they are no loger selectable with the Connect/Combine tool! I guess it turned into an object or such? Is there any way to remake it into a virgin roof face again? Without deleting and do it over again! If it's of importance, I use VW 2014 Architect on a iMac.
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