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  1. rDesign & JuanP Thanks for the suggestions. I suspect I've been out of the game so long that I'm not in the Customer Portal. I did post a request on the Tech Support page.
  2. VW2013 on Windows 11 on PC I'm installing old VW on my new computer. But I can't find the full serial number. First install was two computers ago. And I only wrote down the first & last four digits. The disk doesn't have a serial number. "About VW" shows the first & last digits only. Is there any way to find the full serial number within the software, or elsewhere?
  3. VW2013 on Windows10 I've been using the Graphite font for several years in VW. But now a project that was done with Graphite, when opened, substitutes Arial in its place. On Object Info, the font name still shows as Graphite, but what displays is Arial. Graphite displays properly in other applications. Graphite is listed in Windows Fonts, but VW is not finding it. In Preferences, Edit Font Mapping does not show Graphite as an option, but Arial is the preset alternative. As I said, Graphite was working before in the same file. What could have gone wrong? Is erroneous font substitution a known problem in VW? Any way to fix it? Is forgetting fonts a sign of senility in old software?
  4. Long retired, home office, currently VW2013 on Windows 10 Since VW has been crashing a lot lately -- possibly due to read-write lag between RAM and hard drive -- I'm considering buying an inexpensive mini-tower PC with 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB disc drive. I'm hoping the SSD for boot drive will help the crashing issue. And just speed-up VW in general, as it uses Virtual Memory. Drive space is not as much a problem as read-write speed. Price is a consideration. I generally don't do big projects or 3D, so I assume the small primary drive should be sufficient. But, I'd like to know if anyone has experience with SSD + HDD combination. And can offer pros & cons. For example, I don't know how to allocate software between them. Can it be done automatically?
  5. VW2013 still works well in general, but now it won't export DWG files, which is currently an issue for a client. So, I need a US license for my occasional post-retirement side-gigs. The full price and subscription price are more than what I make on a porch addition. And most of the VW licenses for sale on this thread are from outside the US, where I suppose VW competes better with ACAD. Any US licenses available for VW 2019 - 2022?
  6. VW 2013 with Renderworks (US only) on Windows 10 on PC I'm long retired, and using VW 2013 for a couple of side projects a year. My latest drafting project, done via PDF, requires DWG files for my Architect/client's records. But each time I try to export to DWG or DXF, I get a "TEIGHA" (Open Design Alliance) error message. That may be due to my out-dated software. The VW Community Forum was unable to come-up with a fix. So, I'm considering upgrading to a newer version. But I have a few questions before I decide what to do. Other than the DWG glitch, VW2013 suits my needs. 1. Will VW 2022 open 2013 files? If not, how far back do I need to go, to get something compatible with 2013? 2. VW 2022 Architect is listed at $3,045 on the VW site, and $2,164 on NOVEDGE. What's the catch? For my basic, mostly 2D projects, I don't really need all the bells & whistles, such as BIM. Even the subscription price adds-up to $1,836 per year. 3. Both new prices are over my bottom-line budget. So how can I get an older version that will open VW 2013 files and export DWG files? I assume VW 2018 is the cut-off for software still supported by VW. Can I verify the license, before buying? Any typical problems with second-hand software? Answers and Suggestions will be appreciated.
  7. Pat Thanks for the offer, but my VW is running on Windows 10 (I know, I know), so you may not be able to open the file. I just reinstalled VW2013 from original disks. And it is hogging memory & CPU, so VW runs very slow, with lots of spinning blue wheels. Since the reinstall didn't help the DWG problem, I may have to go back to the old install. I just made a lot of revisions despite the spinning wheels, so my head is spinning. I'll check in again tomorrow. PS___It's possible that the 38MB VWX file I'm working on is corrupted after all the DWG problems. So I'll work on that manyana.
  8. I have reinstalled VW from the original disks. And the new install works correctly, except it won't export a DWG file. I even did a Batch Export, and got the same error. I'm exporting to DWG2000 -- 2002. The error message says "make sure the file is not already open in another application". The only app running is VW. I've tried all the Google search suggestions up to 2021. I even downloaded a "TEIGHA viewer" as suggested for a SketchUp user (below). But it seems to be intended for an IT pro, and with no instructions, I couldn't make sense of it. I can't find any files in the VW2013 folder related to TEIGHA, so I don't know where the error message originates. I tried to post on the OpenDesign Alliance support website (TEIGHA), but it wouldn't let me log-in. "SketchUp3D_de you can always use the free ‘Teigha Viewer 187’ for evaluating the readability and content of a DWG/DXF as well as down-saving to an older version (e.g. r2000 compatbile w/ allmost everything)." I've been spinning my wheels for several days. And VW TechSupport is not available for VW2013. So the User Forum is my only source of traction. Again, any useful suggestions will be appreciated. PS__ One temporary fix is to upload the 17 drawing files to DropBox, and have someone else export them to DWG. My client may not like for others to see his drawings. But I'm running out of options. So, If someone volunteers, I'll ask his permission.
