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    There is an increasing need for a structure, display, enclosure, or interactive space that can be temporary, flexible, and adaptable for different people, uses, or times. This temporary architecture, sometimes referred to as “pop-up architecture”, allows for great creativity and potential time and cost savings during the construction process. This webinar will look at some ways pop-up architecture has been developed, used, and admired around the world.&nbsp: Learning Objectives: Discover the history and motivation behind creating temporary architecture for habitable and non-habitable spaces.&nbsp: Explore the design challenges of innovative approaches to material usage, experimentation, and progressive design solutions.&nbsp: Recognize the positive environmental implications of temporary architecture, including disassembling, reuse, and recycle.&nbsp: Identify the ways pop-up architecture concepts are being integrated into permanent and semi-permanent structures in code-compliant manners.&nbsp: Register
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    Join us as we create Hybrid Symbols and create a report. Vectorworks allows you to create your own content, attach data and create a report. Register
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    Join our tech support team as they offer their recommendations and advice to avoid common issues. Find out what we need from you to make sure your case is resolved quickly and efficiently.Register
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    Get more from your projects with Data Visualisation in Vectorworks Spotlight. Spotlight objects are rich in data, learn how to sow this visually to make working on complex drawings easier and help communicate your designs to others.Register
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    Join us as we take a look at various methods to mark out your survey points in Vectorworks.Register
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    In this week's Service Select seminar, we'll be taking a look at using Sections in Vectorworks, including some advanced features! Sections can be used on design layers when a detailed section is needed, or when the section viewport needs to be referenced into other files.&nbsp: Register
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    Vectorworks will be hosting a Virtual Breakout Session, “Real-time Audit of 3D Modeling Using Data Visualization,” on Wednesday, June 2 at 11:00am –12:30pm PT. How can you do more with BIM models using data visualization? As more and more parameters are needed in a BIM process, maintaining the quality of the data can be increasingly difficult. Learn how to integrate tools like the data manager and data visualization for your quality assurance workflow to help minimize data discrepancies with your 3D models. Join Luc Lefebvre and Sarah Barrett to learn how advanced BIM tools can enhance your workflow, reduce errors, and increase quality output for your 3D models. Learning objectives: Explore various sources of data and determine how to use them with your model for optimal results.&nbsp: Learn what data visualization is and how it can be used for data verification. Discover the benefit of data mapping to improve your open BIM workflow with Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data. Identify best practices to maintain consistency with your models. Register
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    The OAA’s Virtual Conference Week is May 17 to 21! The all-inclusive access brings together ConEd sessions and special events under the "Cultivate Inclusivity" theme.&nbsp: Discover how Vectorworks Architect can help you design, present, and document any size project. Come chat with us at our virtual booth to learn more! Register
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    Join Senior Architect Product Specialist, Sarah Barrett, to take a look at the&nbsp:algorithms-aided design&nbsp:tool Marionette. Natively available within Vectorworks software, Marionette delivers an algorithmic means to orchestrate and dictate design forms and customisations without needing to be a programmer. These customisations can help to speed up workflows and increase project efficiency. In this webinar, Sarah will be answering questions on more advanced Marionette topics. Register
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    Vectorworks Cloud Services allows for convenient file sharing and storage, and as a Service Select member, your storage is automatically upgraded to 20GB of storage. Join the UK training team as we discuss the many advantages of utilising Cloud Services for your projects.&nbsp:Register
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    Description: If you’re designing and building with a team, dynamic collaboration and workflow efficiency are vital to the success of the project. Join us as we explore how to achieve dynamic efficiency from concept to field. Using real-world projects and examples from their team on the ground in Colorado, Cheri Stringer of 10x award-winning TLC Gardens Design Build Firm will walk you through integrating graphics, applying detail, and utilizing sheet sets for construction implementation. Together we will tackle best practices for creating a project portfolio and analyze strategies for effective team execution with Vectorworks sheet sets, graphics, and 3D model visualizations. Learning Objectives: Create a project portfolio. Use sheet sets for construction implementation. Experience effective team execution with Vectorworks graphics. Ramp up your success with 3D model visualizations. Register
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    During COVID times, going out to movies and theaters has been put on hold. Just like home offices are a new trend, architects, designers, and contractors have seen a spike in new commissions based on renovating and transforming dead spaces into family entertainment rooms. In a new webinar series for residential interiors, join Wes Gardner, senior product specialist at Vectorworks, Inc., to learn how you can get these projects started in record time by adopting a new approach to producing drawings and takeoffs. If you are already familiar with digital drafting and have started integrating 3D modeling into your daily workflow, then this is the webinar for you. Learning Objectives: - Learn the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling) for Residential Interior Projects. - Discuss techniques to take advantage of your 3D model for communicating design intent. - Examine how custom elements such as moldings, furniture,and entourage are created to provide better documentation and visualization. - Explore how to optimize your model to develop material takeoffs. Register
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    The Landscape Show has quickly established itself to be the must-attend event for all commercial and residential landscape contractors, maintenance specialists, landscape designers and architects, landscape service and product suppliers, as well as councils, students and educators in Victoria.&nbsp:Register
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    Please note, this seminar is being hosted by Vectorworks UK and will begin at 1pm BST. With our Landmark Essentials&nbsp:Seminar,&nbsp:you will explore some of the most common workflows and utilise the latest tools and commands of Vectorworks® Landmark software. Designed to help you save time, by designing more efficiently, this seminar will cover the fundamental knowledge, needed to be successful with Vectorworks® Landmark software. The Landmark Essentials Seminar will cover topics including: A guide to the Landmark workspace &amp: Landmark workflows Importing a Base Plan Document Setup Efficient Drawing Techniques Creating Massing Models, Hardscapes, and Landscape Areas Placing and Customising&nbsp:Plants Introduction to the Vectorworks Plant Database Presentation and Documentation Register
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    Please note, this webinar is being hosted by Vectorworks UK and will run at 1.00PM BST. Explore some of the most powerful tools and commands available in the latest release of Vectorworks® software with our Getting Started Seminar, designed to empower you to get up and running faster, design more efficiently, and better understand workflows that can save you time and money. This seminar will cover the fundamental knowledge needed to be successful with Vectorworks® software. The Getting Started Seminar will cover topics including: User interface Hybrid Workflow Document Setup Efficient Drawing Techniques Introduction to 3D Modelling Resources Register


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