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  1. Hi Mrs. Farrell. I was sondering if you could somehow rescue the Marionette? I´m trying to build an intelligent object in the form of a truncated pyramid and I´m really struggling with the solid modelling and the construction planes.
  2. Thanks! I already solved it. I had to uncheck the "use story height" (I think is the translation from german).
  3. Hello All! I´m trying ot get the hang of creating customn wrappers, commands and objects, but I´m hitting a brickwall here. I manage to build a simple "extrude rectangles" network, but as soon as I wrap it, it doesn´t work anymore. From the non-working wrapper is evident I won´t be able to build a commnad... I´d very much like to build commands with the "Sel=true" criteria. Any hints to make them work if and when I solve the first problem?? I attach the simple examples just in case.OBJ by Criteria.vwx
  4. This thread is fairly old but I guess the process still stands and I can´t seem to replicate it. I create a Network that produces the desired geometry ✔️ I convert it to a wrapper and this wrapper to a Marionette Object ✔️ When I try to convert this Object to an Intelligent Symbol, the option is grey!! 😭😭 Am I doing something wrong here??
  5. Vielen, vielen Dank! Es ist echt toll und erklärt viele Sachen das für mich "kömisch" wären.
  6. Thank you very much! I got to get used to the Marionette way. Coming from MANY years of "vices" in Grasshopper needs a lots of efforts to get used to it. Will test your network in the office tomorrow, thanks!!
  7. @m.graf I´ve been working with it, but relies too much on symbols. I want to control the geometry through the hole...
  8. I discovered by dumb luck that a prism "object node" made with Marionette will "drill a hole" in a wall when you attach the prism to it. What I don´t get is how to define the parameters of the frame. I thought I had it but the only one that is right is the "Dicke" (Thickness) everything else makes no sense. Can it be because I modelled it "flat" (XY) and turned it afterwards? How can I define a vertical rectangle from the beginning? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Hello! I´d like to create a Node Object or Command with this shape. The geometry is fairly simple, rectangle with thickness and minor offsets. What I can´t wrap my head around is how to build the base network for the two methods. For the NodeObject I´d like to build it from two "draggable" points. How can I input them in VW and reference them in a Network? For the Command method, I´d build it with two clicks on the opposite corners of the pre-built window-set (Windows are built from several joint modules). How can I reference "clicks" in a network that will be later a wrapper and then a command? Thanks a lot in advance for any help, it will be very much appreciated!!
  10. I got the examples from Mrs. Farrell, decomposed them to investigate and tried to "compose" them again and everything disappeared! Am I doing something wrong with the selection order? 1. Wrapper, 2. Curve, 3. R-Click on wrapper convert to Object Node...
  11. I feel really clumsy. I can´t seem to be able to create connections between the nodes. Anytime I try to click and drag from the "white little circle", the node gets selected and dragged. Am I missing some particular "method" here? Thanks in advance...
  12. Thanks again Mrs @Marissa Farrell it worked like a charm. I´m currently unable to get Dummy End or Priunt Debug nodes to work, so I can´t decypher, and I´m really eager to learn what did you set up and why between the output of the test repeat and the sequence of numbers, I guess you got a zippd "line of text" and you decomposed and reordered it. Right? IF I knew python (big if) would it be possible to code a node that took two lists and concatenated the strings in each place? I´m attaching also a file with the "not working" debugging components. NO DEBUG.vwx
  13. I´ll study your second file in depth tomorrow Mrs. @Marissa Farrell thanks a lot! I´m just anticipating a question. How would I deal with executing a Marionette over a bunch of selected objects? I tried making a wrapper out of the network and saving it as a command in hope this would allow me to select and then execute, but it hasn´t been the case. Any hints in that direction? Thanks again! After this week and a half of hard VW inmersion got wonderful feelings from the community support behind it!
  14. I hoped to keep using the "Print Debug" node, I use "panels" in GH all the time to check the information flow which I find crucial.


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