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  1. ColinW

    Creating a Site Model from a PDF survey

    Have you tried ungrouping the pdf once imported, if it has the vector data you would be left with editiable 2D lines in 1 group and an image file, giving you the basic geometry to use to add the 3D data. If it's an image based pdf then you're stuck with manually tracing; if you have acces to illistrator you could try their autotrace feature and then import it into VW in a vector format.
  2. ColinW

    Symbol Creation

    The symbol is set to to 'convert to group', it's shown as a blue symbol in the resource browser. If you select the symbol in the resource browser and edit it the 2d and 3D components are visible as appropriate. Select the symbol in the resource browser, using the symbol options, deselect 'convert to group', when you place the symbol it will then display correctly when viewed in either 2d or 3d views Hope this helps.
  3. ColinW

    Quicktime Screen Recordings

    In handbrake try setting the frame rate to constant in the video tab before doing the conversion
  4. ColinW

    Quicktime Screen Recordings

    Like Jim, I've used handbrake for years, really easy and quick to use. If you aren't sure about the check sums and whatnot, just make sure you download only from the handbrake.fr website and only the current version
  5. We use Windoor and it does handle this style of door very nicely. I believe it's not now sold outside of Australia and New Zealand, other than to existing subscribers, if I remember correctly, so it's not an option for most new users. The window and door PIOs are still second best to Windoor for most of our uses; the best features of all three wrapped into a new PIO in VW would be a good start.
  6. This would be really useful, we use this type of door system a lot in residential.
  7. ColinW

    Driving curve tool

    Downloaded this and it works fine in VW2018. Presumably you've already checked the classes it uses are set to visible
  8. ColinW

    BIM Manager Guide to Resource Management

    Thanks, this is a very easy to follow guide, the links in the document don't seem to be active, might be worth checking.
  9. I've been seeing this for some time as well, the only time I wouldn't want them to stay where they were left is if it was reopened on a single monitor setup
  10. ColinW

    Stereo lithography examples?

    I export stl files from VW and import into Meshmixer to check before printing, it's a Mac and Windows app which is free and popular with the 3D printing community for repairing stl files, mixing stls together and modifying them. It's was acquired by Autodesk who seem to be taking it's underlying technology and adding it to fusion360, but it is still free and still one of the go to apps, search youtube for videos showing how to repair stls if you want to find out more about it, I found the Makers Muse Youtube channel very accessible.
  11. ColinW

    Can someone make a short test for me?

    Dom, I opened your file on a MacBook Pro (15" Mid 2010)/Sierra 10.12.5, I could alter the length and width of the PIOs in the Info Pallet and it worked. Double clicked the PIO to view the marionette script and closed again, took about 20 seconds to close, but everything worked. Regards Colin