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  2. symo

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Cheers for that. Might need to do as woody says and upgrade to win 10 pro.
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  4. Tamsin Slatter

    2019 strange glitchy behaviour - disappearing geometry

    The above problem was caused by the use of the legacy Model View, which created a series of Layer Links. In the client's workflow, we initially replaced the Model View with Design Layer Viewports and the problem was resolved. However, on closer examination of his requirements, we found that the model view and design layer viewport were no longer necessary at all, as he was using Sheet Layer Viewports and could bring his model together there. If you have problems, make sure you have the latest service pack installed. Lupin, your signature says you are on 2016 SP3 - there will be a later service pack for 2016 which may help you. Other reasons that could cause disappearing geometry is to have geometry that is a huge distance (greater than 5KM) away from the internal origin. Check the drawing for "stray geometry" such as random text boxes or Loci and remove them. Then run Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin to move the geometry close to the internal origin but preserve its coordinates. Ideally, if you are coordinating with other users, agree the coordinates of the project coordination point, and use the Tools > User Origin > Next Mouse Click is option to overlay those coordinates on the internal origin before starting to draw.
  5. Tamsin Slatter

    deactivate license on a computer

    The licence needs to be deactivated by your local Vectorworks office or distributor. They'll need your serial number.
  6. Benson Shaw

    Slab Style on a Site Model

    Not quite clear on your goal. Do you need to show the various soil/plant layers in the sloping site model sections, similar to the hatched layers in the level areas? if that’s it then several workarounds, but I’m not aware of a built in vwx solution. Easiest is to draw 2d shapes in the section vp Annotations space. These use the actual section as a guide. The 2d also obscures any section elements that need hiding. This is obviously a pain if many sections required or if many revisions. What we really need for this is a texture bed with thickness or with components that have thickness and attributes. Or at least an easy way to retrieve an efficient surface object (NURBS surface?) from the Site Model. This surface could then be shelled as a volume Eg for the turf, then used to section or form other solids for soil or compacted base layers, etc. I tried horsing around with converting texture beds to mesh or NURBS, or generic solids and adjusting their z values to represent the various layers. This produces stratigraphic lines in the section, but not closed solids with attributes. Probably not worth the effort. Also tried multiple duplicate site models, coincident then placed at various z values. Pretty much same section result as the multiple texture beds. Lines at the strata boundaries, but no easy process for closed volumes representing the strata. or maybe you are trying to do something else entirely? -B
  7. bcd

    deactivate license on a computer

    There is an uninstall app in your Vectorworks 2018 folder - I believe this also deactivates the license.
  8. BenV

    Phillips Head Fasteners ?

    You can always download from Mcmaster-Carr.. of course a good native VWX parametric would still be the best though.
  9. Matt Overton

    Duplicate Along Path 2.0

    Isn’t that just repeative unit tool that can’t that units that aren’t symbols? either way it would be useful.
  10. @Tamsin Slatter I've got this with floors too! I'm not sure if it's related, but floors don't behave as expected with textures either. Please post a quick fix/workaround if there is one
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  12. MullinRJ

    Viewports and Planes Views

    @josue Corona , I assume you mean to do this with VectorScript, considering where you posted your question? Here's a short script showing how to copy a view. The attached file shows the same thing, using the 1st design layer to set the view and a selected viewport to receive the view setting. You can use a similar approach to get the view rotations of a working plane by using the GetWorkingPlane() command. PROCEDURE xxx; { Example script to copy a Design Layer view and apply it to a Viewport. } { Select a Viewport. Run script. } { The script copies the view from the First Design Layer to the selected VP. } { 19 Jul 2019 - Raymond J Mullin } VAR Hdl, Hvp :Handle; procedure ApplyViewFromDLtoVP(Hdl, Hvp :Handle); { Copy the view from design layer (Hdl) to viewport (Hvp). } Var B :Boolean; Vr, Vc :Vector; Begin if (GetTypeN(Hvp) = 122) & (GetTypeN(Hdl) = 31) then if GetViewMatrix(Hdl, Vc.x, Vc.y, Vc.z, Vr.x, Vr.y, Vr.z) then B := SetViewMatrix(Hvp, Vc.x, Vc.y, Vc.z, Vr.x, Vr.y, Vr.z); End; { ApplyViewFromDLtoVP} BEGIN Hvp := FSActLayer; { handle to selected VP } Hdl := FLayer; { handle to an arbitrary design layer } ApplyViewFromDLtoVP(Hdl, Hvp); UpdateVP(Hvp); RedrawAll; END; Run(xxx); Not knowing what version of VW you are running I exported the file as v2016, (and for others using older versions.) Please add a signature to your profile. It really will help people answer your questions more accurately. Raymond Copy View from DL to VP v2016.vwx
  13. Hello all Is there a way to deactivate the license on a computer? I have installed on a new computer and its says Ive reached my limit for activation. Thank you
  14. James H.

    Duplicate Along Path 2.0

    Not sure how to place a formal 'feature request here on the Forum but, I too am looking for something to help solve this common segmented barricade fencing task... Seems like there should be some VW tool or constraint that will let me set whole number integers for snapping and/or drawing polylines... Like for making fence lines out of 8ft barricade segments... Any suggestions? I’ve tried the ‘Fence’ tool, 'Repetitive Unit' tool, 'Duplicate along path’ command, and they’re workarounds at best. Seems like the 'Snap to Distance' constraint would be a good starting place but I can’t get it to predictively snap out into space (only snap to distance along preexisting objects). The ideal would be some some sort of cross between the Repetitive Unit tool and the Rope and Stanchion tool. Or even just adding functionality to the R&S tool might do it if there was a way to change the “Ideal Spacing” to “Fixed” spacing. My firm does a lot of crowd control and attendee holding pens/pedestrian traffic management layouts and we frequently need to update / change layouts based on client requests and/or barricade stock sizes availability from vendors. A tool that would allow you to build segmented fence lines with adjustable segment lengths (ideally based on parametric symbols) and provide a segment or symbol count in the same way the R&S tool does would be a dream (if only a sad one).
  15. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    Added some numbering and introduced a second random parameter. Now, each of the four vertices is randomly moved in y direction. It's actually something I needed as well so you're in luck 🙂. I have filed a bug about the object node not playing nice with the "Set 2D Vertex" node so once that's fixed this will be quite a fun object to play with. Array-IT1.vwx
  16. Jim Smith

    Phillips Head Fasteners ?

