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  1. Some more interesting news for enscape user: https://enscape3d.com/press/enscape-and-chaos-merge/?utm_campaign=chaos-enscape-merge&utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=press-release Wondering how it affects Vectorworks. 🤔 Interesting tidbit is that Sean Flaherty (Ex-CEO of Vectorworks) is now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chaos.
  2. Here a screenshot from Architosh relating to Vectorworks and the Omniverse:
  3. Found this tidbit on Architosh. They also refer to the need for usd to be able to use omniverse:
  4. I think so too. We have gone through a couple of apps and haven't found one that has good annotations options and is fast. And does not cost an arm and a leg. So far I like PDF Studio 2020 the best, but the gui is a bit dated.
  5. My experience with preview on mac is that annotations are not safed properly in the pdf file. We had a case where we did annotations and filled out the documents in preview and a lawyer that was on Windows and using Acrobat Reader couldn't see anything. We had to redo everything in Adobe again to avoid the issue. Since then I am very careful with annotations in preview. Might be again an Apple propriotary thing.
  6. Yeah, we would also a have use for a script like that. For now we always draw a schema manually inside a file and print it. If there is an update to the storey heights or levels the drawing is obsolete. 😞
  7. Dear hive mind, We have started to use Resilio as our go to sync and sharing tool. We like it because it gives us more security than a cloud host. I don't want to dive too deep in that direction. My problem is more ragrding the technical side of working. When working with a .vwx file Vectoworks generates a lock-file, that prevents others from opening it. It will open only as seperate new file. On our office server it works fine, but not so with Resilio. The lock files are gettign synced, but they have no effect. I asked the Resilio support and they told me that it might be a problem with Vectoworks. Vectoworks Inc. is specifically mentioning Resilio as a "cloud" solution, that is supported. Hope someone can enlighten me, what the issue is. Regards, Elepp
  8. Hi folks, came across this article and was wondering if anyone tried it with Vectorworks and if VW Inc. is aware of this feature. They mention that it's application dependend. Any info is welcome. https://architosh.com/2021/11/amds-viewport-boost-feature-3d-and-bim-acceleration-technology/ Regards!
  9. Another wish would be that we could change the colors of pins on maps in a panorama.
  10. Hi, we are using now the new deature to create presentations in the cloud. The idea is a very nice one, we though would like to have some more features. @inikolova We would like more layout options for boards or at least be free to arrange the different elements. And we would like to be able to add pictures inside of a panorma tour. So far we can only link panoramas in a tour. We would like to integrate static images that pop up to show mood boards, for example. Thanks for reading, Eduard
  11. Sadly I am not allowed to share it. Thinking of how i could simplifiy it to upload it here.
  12. Yeah, in my opinion the whole setup of detail levels is a mess. We always struggle with a consistent of our plans to work in different scales and detail levels. In this regard the competition is way ahead of Vectorworks. We have a building that has to be split into two different files, because in one part we are already doing construction documents and in the other we are still in the design development phase. Doing both in one file is to complicated at the moment. We have to split it and reference them together again. 🙄
  13. Vectorwork does not support that file format. For now you could export an obj model to Blender 3D and export it as USDZ from there. USDZ was developed by Pixar for the exchange of whole scence with animation paths and objects. Its an open standard, that is being implemented by more and more programms. I hope Vectoworks is also working on it. There are already a couple of threads here about it. Regards!
  14. IIRC Nemetschek Allplan works in that way. Each design layer is basically a seperate file. Makes for easier team work, BUT if you switch from one layer to another you loose the redo history, which is a pain in the a*** in my opinion.
  15. I don't want too celebrate early but 🥳
  16. Enscape announced that they are working on a version for Mac. I hope that VW Inc. is already in talks with Enscape about implementing it next year. It would be a great alternative for us users. So far we only have Twinmotion for real time renderings. And I will be very upset if only the other big BIM-Software in the Nemetschek family gets a plugin. https://enscape3d.com/enscape-for-mac/
  17. Just going through the help file. It's amazing how many little things have been changed. My favorite so far: Repeating commands Now you can easily reuse commands by selecting Repeat [last command] and Recent Commands
  18. I've tried BlenderBIM last week. Has quiet a bit of a learning curve. I managed to get the clash detection running, but after a while a had some errors regarding python scripts running in the background. It could be a nice free tool for basic model checking. I am also curious about BelnderBIMs capability of comparing an ifc-file against an IDS for validating the data.
  19. I am also following him since a while. He recently gave an intersting interview on the trxl podcast (Link). He is also a regular guest on the osarch youtube channel. BlenderBIM has plenty of potential because it's also agnostic to you field of work. I am also impressed with the speed of development for being open source.
  20. Hi, I find it a bit frustrating that the search menu is implemented so inconsistently. It's super helpful that it works for classes in most drop down menus. Where I am missing it though is working with records and worksheets. I have to manually scroll down a long list. We need more search options in all dropdown menus. Thanks!
  21. We need in general a more comprehensive way of working with large resources. We have a batch renaming command now for all of them, but there is potential for more batch commands.
  22. That would be nice. They could also improve the data manager in that regard. Atm it is tedious to assign ifcobjecttypes to symbols there as well and set up the mapping.
  23. This wish is an enhancement request for worksheets and the data manager. I would like to have the sorting order in the data manager matching the one in my record. Same goes for creating a worksheet with the dialog. Atm they are sorted alphabetically. For a small amount of fields I can manually sort it, but now we have a record with 30 fields and I have to reorder them again. If I import the record into another file the whole thing starts again. There is a reason why I create record fields in a certain order and I would like to maintain that order. That should be the standard and deviation from it can still happen later. Thanks!
  24. Hi all, Nvidia released a fantastic new platform for realtime collaboration and simulation. They already have a connection for Revit, but now they also implemented a connection for Archicad. I feel a bit behind the trend with Vectorworks. We always seem to be a little late to the party of cutting edge technology. But maybe I am wrong and something amazing will be revealed tomorrow. Cheers!
  25. Sadly this still happens with data tags. It's a different project and a different use case. Very frustrating, because we can't reproduce it and this time it's a project file. So we have to account for even more users. 😞
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