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  1. An update to my previous post - I've spoken with VW tech support and there IS a command line method for generating and running VW 2019 updaters which I've had total success with (it works differently than previous silent updates and installs, but essentially does the same thing, making me very happy.)
  2. I see where a more 'intelligent" updater could be seen as a boon, but I'm the IT Manager in an environment where none of my users have local admin rights. Previously, I could perform updates via the updater's "silent install" option (and push that command out to my all my Macs with Apple Remote Desktop.) Doing this individually on every workstation would be a huge step backwards, if this is the only option. Is there a something similar to the silent install option using the updater app?
  3. Whoops, I needed to look closer at that path! You're right, it's there. Glad to be wrong on this one - thanks for help!
  4. Like I said in my post, here's no "installbuilder.sh" located in Vectorworks 2018 Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/. It's now an executable called "Vectorworks 2018 Installer" which ignores any of the switches that allowed installbilder.sh to run silently. The solution for the Mac (which we are using) doesn't work (see attached.)
  5. In previous versions of VW, I'd run the installbuilder.sh from inside the installer, and pass along the serial, user, etc with the unattendedmodeui none --mode unattended switches, ensuring the client wouldn't interact with the installer. Now, in 2018, installbuilder.sh has been replaced with "Vectorworks 2018 Installer" which runs with full client interaction, ignoring the switches. Is there a way to perform a silent install of 2018?
  6. I've sorted it out in my environment. This was happening to quite a few people in our office, too. No one is logged into their Macs as an admin, and their Workspace folder (for some users) was set to read-only. I changed permissions (via Terminal, as root) - chmod 755 Workspaces - and ta-da, palettes now stay put. Bruce Kieffer - I'd probably lay off running Cocktail - if it's "Repairing" Privileges every morning, it might be resetting your Workspaces folder to read only (just a guess.) We're all on 12.5.3 in my office, FYI
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