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  1. Working with Project File is tooooo slow Since begin with a big project ( obviously in BIM ) the worst thing is the time to make changes in the Working File. For example: User A made architecture and User B made Electric MEP, and User C made HVAC User B must make a change in electric receptacles for HVAC that interfere with light receptacles. Then trying moving only one receptacle all freeze and appear the bar Waiting the Project File........ sometimes 45 seconds sometimes 65 seconds. For other side. When Save and Commit, the time to do this demands about 15 minutes!!! And the time to refresh the content for the other Users DEMANDS a Local File Server. In my case, the time I am talking is using DropBox with a 10 Mbps connection. I think the Project File must be in a local Network ( shared in DropBox or any other Cloud ) And the changes in the project must be quick. Regards
  2. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    2017 Revit Import

    Hello: In my experience, importing single models from a BIM Library isn't a problem. But if I try to import an entire building, for develop an extension for example, is completely a nightmare. ( adding to this, people that work with REVIT comes from AutoCAD and you know what's mean that). Well, technically speaking, when import a REVIT file, grows and grows. And all are meshes. VectorWorks prefer work with generic solids. Then it is not a good idea import it. The last file I try import from a 144.3 Mb rvt file, grows to a 1.2 Gb
  3. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Archicad to Vectorworks

    That is un useful. Because lost data in the transfer
  4. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    High Siera Compatibility?

    Jim: I am using an iMac 2013 and a MacBook Pro 17 2011. Both with High Sierra. VW 2017 works fine and as always except with an issue in the Info Palette. When click on a rectangle for example, the section points in the Info Palette are bad positioned.
  5. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    High Siera Compatibility?

    Im working with VW in a MacBook Pro and an iMac with High Sierra. All works fine except an issue in the Info Palette
  6. Sorry; But where in the Library?
  7. Hello Robert: In my experience a good BIM Design Team must work with two CAD platforms. Not in parallel but complementing each other. And using the same information model shared via IFC. For example: The Building architecture, structural model and electrical devises; are made in VectorWorks. And MEP in other software like Data Design System from Nemetschek as well. When work with other professionals like Civil Engineers ( that may use REVIT and SAP2000 for example ), VectorWorks export to IFC, SAP or REVIT natively, then I never had have troubles. Then go ahead and be sure all will works fine. Best regards
  8. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Worksheet - Sum of Database Items (Area Totals)

    Thanks a lot
  9. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Worksheet - Sum of Database Items (Area Totals)

    Hello to all: In the Space polygon, I set Space Name, Occupancy Org and Occupant. There are any way to put them in the Worksheet like the Name and Area?
  10. Hello to all: My expertise is developing all the architectural design with VectorWorks and sharing with SOLIBRI and FRAMECAD STRUCTURE to produce the steel framing in automatizad way. Regards
  11. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Rounding up decimal places within Worksheets?

    And if do you want set for example: 10.2453300123 to 10.25? Round cuts ALL DECIMALS and set to zero.
  12. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    INSYMBOL and symbol name in worksheets

    Hello: By the way, what is the syntax for show the symbol name in a Worksheet? cheers
  13. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    renderworks rendering everything white

  14. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    renderworks rendering everything white

    Here the solution: In User/Library/Preferences: Search RenderWorks and delete all. After that all will works fine again
  15. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    renderworks rendering everything white

    Well And whats the solution?