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  1. @twk there is no promotion code, you must access Autoturn within Vectorworks as directed by the link to the help menu. If you don't have an account, you register one 'inside' Vectorworks, or if you already have an account you simply login. All vehicles should be enabled for free if you access Autoturn in this manner.
  2. Hello all, We are looking to see if we have any customers using Newforma Konekt (formerly BIMTrack). If so, please send me an email at ldraminski@vectorworks.net or place a comment here. Thank you!
  3. Hello all, We are looking for customers who use Autoturn as part of their workflow. Can you please reply here if you are familiar with the platform and use it for your projects? Thanks so much! Lee
  4. @Brian McGarry I'd be interested to know if you are using Revizto and/or Solibri currently?
  5. For those in the US, are you using any specifications software or writing program? If so, please let us know what solution you use. Thank you!
  6. @matt thank you for this information. It would be worth an ask directly to D5.
  7. Thank you @jeff prince we will work with our teams for clarity and action items moving forward, and appreciate your comments and feedback.
  8. Our team is in the process of testing several virtual desktop solutions. If you have specific questions right now, please let us know. Once the testing and partnerships are finalized, we will let you you know. But overall, we do feel virtual desktop solutions work with Vectorworks, pending the circumstance and instances.
  9. Hello all, We are looking to gather feedback on those looking for Scan to BIM services in any of our industries. This includes general point cloud workflows, as well as potential of a third party offering this as a managed service. -Are you currently using point clouds, if so, how are these point clouds generated? Do you self-scan, or hire someone to produce the scan? -What company/service/software are you using? -What does your current workflow involve in working with point clouds? -Would you consider using a company that provided a Scan to BIM as a managed service? Thank you in advance for your comments.
  10. Hello all, I thought I would introduce myself, I'm the Partnership Specialist at Vectorworks. You can visit our partner pages to learn more about the partner program and who currently participates as part of the Vectorworks Partner Network: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/community/partner-network. We have a way for users to streamline the use of third-party plugins through the 'Install Partner Page' inside Vectorworks. This is reliant on the partner to submit the 'package' to be included on this page. If you have suggestions on plugins or prospective partners we should reach out to for consideration, please contact me directly at: ldraminski@vectorworks.net. Thank you so much! Lee
  11. Hello all, If anyone in this 'string' is using Lumion + Vectorworks, please let me know. Thank you in advance, Lee
  12. Hello all, If anyone is currently using Morpholio and Vectorworks as part of their design workflow, we would love to hear from you. You can reach me here on the Forum, or by email at ldraminski@vectorworks.net. Thanks so much! Lee
  13. Can you confirm which mouse you are using, make and model? We have a partnership with 3Dconnexion, but I'm not sure if you are using one of their mice.
  14. Hello all, we would like to know what specifications software you are currently using and why. Specifically, we are asking this within our direct markets right now in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Thank you so much! Lee Draminski, Partnership Specialist
  15. Thank you all very much for this feedback. @Kevin_ I contacted you via email to see if we could discuss further. If others are open to a discussion outside of this Forum, please contact me directly at ldraminski@vectorworks.net.
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