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  1. Just going through the help file. It's amazing how many little things have been changed. My favorite so far: Repeating commands Now you can easily reuse commands by selecting Repeat [last command] and Recent Commands
  2. I've tried BlenderBIM last week. Has quiet a bit of a learning curve. I managed to get the clash detection running, but after a while a had some errors regarding python scripts running in the background. It could be a nice free tool for basic model checking. I am also curious about BelnderBIMs capability of comparing an ifc-file against an IDS for validating the data.
  3. I am also following him since a while. He recently gave an intersting interview on the trxl podcast (Link). He is also a regular guest on the osarch youtube channel. BlenderBIM has plenty of potential because it's also agnostic to you field of work. I am also impressed with the speed of development for being open source.
  4. Hi, I find it a bit frustrating that the search menu is implemented so inconsistently. It's super helpful that it works for classes in most drop down menus. Where I am missing it though is working with records and worksheets. I have to manually scroll down a long list. We need more search options in all dropdown menus. Thanks!
  5. We need in general a more comprehensive way of working with large resources. We have a batch renaming command now for all of them, but there is potential for more batch commands.
  6. That would be nice. They could also improve the data manager in that regard. Atm it is tedious to assign ifcobjecttypes to symbols there as well and set up the mapping.
  7. This wish is an enhancement request for worksheets and the data manager. I would like to have the sorting order in the data manager matching the one in my record. Same goes for creating a worksheet with the dialog. Atm they are sorted alphabetically. For a small amount of fields I can manually sort it, but now we have a record with 30 fields and I have to reorder them again. If I import the record into another file the whole thing starts again. There is a reason why I create record fields in a certain order and I would like to maintain that order. That should be the standard and deviation from it can still happen later. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Nvidia released a fantastic new platform for realtime collaboration and simulation. They already have a connection for Revit, but now they also implemented a connection for Archicad. I feel a bit behind the trend with Vectorworks. We always seem to be a little late to the party of cutting edge technology. But maybe I am wrong and something amazing will be revealed tomorrow. Cheers!
  9. Sadly this still happens with data tags. It's a different project and a different use case. Very frustrating, because we can't reproduce it and this time it's a project file. So we have to account for even more users. 😞
  10. Thanks for clearing that up. Seeing forward to the improvements. For now though it's not usable for us. In our design process we would have to update it too many times. And even if it's only two clicks, in the design process it adds up quickly.
  11. I have to say I am a bit disappointed. We are still missing a viable option for live rendering in Vectorworks on macOS. So far it only exists for Enscape and Lumion. When it was teased in the road maps and presentations, I was under the impression that we would finally get it with SP3. So in the end it's only a nicer export. :(
  12. Yes. That was my experience as well. It's just confusing to get an unrelated error message.
  13. That's bad news. I was also hoping on some improvements. I get an error message for odbc if I am using SQlite. 😤 Very frustating!
  14. Hi. Are these walls by any chance IfcWallStandardCases? IIRC it's part of their standard definition and the clipping of the walls happens inside the BIM programms. Some programms require standard cases, for example Revit. They can then translate them into native walls.
  15. There is also Navisworks, but than you have to buy into the Autodesk Ecosystem or Desite from Thinkproject. Desite is very powerful and capable. But so far all these programms are quite expensive.
  16. Hi, I would like to have more options for Pdf/A Export. It's been years that we are stuck with PDF/A 1b. There is now PDF/A 3 available. The old 1b version creates terrible looking plans. Text gets rasterized and the dpi is limited to 72. We need an update there. We have to rely on third party programms for that for now. Regards!
  17. @Michal Zarzecki @Boh I also only have rudimentry understanding of IFC in Vectorworks. Usually IFC-files should be much smaller than vwx-files. If you need them even smaller you should give ifcziop a try. This file type is very suitable to compressions. Ifcxml tends to make files bigger. A few programms prefer xml over standard ifc, for example programms for quantity take off and cost calculations. Since the introduction of ExportOptions in the Datamanger, these options here are not so useful anymore. The checkboxes here treat all objects the same, but you might want to treat every ifcobject differently. So Walls by components but not slabs. The checkbox for "Quantity Take Off" is used if the recieving software can't calculate quantities from the objects themselves. The Solibri Model Checker is calculating its own quantities. These are just a few things I have picked up over the years. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. Nevertheless I would like to have a comprehensive webinar from Vectorworks regarding the use of IFC. There is always more to learn. Wish you a nice evening from Germany.
  18. @Josh Loy Thank you! I appreciate your responses. I can imagine, that there were some tough choices to be made. As a user we only get to see the final result and having a look behind the curtain is insightful. If you have some concepts to run by us users here, I think, lots of people would be willing to chime in with comments .😉
  19. I have to agree with @Tobias Kern. The orthoganal views should be locked. @Josh Loy A lock symbol would be handy. Especially on an individual window pane basis.
  20. I loved Bluebeam Revu. Sadly it's no longer developed, though you can still buy it, I think. 😞 That was right what we needed. Now we are using PDF Expert and Adobe Reader. I once did some research about PDF Programms, but good ones for Mac are far and few in between. I would give PDF Studio a go. It has some measurement features. https://kbpdfstudio.qoppa.com/precision-pdf-measuring-tools/
  21. Iirc it's just not there yet, but the future versions of IFC should be able to do that. IFC 4 has a modell view definition that is called "design transfer view". It's not yet supported by Vectorworks but it should work in that direction.
  22. As far as I know 'VE' stands for Vectorworks enhancement request. The other should be 'VB' for Vectorworks bug.
  23. We are working on a project at the moment where rhino.inside would be a huge help. We are planning a roof structure with etfe cushions. There are already plenty of resources for grasshopper regarding this. The structural engineer on this project also uses rhino and grasshopper. The whole collaboration on a parametric structure would be much easier that way. We are reaching the limits of what is possible in Vectorworks in terms of 3D-Modeling capabilities. It's very frustrating. 😞
  24. @jeff prince Appreciate your input. I agree that professional skills are very important. My view might be a little skewed by my negativ experience in that regard.
  25. I might join you there. There is something to be said about a "simple" but rewarding task like that. 😄 Landlines where never a safe option here in Germany. You could hear a crackling in the background, if you tried to call someone in the GDR. 😄 Maybe the good ol' pigeon will do?
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