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  1. I'm looking for more rendtrworks textures that offers mutual colors or horizontal, vertical and shake siding. As well of stone. Is there a place where I can get them?
  2. I was told that there are more use document templates than I have. How do I get the ones that came with the program?
  3. I'm looking into doing 3D but have been pushing it back cause of the learning curve. I'm looking for some templates that I can use and set up to my way of doing it.
  4. I'm setting up fro VW BIM and would like to keep the look and standards of how I drew it in 2D in plan view. A couple issues that I'm having is walls not joining right, doors and windows line weights, door and window call outs, having windows mulled together 2020 Temp wg.vwx
  5. SLD

    Joining Walls

    I did that and its still doing the same thing
  6. SLD

    Joining Walls

    I have create my own walls standards. The one problem that I'm seeing is when I join a wall to another wall, one wall overlaps the other. I want to join the wall and the walls to look its all one "shape". See attachment of what I'm getting
  7. I have been a user of VW for over 20 years but always done things in 2D and now I'm in the process of turning into 3D BIM, but still looking to keep my documents looking the same but with some new features. My questions is about walls. When I draw walls I show an exterior wall 4" thick (3 1/2" stud and 1/2" plywood). I also use different colors on wall between the main and upper for design and contrition documents. With the wall tools that VW provides the overall wall is a lot thicker. When doing deign or documents I show dimensions to the rough framing and not the finish. I looked into classes on the wall that VW provides but only has one class for it. Is there away to have siding and drywall on a class that can me turned on and off? Attached is my walls that I use but I know that i have to change cause if the 3D. The typical walls I'm looking for are the following: Stud wall with siding, Stud wall with stone water table and siding, stud wall with stone veneer. I'm really looking for those walls and able to turn on and off the classes of exterior finish and interior finish. Also seeing about base trim with the walls too. Walls .vwx
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