  9. Pat Thanks for the suggestion. I'm leery of replacing an installation that has been working well (with a few exceptions) for over a decade. To avoid burning my bridges, I'll probably start by renaming the VW folder, with Preferences & Workspaces, that I can go back to if necessary. But if I don't uninstall the old program, it might leave some separate items that could become an issue with the new install. Do you know of any other precautions to take before making such a drastic leap into the unknown?
  10. VectorWorks2013 on Windows10 I posted the problem below on the Technical Forum, but nobody had a solution to the "Teigha LIbrary" problem. So, here I'll just focus on the more immediate difficulty. I just emailed a complete set of final PDFs to the Architect client. Now he's requesting DWG files, so he can make future changes without me. In the past, this was not a problem, other than the usual minor translation issues. But now, I'm stuck on top of the Tower of Babel. I'm guessing the "Teigha" issue is due to the obsolescence of VW2013. I recently bought a set of European hatches, but they wouldn't import. And I was told the app would only work for five years back from current version. I downloaded the ODA file converter to update the Teigha library, but it had no Readme, or instructions, so I was lost. I've tried every way I know to get VW to produce a DWG file. I even did a test of the Zamzar online file conversion app. But the downloaded DWG didn't show proper line weights, when opened in the DWG viewer NanoCAD. Since I'm a penniless retired Architect, offering drafting services for a fee, this situation is embarrassing. So, I would appreciate any practical suggestions. Thanks ORIGINAL POST "Exporting from VW2013 to AutoCad DWG2013. Got "Teigha Library Error" message. Tried 2011-2013 ; 2007-2008-2009, 2000 - 2002 ; and got same error. Filenames have no forbidden characters. Associated files were copied to the folder, but no DWG file. I don't know what the Teigha Library is. But I haven't had that error before. How could Teigha be "open in another application? I assume it's part of VW2013. Yeah, I know 2013 is old, but I am too. Long retired, only do a couple of projects a year. Got 17 drawings to export. So any suggestions will be appreciated."
  11. JMR Thanks for the reply. But the only app open is VectorWorks. The export path is to a folder within the same project folder as the VA app. Any other ideas???? I assume the Teigha Library in VW2013 is out of date --- even for older versions of DWG (2000). But the Forum indicates that even VW 2018 was having the same error, in 2018. I looked for a "Teigha Library" folder under Vectorworks 2013/Libraries, But found nothing there or in Add-Ons. I even looked at Task Manager to see if Teigha might be running in the background. Does anybody know how to update a component of VW? I downloaded the File Converter linked below. But I don't want to risk damaging VW, by executing the updater without knowing what it will do. Upgrading VW to a subscription is not an option, because I'm retired and don't use it enough to cover the cost. https://www.toptal.com/css/dwgs-teigha-architecture https://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles/oda_file_converter https://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles/TeighaFileConverter
  12. VW2013 on Windows 10 Exporting from VW2013 to AutoCad DWG2013. Got "Teigha Library Error" message. Tried 2011-2013 ; 2007-2008-2009, and got same error. Filenames have no forbidden characters. Associated files were copied to the folder, but no DWG file. I don't know what the Teigha Library is. But I haven't had that error before. How could Teigha be "open in another application? I assume it's part of VW2013. Yeah, I know 2013 is old, but I am too. Long retired, only do a couple of projects a year. Got 17 drawings to export. So any suggestions will be appreciated.
  13. Zoomer Thanks for the response. JRA replied to my email, and said the same : "VW 2022 can only export back 5 versions". But maybe VW 2018 could export back to 2013. I'm retired, and not likely to invest in a new subscription. 2013 was one of the last versions before annual subscriptions became obligatory. I found a good ACAD pattern online, but it wouldn't import into VW. Maybe for the same "old version" reason. I also had an ACAD user to send me the same pattern, but it turned-out to be a different hatch. I would try to make a hatch in VW, but these shingles have irregular spacing, which is specifically what I'm looking for. Blocked at every turn. I may try to add the JRA file my hatch library, and see what happens. (Ed. no go) It has a PDF file with images of the hatches, so I can see the one I want. Image attached. Can you think of another way to make the collection of hatches usable in VW2013?
  14. Vectorworks 2013 on Windows 10 I downloaded a package of VW hatches from JRA online. But the file won't open, and I got this error message : "this is an unrecognized file . . . . it may be a newer version of VW". I have contacted JRA to get a file compatible with VW 2013. But if that fails, can someone on the Community Board export the file to 2013 version for me? I'm crunched for time. Thanks.
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