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  1. This has been fixed in Vectorworks 2019 SP2. Space objects now display the area correctly without the need to use the Record.Field format.
  2. nahekul

    VW19 SP2 dramatic slow down...

    @Tim C. Thanks, I have sent you the Vectorworks file that is experiencing the slowdown as well as the activity monitor report. Let me know if there are any issues with the file.
  3. nahekul

    VW19 SP2 dramatic slow down...

    We are seeing the same issue with SP2. Multiple files have spinning beachballs (sometimes up to 10min.) when changing layers and editing objects. This is solved when we move back to sp1.1.
  4. We are noticing this same issue happening with Vectorworks 2018 and 2019 as well. Our workaround was to restart the computer then disconnect and reconnect to the server. This seems to work but it's a bit of a hassle.
  5. Yes, all the database functions still work. It is just the regular spreadsheet function (=AREA(('Space'.'11_Number'='X'))) that does not. This is due to the space object not displaying an area for the polygon in the OIP.
  6. The area function in spreadsheets is not displaying space object areas in Vectorworks 2019. This has always worked in previous versions. Formula in spreadsheet: =AREA((((L='Design Layer-1') & ('Space'.'11_Number'='R1')))) Database still displays the space area correctly. The area formula displays correctly for polygons or rectangles. Probable cause: - Clicking on a polygon or rectangle will display the area in the OIP. - Clicking on the space object does not display the area in the OIP. Where the area should be is blank. V2019 Spreadsheet test.vwx
  7. Vectorworks Architect 2018 SP4 (Build: 435714) (64 bit) The bug occurs when trying to convert an unstyled wall to a new wall style using the right-click context menu. To recreate the bug: - select some unstyled walls and create a group. - exit the group with the walls still selected (selected walls inside the group are shown as not selected outside). - create another unstyled wall that's different than the first one. - right click on the new unstyled wall and turn it into a styled wall. - pop up menu will come up asking to replace all selected walls (no ways to not replace the walls). - clicking ok will now change all the selected walls in the group to the new styled wall even if the group is unselected and on another layer. There is no way to tell if something is selected in the group unless going into each group on every single design layer to check manually. The workaround currently is to copy the unstyled wall to a new file and turn it into a styled wall in the new file.
  8. nahekul

    Eyedropper Tool - A Mind of its Own

    This is still an issue on Vectorworks 2018 SP2. Holding ALT/OPT and clicking spacebar will also switch between the bucket and eyedropper.
  9. nahekul

    Error loading Vision Library

    I've tried both a full preference reset and a fresh install and neither fixed the issue.
  10. nahekul

    Axis Lock by SHIFT+

    Was this issue ever resolved? The shift lock is still not working as intended where it loses its lock as soon as the cursor moves too far from the locking point. Currently, the only method is the "T" (smartpoint) lock but that doesn't work when the cursor is hovering over a line (bug?).
  11. nahekul

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    Yeah, it is almost always by accident since there's no way to check out the symbol definitions as you mentioned. So one user might be working on the unit symbol and another user accidentally access the symbol as well to make a quick change but has no way of knowing if another user has already edited the symbol until they do a save and commit. It would be helpful if there's a rename or duplicate the symbol with another name option so both users can figure out what has changed between the 2 edits. The conflict resolution dialog does appear for users online as well but usually, the problem happens when one user takes the file home to work on so they have no idea who is working on the symbol at the office. This creates a problem when there are hundreds of symbol definitions and multiple people working on the file. No one knows which one they are "allowed" to edit without a conflict dialog pop up during a save and commit.
  12. nahekul

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    I see. It may be a bug in this case then because we are sometimes getting only half of the items committed to the project file. For example, lines and shapes would commit but not dimensions. The dimensions would then be released so further commits would not pick up those dimensions. Newly added objects and dimensions would commit but the old ones do not show up. The workaround was to cut the uncommitted dimensions (thus checking it out again) and paste in place. This allows these dimensions to be committed to the project file. Ah okay, I'll have to try the offline mode again. There was one question regarding the symbol definition conflict resolution pop up with the rename option grayed out. Example: There's a typical unit type symbol definition that occurs on multiple layers. User 1 (working offline) checks out layer 1 and works on the symbol definition 1 at home. User 2 (working online) checks out layer 2 and works on the symbol definition 1 at the office and saves and commits. User 1 gets to the office and commits all changes to project file, there is a conflict pop up to either overwrite the symbol definition, leave it as is, or rename the symbol definition (somehow this option is grayed out).
  13. nahekul

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    Vectorworks 2018 SP2 (Build 401138) (64-Bit) Fundamentals, Architect, Renderworks Issues: When saving and committing a lot of changes, sometimes only some items are committed on to the server. Could it be possible that during the commit, if the data transfer is interrupted, only partial items are saved in the project file but it also releases the items that are not saved? Possible solutions/workaround: When this happens, it looks like we can use the "cut and paste-in-place" function to re-checkout the items and commit the unsaved items again. I don't think checking out the layer will check out symbols. So if a window or door is a symbol in wall, they will need to be checked out separately if they occur on other layers that's not checked out. The "custom check out" filter is hard to use if a particular layer has multiple symbols and trying to know which object to filter for which layer is difficult. Usually, we just use the "custom check out" to filter out every object and check everything out. Side note regarding the "custom check out" / criteria window: There doesn't seem to be a way to remove the particular criteria without removing everything from the bottom up. For example, if there are 5 criteria selected and then criteria 2 is no longer relevant, there is no way to remove it without removing criteria 3-5 first. Also, there doesn't seem a way to reorganize the order of these criteria.
  14. nahekul

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    We have experienced the same issues with some commits not saving. I don't know if this has to do with the SMB/AFP file sharing protocol for macs. Working offline does not work properly anymore as you cannot just have the layers checked out but also all the objects on that layer checked out which is difficult/time consuming to filter out.
  15. nahekul

    Ungrouping Issue within Symbol

    It looks like this is still an issue with the latest version of Vectorworks. Groups within certain symbols become ungrouped as soon as you exit the symbol. The only workaround for this is to create a symbol within a symbol.


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