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  1. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Hello to all: My experience is with VW 2017 in High Sierra, and VW 2018 with Mojave. To my surprise OpenGL works. Issues at this moment: 1) when render a part of the model, and add other layers to Unified views, maintain only the portion of the rendered part. 2) Do not show the icons of the Tool Set.
  2. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Auto-Hide Docked Palettes Bug, VW2017

    To me fail in any file. Then I think it is the VW Preferences file
  3. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Architecture firms that use Vectorworks?

    Hello Phillip: I am from ARQvision. An architecture firm located in Santiago of Chile, South America. I started using ClarisCAD for Macintosh since 1995, when I was studying in the University. In 1996 change to MiniCAD as well. And naturally, when found my firm in 1999 I was using VectorWorks as well. In 2005 we implement BIM in our process, and we aren't stoped. Regards www.arqvision.cl/
  4. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Hello: Well, all this situation will be clarify next 12th of September. By my side, I will not change because I maintain my old MacBook Pro 17 as my war horse. I love its big screen. And its performance is not tooo slow like the new ones, except VRAM. For other side in the iMac of my office, things will change. Mojave will be there early or late. Then I will review how VectorWorks 2017 work in the Dark. Regards to all
  5. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Can't Render properly

    Hello all: In my experience operating VectorWorks 2017. Bad render occurs when an object is located, like a 2D Locus 10 Km from the building. For other part I work in my MacBook Pro 17, with only 1 Gb VRAM. then if open two files problems start. Reagards
  6. Francisco J. D. Rogers


    Hola a todos: Recientemente publique un libro digital en iBooks sobre Arquitectura Sustentable, BIM y Construcción Automatizada. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/bim-or-not-to-bim/id1424719962?ls=1&mt Comparto mi trabajo de 20 años de arquitecto trabajando con VectorWorks. Saludos
  7. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    mac os mojave beta

    Hello to all: I install VW in each Beta I tested before to preview if I must update all my software when the final release appear. In my experience, working since VW 2008, when update to Yosemite must update to 2014, after that with El Capitan, 2016 was the choice. Now I always operate with High Sierra Beta, and VW 2017 works perfectly. But Mojave is other thing because Apple left to work with Open GL and CL, then I think some troubles will appear using Metal. For that, I suggest maintain High Sierra to work efficiently. Regards.
  8. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Dear all: Al less in High Serra I tried to add the Dark Mode feature with mySIMBL to tests ( Dr. Dark plugin ). And try to view what happens activating the DarkChocolate Theme to be tested. (In Terminal write defaults write -g NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool TRUE to activate or FALSE to deactivate. ) With both procedures, VectorWorks 2017 do not work with Dark Mode at all. All Tools windows goes white and can't operate. About Open GL I think Apple will not suspend its operation because a lot users will not update to Mojave and change to Windows ( very nasty to me ). But I think in 2 or 3 more years Developers including VectorWorks will change to Metal or include OpenGL as a plugin. Then....don't worry. Users have the power to make fix any problem to operate with their software. Regards
  9. Working with Project File is tooooo slow Since begin with a big project ( obviously in BIM ) the worst thing is the time to make changes in the Working File. For example: User A made architecture and User B made Electric MEP, and User C made HVAC User B must make a change in electric receptacles for HVAC that interfere with light receptacles. Then trying moving only one receptacle all freeze and appear the bar Waiting the Project File........ sometimes 45 seconds sometimes 65 seconds. For other side. When Save and Commit, the time to do this demands about 15 minutes!!! And the time to refresh the content for the other Users DEMANDS a Local File Server. In my case, the time I am talking is using DropBox with a 10 Mbps connection. I think the Project File must be in a local Network ( shared in DropBox or any other Cloud ) And the changes in the project must be quick. Regards
  10. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    2017 Revit Import

    Hello: In my experience, importing single models from a BIM Library isn't a problem. But if I try to import an entire building, for develop an extension for example, is completely a nightmare. ( adding to this, people that work with REVIT comes from AutoCAD and you know what's mean that). Well, technically speaking, when import a REVIT file, grows and grows. And all are meshes. VectorWorks prefer work with generic solids. Then it is not a good idea import it. The last file I try import from a 144.3 Mb rvt file, grows to a 1.2 Gb
  11. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    Archicad to Vectorworks

    That is un useful. Because lost data in the transfer
  12. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    High Siera Compatibility?

    Jim: I am using an iMac 2013 and a MacBook Pro 17 2011. Both with High Sierra. VW 2017 works fine and as always except with an issue in the Info Palette. When click on a rectangle for example, the section points in the Info Palette are bad positioned.
  13. Francisco J. D. Rogers

    High Siera Compatibility?

    Im working with VW in a MacBook Pro and an iMac with High Sierra. All works fine except an issue in the Info Palette
  14. Sorry; But where in the Library?
  15. Hello Robert: In my experience a good BIM Design Team must work with two CAD platforms. Not in parallel but complementing each other. And using the same information model shared via IFC. For example: The Building architecture, structural model and electrical devises; are made in VectorWorks. And MEP in other software like Data Design System from Nemetschek as well. When work with other professionals like Civil Engineers ( that may use REVIT and SAP2000 for example ), VectorWorks export to IFC, SAP or REVIT natively, then I never had have troubles. Then go ahead and be sure all will works fine. Best regards


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