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  1. In the first picture you can see how my walls are broke up, I have to do this so that I can get the right look I want for my Top Plan view and also my Elevation views. No big deal. But as you can see in the 2nd pic, sometimes my brick hatch is perfect and sometimes it shows the joining line. It seems to do this randomly, I figure it's because I'm kind of tricking the software here but I figured I would ask to see if anybody else has had this problem and knows a solution. And yes I've checked that all my walls are sitting on each other perfectly, I know if your off even just a little you will get a line in Hidden Line.
  2. @grant_PD I'm going to attempt to try this, thank you.
  3. I have a custom favorites file that has everything that we'll be using in our office. As of right now we each have the favorites file stored locally and every time a change is made we have to send a new copy to each other. We have a shared OneDrive folder we use to store and pull files from but i'm trying to learn how to setup our favorites file in the cloud or as a workgroup folder where we're pulling from the same file in the RM and if either of us makes a change it automatically updates. I've done some research and I don't fully understand and I don't want to do something wrong. So if anybody has the same setup and can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. @Christopher Graye I think the way @Tom W. suggested would give us the same results and able to use the same workflow. It seems like going around the world to achieve the same result though. It was very simple being able to attach a record from the RM. As of now, I cant even remove the record that I attached this way since the context menu command is no longer there. I think I would have to revert back to a version before Update2 so that I could use the command to remove the records, or start from scratch and spend another week rebuilding our entire door and window files. I'm going to hold off for the moment and just hope that you get the command back.
  5. @Christopher Graye So I've spent some time this morning looking into the Data Manager. I'm far from an expert and only just found out about it yesterday but I do see how to attach my existing records to the PIO's. The difference I see, and I may be missing something, is before when I could attach the record to a PIO in the resource manager, I was able to choose a description from my Record as the default for each individual PIO. That way when that PIO is used, the default description is already set for that specific object and I only have to change it in instances where needed. Attaching a record through the Data Manager gives me my Record drop down in the OIP but it adds steps where I have to choose the description for every PIO Instance, every time, instead of just being able to grab and drop, saving time.
  6. @Christopher Graye No I haven't. Looks like I'm going to spend some time learning how to use it tomorrow though. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. @Christopher Graye Well we realized early on that making changes wouldn't change existing instances. This shaped how we set up our doors and windows and what we allowed to be changed by instance on each PIO so that it coincided with our different selections in our record. This way any PIO you choose you can only make changes that will match a description in the record which you can change via drop down in the OIP to an existing PIO. We had to make a list of every possible door and window that we typically use, we compared it to the description's and what could easily be changed by instance in the drawing and that's how we came up with our description's in the record and what doors and windows we actually needed to make. We ended up with about 40 doors altogether minus 1/2 & 3/4 Glass Arch & Round Tops because the glazing disappears and turns to a solid when changing the Top Shape (I submitted this as a bug but haven't gotten a response). I can see being limited to changes not being made to existing instances on larger scale projects. We haven't had any issues so far with this workflow but it did take some time to set up so that we don't run into those issues. Everything we've built so far is to be as streamlined as possible, we wanted to be able to just grab and go as we're drawing without having to stop and make a lot of changes and so far it's worked out great. It really surprises me that this wasn't set up to be this way. We really hope that VW decides to add the records to PIO's, at least just for doors and windows because we really do love being able to customize our own descriptions with records.
  8. @Christopher Graye Not sure if these guys are actually affiliated with Vectorworks but this is the video, around 42 min.
  9. @Christopher Graye This is surprising to hear, I'm not sure if I understand completely if I'm doing something right or wrong because I learned how to attach a record to a door or window from a VW video. I did notice that attaching a record wouldn't change existing instances. Everything I've done I've done for both doors and windows but while I'm explaining I'll just use doors for example. I started off by making a Record with a list of every possible variation of door and how we want it to be described on the schedule, I made each description a drop down so that it can be chosen from the OIP after the fact in case something like material needs to be changed on a single instance. After making all of my different door Plug-Ins, I right clicked each door in the Resource Manager, selected attach record, added my record to the door, then selected the default description for the door to come into the file with. I then added my Record to my Door Schedule, then added my Schedule to the appropriate Sheet Layer in my Template file. I thought this was the right way of going about this to customize our schedules to read the way that we want them to. I've spent almost 1 yr now setting up Vectorworks for our office so that its completely streamlined and customized to our office standards and style. As it is now, you place all your doors and windows while you're drawing, add your data tags and the schedules are already sitting on the sheet layer completed ready to print. It took a little time to set up but it's a HUGE time saver and one of our favorite things about the software. Now that "Attach Record" has been removed, our doors and windows and everything we've set up so far is still working as it's suppose to but now if we build any new door or window Plug-Ins there is no way for us to attach our record so we will have to manually type the description in the Schedules.
  10. Yes, I updated as soon as it came out. I was right in the middle of customizing my door file when the first problem with the attach record happened, I reverted back to update 1.1 to finish what I was working on. After running into the door glazing issue and the column issue this morning I went back to update2 and all 3 problems are still there. I submitted bug reports on all 3, the attach record bug has been confirmed. The other 2 I just submitted this morning. I'm currently downloading 2023 again so I can actually get some work done.
  11. Anybody else experiencing problem after problem with 24? The attach record missing in RM has been reported as a bug. Glazing turns to a solid panel when Segment or Round Top is selected on doors and no control over the mid style. All of my custom columns from 2023 won't let me change the height now, it will try then just go back to default.
  12. Not sure if it's user error, a bug, or VW just won't do what I'm trying to do here. If I have a 1/2 glass or 3/4 glass door and I change the top shape to Round or Segment the Mid Stile moves up to center and the glazing in the top panel goes away and makes it solid. I still have the option for Glazing in top panels so it makes me feel like it may be a bug. Also I'm not sure why the Mid stile moves up to center and doesn't give me control to move it up or down. Any help or guidance here from you long time users is greatly appreciated.
  13. @michaelk First pic is from update2, I went back to update 1.1 and all good. Guess its a bug.
  14. Did you try doors or windows specifically? It seems like a bug to me but I want to make sure. I've tried everything I know to do on my end.
  15. @Mark Aceto I did refresh Libraries, no change. It looks like it's isolated to doors and windows, attach record still shows on all other symbols I've tried so far, including symbols I've made and VW symbols. To rule out an error on my end with my custom doors, windows, or template I opened a blank document and put some VW doors and windows in it and attach record still isn't there.
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