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  1. worth the upgrade price?!!! I'm still in shock with how bad the icons in the menus look now .... look very old and amateurish.. (windows 95 ?)
  2. a - holding down 'alt' (mac?) drag the v-ray material icon over the wood material icon to swap the materials
  3. editing text in viewports = spinning ball (certain files only....) sometimes works through it but generally I don't have the patience to wait....
  4. i may has misread you - its the drawing label for the interior viewports?
  5. i just change in object info panel - and its instant? (quicker anyway than double clicking on viewport and waiting for it churn open....)
  6. good feature. ps. would help if you lowered the background music when someone is speaking ! pps - I wanted to see stair, window, door updates first ......
  7. that would be my process - ie. build the existing (ie. survey) , save as a new drawing for new works and revise model (put survey on a layer for reference in new model)
  8. so C4D 21 is going subscription based........ and one version only .... https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinema-4d/integration/architecture/vectorworks/
  9. maybe the save view option may be closer to what you want?
  10. @CharlottePea you'll probably have to import them in for your 3d model , the vectorworks MEP ones are useless. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/2c8d01bcaddfa37266147d84ed908c45/UK-Double-Socket?hl=en
  11. would the 'copy convert to lines' option work? You might have to make it a symbol first?
  12. I like your optimism!! BUT.... it would appear that the window/door/stair tool is sub-contracted out and not made by vectorworks - users have been complaining for years about these tools but unless the suppliers update their tools nothing happens....
  13. this one in option menu ?
  14. thanks for the file - very interesting that fullscreen preview option adds quite a lot of time to the speed of render - , 28 secs without ; 38 secs with full screen preview.....
  15. make a worksheet of the titleblock and you can quickly change names / numbers etc , handy for changing multiple dates or stages...
  16. with maxon acquiring redshift (and a metal version coming), have to hope this will eventually filter down to vectorworks through cinerender? also, can't see the point of a mac pro for vectorworks? seems to be like using a ferrari to go to the local shop !!
  17. using slabs for the curved part might be easier ? (along with stories) stairs.vwx
  18. @Mason2152 @jeff prince - sorry - you'll need to purchase from to see
  19. or try this: https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2011/02/28/sst_1102-creating-a-swimming-pool/
  20. would normally add hatches/images etc in viewport annotations - make a polygon fill and change to your selected hatch/tile
  21. I'm getting a lot of spinning ball when trying to do polygon fills in viewports with SP.3 (mojave) Also getting an occasional crash when trying to add polygons together , get this odd object info box as below and have to force quit.
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