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  1. Drag the image into VW. Double click on it. Draw a polygon, polyline, circle, oval, or rectangle around the part you want to keep. Exit the crop. Once you do that you can also clip that surface to make "holes" in the image.
  2. I'd love it there were a couple additional shortcuts: 1. While editing a class, I'd like a shortcut to edit the texture assigned to that class. 2. While editing a texture, I'd like a shortcut to edit the hatch attached to that texture.
  3. @hollister design Studio 🙂 That bugs me too! I know it's built into some stock wall styles. The class has a description: "Use this class for graphical representation of solid extra light lines." I just keep deleting it. But I bet there's a better way.
  4. You need to duplicate the worksheet resource in the Resource Manager - not the instance of the worksheet on the drawing. Rename the existing worksheet for the floor it covers. Then duplicate the worksheet in the resource manager. Name it for the next floor. Change the criteria. Insert into the drawing. Rinse. Repeat.
  5. Select the section viewport. In the OIP click on Advanced Properties… > Extents Your height range is set to be Finite from 0 to 0 Change it to Infinite or give a range greater than 0.
  6. When you have weird wall blobs like that you can often use a Pillar object. Draw a polygon > AEC > Pillar… > enter height Once you have a Pillar created you can join walls to it.
  7. The problem with most site surveys is that they don't have a lot of dimensions on them. 🙂 If there's a scale bar you've got it made. Even the property line lengths are usually dimensions of a projection and not the same as plan dimensions.
  8. I see these often. You can totally ignore that Civil 3D file warning. I find that's sometimes a good sign, because those files sometimes contain 3D information that speed up making a DTM. If you want to post it here or send it to me in a PM I'll give it a try :-).
  9. If you're using a brand new MBP I don't think you will get 2017 to run on it. System requirements: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2017
  10. Can you post a file with a viewport misbehaving viewport?
  11. Do you mean the group trick to copy between files? Or just copying VPs within a files? (I've copied about 50 viewports just today 🙂 If you mean between files. I agree. I miss it.
  12. It would be really helpful if the View labels for SLVPs (Front, Back, Left, and Right) could also show user-definable compass or other labels (North, South, East, West). So the View choices might be Custom View Top/Plan Top Front (North) Right (West) Bottom Back (South) Left (East) … Many times when returning to a drawing after a while away I can't remember which way is north :-).
  13. My (probably incorrect) understanding is that it was an undocumented feature until maybe 2020 (?). I think it's in the Help pages somewhere, but not easy to find.
  14. That's what I thought. Looks like I'm using the old Extract trick :-).
  15. @Ab Hib you're really close. I think all you need to do is use a "wildcard" in the criteria. For example: Field Value Sheet Number = 'SK*' will include all sheets that begin with SK. [the asterisk symbol is called a wild card. In the US keyboard it's Shift-8]. I'm pretty sure you can do this directly in 2020. If not use the GUI to get the criteria close, then edit the criteria and cancel. You will then see the criteria statement in the formula bar. That's probably really unclear :-). Worksheets get a little convoluted until you get your head around it. Post back if it doesn't make sense. Or another way to do it is to class the sheet border objects. That way you can have a criteria Class = 'Phase-1'.


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