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  1. DanJansenson

    Post-Brexit support for UK VWX architects

    Hey, I have a old laser printer for sale. Cheap! Also a pair of shoes. Contact me for the best, discounted price!
  2. DanJansenson

    Laser cut metal panels

    Christiaan, if you have a specific laser-cut pattern you'd like to try, send it along and we'll see about creating a sample texture for it. Dan J.
  3. DanJansenson

    OT: professional practice question for UK architects

    I had asked because of foreign clients that were slow in paying, basically. The situation is now resolved (I terminated the contract, with a mutual release). It's actually quite a long story, but boring.
  4. To my UK colleagues, a quick question. When releasing progress drawings to consultants and clients, or when releasing drawings as part of a construction bid package, but prior to obtaining a building permit–is it customary to place a "not for construction" note on the drawings? Here in the U.S. it is often advisable to place a note that says something similar to: "Not For Construction. May Only be Used with Permission from Architect of Record." Is there something similar used in the UK? Thank you, Dan Jansenson
  5. DanJansenson

    Camera Match - White Edges

    As a work-around you could put a "white box" in the background, with a doughnut hole cut out in the image area to reveal the black layer background...
  6. DanJansenson

    Camera Match - White Edges

    If you're rendering on a sheet layer, try making the sheet layer color (or background) black. Or dark grey. The white outlines may actually be transparent areas.
  7. Dave Donley, the old link in the first post has expired, alas. DJ
  8. DanJansenson

    Apple ditches Intel

    Supporting P. Stanford The Eternal Optimist above: https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/04/04/stop-panicking-about-apples-rumored-switch-from-intel-to-its-own-chips-in-the-mac
  9. DanJansenson

    iMac Pro information

    Jim W. rumors are flying about a possible change to the Mac CPU infrastructure (i.e. a new chip made by Apple) and a transition away from Intel-based designs. Obviously this would require a reworking of the Mac VW version. Any in-house discussions of this that would be interesting to us naifs outside the building?
  10. Some are indeed there, but are older and with few selections. For example, Subaru has only a single exemplar, and an old one. Prius likewise has only a couple, and they're old as well. Many of the selections throughout are above five years old, so presenting contemporary designs might be slightly compromised. Not a complaint, mind you. It's good to have all these selections. But just responding to the opportunity to request new things.
  11. Prius, and some other contemporary vehicles that can be found on the road today in the U.S. such as Camry, Accord, Fiat 500, Tesla, and current small SUVs as well. Subarus of all stripes especially.
  12. DanJansenson

    Scale Poly By Area

    Very nice! Works very well and a very helpful addition to the command list. Very helpful when laying out spaces. Thank you!
  13. DanJansenson

    Stair Object

    This has great potential. It would be extremely useful to add a couple of items: maximum riser dimension, and tread/riser overlap (i.e. nosing dimension).
  14. DanJansenson

    Clothes Rail

    Fabulous, Stephan! For the next version, could we please have a selection of garments from specific fashion designers? (Just kidding).(Maybe not: I suspect you could do that easily).
  15. DanJansenson

    iMac Pro information

    Make sure you use a mask, for when it starts smoking.


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