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  1. The steps outlined above did not resolve my truss tool problem, so I went the extreme route. - I have uninstalled VW 2018 completely. - Reinstalled 2018. Changed no settings, nor loaded any Preferences. Kept everything default. - Tried Truss tool and it worked. - Installed SP1. Once again, changed no settings, nor loaded any Preferences. - Tried Truss Tool and it FAILED. Will have to uninstall and this time around will not update to SP1. Any other suggestions?
  2. I'm trying to build a database in Filemaker Pro and link it to Vectorworks. My goal is to have a simple plot that will carry channel and dmx address information into Filemaker. Is it possible to use vectorworks UID (ex. 1000. ) as the primary key between vectorworks and filemaker? None of the following record formats contain the UID, or as far as I can tell. Thanks for any help
  3. Sorry about the title, but I'm going on a little lack of sleep and not thinking clearly... Regardless, I spent this morning drawing on top of an imported PDF. Everything was great this morning, made my sheet layers and printed, but when I came back after lunch the base PDF has shifted. My workflow was: - Import the PDF and made a layer "Reference PDF" - Duplicated it (6) times and created (6) additional design layers for each duplicate. - Cropped each duplicated PDF in different places. - Locked all my new cropped section. - Added my labels. - Done. Now each layer and crop has shifted, even being locked. Along with the shift, it looks like the PDF has also been rotated too. Is it possible a I hit a keyboard combination and did something. How do I edit the size and rotation of the PDF, once the crop has been created? Is it possible I did something to the original reference PDF or should that not affect the duplicates I created? I should note that all the layers have the same scale. I'm using VW2018 for Mac. Image of Problem Sorry, but I had to blur some parts due to a NDA. In the photo, that is the (6) layers showing and the PDF is way off the crop. Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you have a generic one in Libraries>Object Styles>Lighting Accessory>Accessories Generic
  5. Good to know. I tried switching back and forth between layers, but not changing visibility. I'll try this next time it happens.
  6. I just figured out that I had the option to make group enabled and that was causing my 2D/3D issue. I was under the impression that grouping the objects made it so I could alter the symbol, once inserted in the drawing, without affecting the source symbol? Or am I misunderstanding the whole group vs symbol? Thanks again.
  7. Due to some NDA's, I'm unable to submit the file. However, I'll try some of the steps outlined above in a new file. Perhaps I screwed something up messing around with all the objects before I asked the forums... Regardless, thanks for the help.
  8. My selection marquee disappeared for some reason. Is this something I could have toggled off by chance? I have closed the file, reopened, and it still doesn't work. However, closing Vectorworks and reopening corrects the problem. I checked in the Preferences>Interactive and all the settings are correct.
  9. Thank you. Changing 2D object to Screen worked. However, it shows up when I go into 3D also. So I'm still doing something wrong... Also, Just to confirm.... It doesn't matter where my 3D object lies in space when I create my symbol? - It can be located in negative Z.... Sorry for the questions, I'm new to 3D drawing.
  10. I'm having a problem creating a basic 2D/3D symbol. Sometimes, I'll have no 2D representation of my symbol and my 2D drawing is merged into my 3D drawing. I've read through the guides and have made sure that I'm drawing all my 3D word in the correct views and the 2D work in Top/Plan. I then, will select both drawings from Top/Plan view and align them together. While still selected, I then I will create symbol. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn't. Does the stacking order matter? Does the object position in 3D matter? I've tried the following: - Aligned both bottom axes to each other in 3D, then in Top/Plan aligned there centers. - Aligned both top axes to each other in 3D, then in Top/Plan aligned there centers. - Stacked the 2D object over the 3D object (Send to Front) - Stacked the 3D object over the 2D. Basically my 2D is carrying over to my 3D object and I can not figure out why... Thanks for any help!
  11. I could have sworn I've done this in the past, but maybe it was another program. Regardless, thank you for your detailed explanation.
  12. Is there a simple way to remove space between selected objects? For instance: 3 Objects Select them and perform action to get this result... Desired result I seem to remember doing this in the past but I can't remember if it was Vectorworks or not. Thanks for any help.
  13. In this instance, there is a lot of text within the crop. At this point, the easiest thing to do is call and get a DWG file sent to me. Thanks for the help, regardless. It would be nice to have multiple crops. Crop out all the perimeter info, save, then go back in and crop out all the text inside the building. Is that possible? I tried, but said only one crop object could exist. Is there a work around or something I'm doing wrong?
  14. I have imported a PDF into Vectorworks that contains lots of notes and information I do not need and would like to clean up. The PDF in question, has no vector information, therefore I can not ungroup and erase the text. Is there anything I can do, inside or outside of Vectorworks to make this PDF easier to work with? I have tried to OCR the document, but that really didn't seem to help. Any suggestions? I do have Illustrator, but not very familiar with it. I was told that could help. Thank you.
  15. I'm using a SpaceNavigation 3D mouse to navigate around my design layers. Everything works great, except when I switch to Sheet Layers, the 3D mouse doesn't function. I have to switch to my mouse and scroll wheel to zoom in/out and use the pan tool to move around. When I edit my Design Layer from my Viewport, the mouse functions correctly. Is there a reason for this? Is there a setting I need to turn on or off? Thanks for any advice.