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  1. I've been having similar problems. The longer VW runs, the slower it gets. I managed to get a print screen before everything went down. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I was surprised to see "attributes" in the task manager.
  2. That worked like a charm! Thanks Pete!!! Chris.
  3. I just installed 2008 and opened some of my projects only to find that one of my fonts is not showing on-screen properly. When I print, the font is coming out ok, just a little garbled. The font in question is an open type font. Is there a problem with this in 2008?
  4. We are having similar problems in our office, although it seems to be tied in with deleting items. If an item is deleted after a series of commands, VW seizes up and crashes. There is just an "illegal command" error. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. I have just upgraded to V12.5 and I'm getting a horizontal plane coming out of my windows in artistic render mode. These planes don't show up in any other render mode. Anyone else had this problem?
  6. There were actually 2 corrupted 3d objects imported from another cad program. Deleted them and now renders perfectly. Thanks!!!!
  7. All of a sudden, when using artistic rendering, my models come out transparent & fractured. Hidden line is fine as is fast renderworks. Final quality renderworks crashes my system. I'm currenly in v11.5 but am in the process to go to v12. This model was rendering perfectly last week. I've resaved as a new file, but no change. Can anyone help? http://www.thefuries.ca/renderings.htm