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  1. Hi, came across this announcement. https://www.solibri.com/inside?utm_campaign=Solibri Inside&utm_source=Press-Release-Solibri It sounds very interesting and might create a type of "closed" BIM inside the Nemetschek Group. The only downside is the SaaS. Another subscription to maintain. Nice to see though that Vectorworks is immediatly mentioned and not an afterthought. What are your thoughts? Regards!
  2. Hi, sadly my experience with questions regarding ifc and the data manager has been less then stellar in the international forum. Somehow it's not a big topic. Our german forum is more active in those topics. Maybe because OpenBIM is more important in the DACH region. Cheers, elepp (pappadam1984)
  3. Hi @Lyuben, thanks for your reply. The way I usually do it, is in the login window for VW 2022. I click on the create account button, if the colleague is new and not linked with our organisation already. An organisation cloud storage would be very useful. I could see some use cases there. One of the annoying things for me is that i need to invite each account to our shared workgroup folder. An organisation cloud storage would allow for default sharing of these folder, when a new colleague setups up an account.
  4. Hi, we can now choose the location of the sever hosting our files on the Vectorworks Cloud. Our pain is now that I can't set the standard location for our office. Each account I create for my colleagues has San Francisco set as the standard. I would like to define an office standard location for us. This way our files get send first to servers that we have no interest in using as european customers. Regards!
  5. https://architosh.com/2022/10/the-revit-open-letter-through-the-lens-of-qwerty-nomics/ Here is another interesting read about our overall situation in the aec industry relating to subscription models and available trained human resources.
  6. Hi, I am using the german version but to the best of my knowledge the international version has a tool for that as well: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/Structure/Batch renaming.htm?rhhlterm=batch classes class&rhsearch=batch classes Should be able to append text to classes. Greetings!
  7. Hi folks, I came across this little helpful website: https://excelformulabot.com/ Maybe some of you have a use for it. But it would be great to have something like this for Vectorworks. I know plenty of people, who struggle with the right formulas. That would be a great help for them. Just some thoughts! Regards!
  8. It is annoying and prone to mistakes to have to enter the project data in two different places. I wish to have one interface to manage this.
  9. I think that will be a challenge, if not impossible. Usually windows and doors are dependend on walls in the ifc schema. It should be easy to turn off the walls in the model checking software. In Solibri I can filter the windows and doors for specific clashes between architectural model and structural model.
  10. Hi, that project was done with 2d symbols, because the windows were to complicated to generate with the vectorworks window tool. I didn't manage to play more with the functions, we used it mainly to shift the data from file a into file b. I see a bit of potential for facility management with a data base you are setting up. The main tool would be the data base and Vectoworks would be for visualising the data in the floorplan. Like cleaning schedules or seating plans.
  11. I think that connected data bases are one of the most underutilised features. We still do a lot of 2d projects and the floorplans and views are seperate files, so I used a sqlite table to syncronise the record for our window symbols. Only one colleague had to update the information in the floor plan and the data tags in the view file was updated accordingly. Huge time saver.
  12. Ah ok. Afaik it's something that Archicad and Revit do natively in there respective software and people confuse it with it being supported by ifc. 🙄 Therefor they assume all programms are supporting it. Archicad is creating a custom pset for this information in ifc2x3.
  13. Ah ok. I misunderstood you. You want to have the IfcTaskTypeEnum attached to your door, right? Vectorworks is indeed a bit limited when it comes to IfcTypes. IfcTime is also not supported. I think at the moment only the mvd "reference view 1.2" is supported.
  14. Hi, To my best knowledge these 7 attributes are the official ones from buildingsmart for IFCDoors in IFC4. Where did you find the additional ones?
  15. I am not very hopeful about that. We can see that in the social media business. Rivals will be bought or copied. In the best case they will be integrated, in the worst the product will be shut down and the user base forced to move over.
  16. We are also thinking about purchasing new hardware and Apple is not making it easy. We plan to use it for 3 years and we were considering the bigger M1 Max with 64 GB. It seems to be the best compromise for now between affordability and performance. We do bigger residential buildings with file sizes that can reach over 2GB. Usually we have Vectorworks open, a browser and a pdf reader/ preview. The lack of dedicated ram for the gpu worries me a bit about our workflow.
  17. Hi, what parameters define the success of generating a 3D model. So far I only managed to generate a model only once. Later we changed the model again and it didn't work. I tried saving the file in a perspective view, but didn't help. The vwx-file is 140 mb big. Maybe @inikolova you can help. Can send you a dm with a link to that file. Best regards, elepp
  18. @ida Glad it helped. AFAIK the tools in the benelux version are developed by the distributor there. As long as Vectorworks Inc. is not seeing a general benefit of that tool, it will not be implemented worldwide. @Christiaan Yes. That is annoying. Wondering if on purpose or just missed to be implemented when they changed the system.
  19. Hi, try =IFC.'Pset_DoorCommon'.'FireRating'. FireRating is a Property of the Pset_DoorCommon, like for Walls Pset_WallCommon.
  20. I wish there would be a short video from VW Inc. abou the different variations. Or a white paper.
  21. Hi! Theoretically it's possible. What exactly do you want to achieve? You can attach IFC data to the group itself or the objects inside.
  22. https://architosh.com/2022/05/the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving-vectorworks-talks-apple-silicon/ What I gather from this interview is to go with the highest amount of RAM possible, because Vectorworks will take all available space. Seeing the issues posted on this forum, it seems that even small files will cause problems though.
  23. Facing the same problem. Would be nice to have.
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