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  1. Hi folks, I have this problem, that if I draw a wall, doesn't matter if its one from my resources or an unstyled one, its ifc properties are showing up as <Default IfcWallStandardCase>. (Btw. also applies to Slabs and such) If I want to turn on the data visualisation, its record is nowhere to be seen. I have to go back to my design layer and select the walls and manually assign IfcWallStandardCase to these walls. Only afterwards is it showing up in the data visualisation of my viewport. I made a video showing the issue. Regards, eddi Default WallStandardCase.mov
  2. elepp

    Morpholio Trace

    I looked a bit more into it and found that the app supports obj, so it might work that way with Vectorworks. Setup in Morpholio Trace seems to be quite straight forward. https://medium.com/@morpholio/how-to-sketch-with-live-3d-models-f7e45c520626
  3. elepp

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    No, this is happening with High Sierra for us.
  4. elepp

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    We have the exact same problem in VW 2018 and this threat is disheartening to read. My hope was that the issue would be remedied in 2019 and migrating would help. 😔 We can't pinpoint what is causing that for us to file a proper bug report.
  5. elepp

    Morpholio Trace

    I haven't tried it yet, but was looking into the app. Saw it in conjunction with the shapr3D app, because they both support the new 3d file format from Apple. Don't know if Morpholio Trace is supporting other file formats though. Maybe Vectorworks will introduce a new export option to USDZ-file format in the 2020 version.
  6. Hi folks, is anyone working with referenced project files? We have the following setup: A normal .vwx-file for our drawings and a referenced .vwxp file for our project library. It has to be a project file, because multiple people are creating and updating resources there. The refrence type is viewports and not sheet layers. We have the checkmark set at save copy of resources and updating when opening the file. Our problem ist that Vectorworks seems not to update the referenced .vwxp on opening the .vwx file, and is not giving any indication of being out of date(shown red). Symbols are shown with a black fill and wrong rotation(see Screenshot). After manually updating the refrence, the problem is solved. But this problem now raised doubt amongst my colleagues about the trustworthiness of the file. We can never be sure if what we see is the accurat. Any help appreciated. elepp
  7. Hi folks, is it possible that the controls for transparency in the slab tool were removed? No slider and no button to set it to by class. Peculiar to remove something like this. We generally use it to make the slabs semi-transparent in Plan View. It's less disturbing than having a black slab in Plan View. Regards, elepp
  8. A pity it got removed, but will do for now. Thanks a lot for the quick replys.
  9. Thanks for the info. But maybe I am misunderstanding, where exactly would you adjust the opacity of the slab? Edit: Sorry, was sitting on my eyes (a typical response in germany for not seeing the obvious thing :D) I get it now. Somehow I was looking in the wrong spot. 🙂
  10. Hi Marissa, thanks for the quick reply. I've attached a screenshot of my issue for clarity.
  11. Hi folks, there needs to be a better way of inserting nodes from the resource browser than currently possible. It is very frustrating to place a node and having the browser collapse. Searching and inserting a node becomes super tedious super fast. Maybe it's possible to lock the resource browser in place like the general resource browser. Additionaly nice would be if we could use a short cut to search for nodes and place them without moving the mouse to the upper most left corner like it is the case now. Best regards, elepp
  12. Hi, I was trying to use the VR/AR functionality of the Vectorworks Cloud. After some trial and error I realized that only materials applied to the wall or slab will be exported and shown in 3D. This renders the usability of this function almost useless for us. We can not use it beyond the very early stages of design. No where is it documented that you have to export it that way. Am I missing something? Is there a box to check? Help is very much appreciated. Eddi
  13. elepp

    IFC Data Mapping

    Hi all, with the 2019 Version of Vectorworks the IFC Data Mapping tool has been improved with some nice new features. I think this tool offers some interesting possibilities for openBIM workflows. What is missing though is a repository of workflows. Interesting enough here in the forum one finds very little about this tool. So I would like to start a thread to collect suggested workflows and tipps on using this tool. Regards, Eddi
  14. Hi, I was suprised to notice that i can't choose standard scales for my AR models in the Nomad app. While it's nice to be able to manually scale the model, I would like to have an array of scales to choose from. It's very tedious to try to get the scale right by pinching with two fingers on the screen. Especially if I want to have a 1:1 representation of the model for a walkthrough. It can't be an issue with the Apple AR Kit because other apps manage to do exactly that. The AR Kit knows it's parameters in relation to it's surrounding, so I hope that this is something that will be implementet soon. Regards, Eddi
  15. elepp

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Autodesk just announced a partnership with Unity for Revit: Link. I think that makes it even more important for Vectorworks to provide a seemless connection to TwinMotion, so as not to stay behind. Eddi
  16. elepp

    vwxp vs vwx file sizes

    Hi, From what I've heard is that .vwxp are compressed files. Eddi
  17. Hi Folks, maybe one of you has a good idea of how to solve this problem. I created an object node that reads the content of a database, that is attached to a symbol. I want to use it as tag for windows. Is there a way to have it react like a symbol to changes in the drawing scale? I would like to have the possibility to choose the size of the tag to be either absolut or relativ to scale. I assume there is no node, that would facilitate that. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Ed
  18. That's true. But here the standard nodes are not directly available. I would like for this part to stay open(screenshot)
  19. elepp

    Wall Component Function

  20. elepp

    Wall Component Function

    Hi folks, did some one successfully use the wall component function in an ifc-export? Neither ifc 2x3 nor ifc 4 does anything for me. What am I doing wrong? Where is it supposed to be found in an ifc-file? Vectorworks Help doesn't offer anything remotely helpful. Regards, Eddi
  21. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's true and annoying at the moment. If I use push/pull on the top surface it disappears. Best way is to add a solid on top and combine the to volumes. It's also not very intuitiv that you can apply the boolean function of adding volumes together on nurbs surfaces.
  22. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is the bug I encountered. Flipping normals causes the surface to disappear.
  23. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is my version, and as I expected mine is not very straight forward. Thanks for showing your solution. Maybe we should this more often here. I like those quick modeling challenges. Always learn a lot. I think I also discovered a bug in the process. Btw. I used the german version but I hope it's half way clear how I did it. CircleToRectangle_2.mov
  24. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's the best i can do for now! I think my solution might not be very straight forward. Can't get the inward facing curves. Curious for the solution.


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