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    Topic:&nbsp:Collaboration with DWG Files – Importing and exporting DWG files for use by engineering consultantsRegister
  2. until
    Topic:&nbsp:Vectorworks to VR: Beyond the Basics, presented by Lauren Smith of ScenicMentor.comRegister
  3. until
    Topic:&nbsp:Bryan Goff, Vectorworks Trainer, will present on DTM drainage, swales, hardscapes, and roads in Vectorworks Landmark.Register
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    Topic:&nbsp:Vectorworks Data Tags Completely retooled in Vectorworks 2020, Data Tags allow data-rich objects to be intelligently keyed from Annotations or Design Layers. This month we'll review how Data Tags work and how to integrate them with common Plug-In-Objects like Doors and Windows. We'll also delve into some techniques for leveraging them with smart Worksheets in conjunction with automatic scheduling, including creating bespoke Data Tags linked to custom Record Formats. Come geek out! Register
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    Join us for our upcoming Service Select webinar as Tom White, Spotlight Industry Specialist from our Vectorworks Digital Practise Team, explores the Data tag tool from a Spotlight perspective. This session will look at how to create data tags for use with Spotlight Objects, how to attach and present data tags in the workspace and on viewports and how to apply them to multiple objects. Tom will also show how to use data tags and data visualisation to help plan COVID compliant seating arrangements for future events. Register
  6. administrator

    Gardenia 2021

    International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair Gardenia fair allows familiarizing&nbsp: with the widest range of companies from the gardening industry, which every year present a very wide range of products and services at their beautifully arranged stands. Register
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    Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Development and Future of Cities&nbsp:- it is the design, construction and use of buildings resistant to climate change, affecting human health, comfort and quality of life. By participating in the training, you will learn about possible solutions to promote resilience to climate change. You will also learn the principles of shaping and caring for biodiversity in cities. The benefits of greening urban and suburban areas. The impact of gardens and farms in a modern form… and much more. We will also talk about infrastructure, you will learn about innovative elements of green and small infrastructure based on ecological Smart City solutions. Register
  8. administrator


    ISE 2021 evolves to support the AV industry getting back to business. Hybrid Event Register
  9. administrator


    ISE 2021 evolves to support the AV industry getting back to business. Hybrid Event Register
  10. administrator


    ISE 2021 evolves to support the AV industry getting back to business. Hybrid Event Register
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    The event industry is always in motion. It is important to correctly bring together the supply and demand in the dynamic branch. Festivak is where the entire event industry meets, and therefore you definitely cannot be missed!Register
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    Design District is an event for interior designers, architects, designers, project designers, stylists, retailers and other interior professionals. At Design District you will find over 200 top brands that showcase their newest and best products. Varying from young designers and new labels to well-known brands. You will find furniture, lighting, sanitary, tiles, flooring, acoustic panels, fabrics and other materials.Register
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    ARCHITECT@WORK enables you to connect with this very specific audience: Architects&nbsp: Interior architects Designers&nbsp:&nbsp: Shopfitters Engineers Urban planners Government agencies Property developers Lecturers Students (in their final year) Register
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    The event for trends, inspiration, materials and design.Register
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    The event for trends, inspiration, materials and design.Register


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