    How about the best fastener option the Roberson or Square Head?
  17. SMannVW

    Double socket and light switch - help needed

    If you'd like more choices, I'd recommend searching BIMobject. The models available on their website include IFC data sets and standard classifications for better model management and communication. There's also a plug-in browser available in the Furn/Fix toolset for BIMobject. One thing to note if you're using the current plug-in browser is that not all types of models on their website will download directly to Vectorworks and must be downloaded and then imported.
  18. Leif Dixon

    Renderworks Cache Issues

    I haven't sent the file for evaluation because as of now the behavior has stopped. What's all the more frustrating is that there is no clear answer as to why... I didn't clear out any cache files (I don't even know where they are), reinstall the app or anything like that. @archdaly reports that his problems were fixed by closing and re-opening the file, but in my case I could close/re-open the file and it would still have the errant behavior. Even a reboot would not solve it, with the app still rendering deleted items. This lasted for a few days. Eventually this behavior stopped and I haven't been able to reproduce it. Right now things appear to be working correctly but I will send a file when the problem shows up again.
  19. A way to force Smart Curser Cues to stay on until you click on an are you sure button. I use them often but mine keep switching off after 3 clicks of the mouse. I have removed all shortcut keyboard keys that could turn this off, but still it goes off as it wants to. And now with 2019 the Snap to Angles goes off on its own too.
  20. michaelk


    The uploader isn't working for me today. Here's a dropbox link to the dwgs.
  21. Boh

    Scale Bar

    Yes I don’t like the vw scale bars and I like to place the scale bar on the sheet rather than in the viewport as my viewports often move and I like to have my scale bar stay in the same place. My workaround is Ive made a bunch of custom scale bar symbols the way I like them for the range of different scales we use. They work on either A1 or A3 sheets and are tucked nicely in the bottom of my sheets and stay there Our drawing template sheets already have a “dummy” scale bar symbol on then which is replaced with the correct scale bar symbol prior to issue. Of course the symbols don’t auto update if the vp scale changes so this needs to be done manually. However we always check our drawings prior to issue anyway. if there was a way to incorporate the scale bar into the title block, similar to North points, but also have the title blocks auto update to whatever scale vp’s are on the sheet that would be ideal.
  22. fabrica

    Viewports and Planes Views

    maybe the save view option may be closer to what you want?
  23. fabrica

    Double socket and light switch - help needed

    @CharlottePea you'll probably have to import them in for your 3d model , the vectorworks MEP ones are useless. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/2c8d01bcaddfa37266147d84ed908c45/UK-Double-Socket?hl=en
  24. Art V

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Short answer: YES! Slightly longer answer, follow this website: https://www.askwoody.com/ It will tell you whether it is worth to install the patch Tuesday updates or if there are any major/showstopping issues that should make you want not to install updates for now. Their general recommendation is to set the updating for patches etc. to 2-3 weeks as most (not all) issues should be resolved within that time frame or updates will be retracted if there are serious issues. That way you'll minimise the risk for thing going wrong. The halfyearly updates should be set to a delay of 365 days if possible. After the patch Tuesday mess I only update if the website says it is ok to do so (i.e. no major issues) though there is always a chance that your setup might contain something that may cause issues anyway with some update. But that applies to any computer system as they can't test all possible combinations of hardware/software.
  25. josue Corona

    Viewports and Planes Views

    is there a way in vector works that you can create a view port and instead of choosing custom or the given views , to look at a view that you have saved from your design layer or to look at a plane that you have created ?
  26. Hi, I am currently having a weird open GL thing. I have three viewport on top of each other on a sheet layer. On the bottom is a opemGL frontview of a stage. In the middle is a wireframe sheet with Spotlight lights with 3d labels. And on the top is a openGL Spotlight light without the 3d Labels. This way my labels and lights always lay readible on top of any geometry in de stage. I have used this workflow for a couple of years and also on several projects this year without issues. But now all geometry in the top viewport is surrounded by white grainy smutch. See attached screenshot. Opengl is set to high quality and anti aliasing is turned on. The issue is occuring in 6 different files at this moment. They where al new 2019 files that I have imported layers + objects in. I am on VWX 19 SP3. Anyone have any ideas?
  27. AndySmithArch

    Linear Materials Flipping (VW2017)

    That's right - I'm either drawing details in 2D or creating a section viewport that I'm drawing on top of. Either way, it seems that the linear material tool makes seemingly arbitrary decisions about which side it believes is the outside of the material. For some unspecified reason it seems to randomly flip the instance of the material back and forth as you reshape it - I have no idea what logic it uses to drive that decision. Also, when it DOES flip, it doesn't flip around its centre-line - it flips along one edge. So you can find your line of drywall suddenly intersecting with the framing you're trying to put it against. Any other folks finding a similar issue or is it just Taproot and me who are experiencing this?
  28. Kevin Allen

    'Glow Texture' - I'm new to it!

    Feel free to post your file, or some bits of it for use to look at.
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