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  1. Hi Can you give more detail about this tool. Thank
  2. Hi I misunderstand why simple feature Hide object lack in Vectorworks? Are there anyone request Hide feature before?
  3. Hi How can I hide a wall temporarily? When I try Visibility Tool, they only hide Class or Layer Thank Travis
  4. Thank Benson and Kevin for advices. I would export to Inventor. It's easier for layout and cnc.
  5. Hi @hollister design Studio I also confront delay when use space + ctrl = zoom. I think this general graphic problem of Vectorworks. How Vectorworks show graphic and navigation are different with 3DS Max, C4D and more 3d software. This is my wacom setup: I change Right Click in lower button because we use RMB frequently and when press lower button it make pen less moving than Higher button. Higher button I will use to orbit.
  6. Hi Claes, It work in case because I have 2 similar nurbs curves. What if we have 2 different of nurbs curves?
  7. Hit Stanford Previously, I select 2 lines then Convert to NURBS, they will be Group. This time, I select each line, convert to NURBS. then select 4 nurbs Compose. It work good. However when I Push. It become like picture below: What happen? It's not solid (changed to OpenGL view)
  8. Hi I model many piece of wood as picture below: I need to layout each of them into 2d then documentaton. How can I do it? Thank
  9. Hi I intent to use Push/Pull tool to make solid I try drawing 2 lines to cap then Compose 4 object but it's not work. Need advice. Thank Travis
  10. Thank @Art V First time I know Space + Ctrl = Zoom. It's helpful when we work with Wacom tablet.
  11. Hi I'm using Wacom intuos tablet with Vectorworks. Currently I have to use C key to zoom. In Cinema 4D, I just hold Ctrl + Alt + drap Right Mouse Button, I can zoom In/Out. In Vectorworks, If I press C key they will exist command which is activing. It's not good because I have to zoom then press the previous command again. Are there other solution? When Vectorworks support Wacom Drawing Tablet? It become popular nowaday. Thank Travis
  12. Hi Stephan I did as your instruction. They will import new hinge to project. however I can not find it in the list therefore I can not automatic place 2 hinges. Are there other solution?
  13. Hi Stephan I try to add hinge to this cabinet: However, I can not find this kind of hinge in the list Thank
  14. Hi I find a way to add custom Hinge 3D in InteriorCAD. The kind of hinge like picture below: They give alot of file format. Link: Butt hinge
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