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  2. The marionette object is visible in renders except for hidden line render in front view and with other objects in de drawing. What's wrong ? front marionnette 9.vwx
  3. Problem solved thanks to Antonio Landsberger's tip : I changed the symbols to 3D symbols and now it's working.
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  5. Sebastiaan

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    Just opened a file from a project in may and updated the viewport without changing any settings see screenshot below: Ans then below screenshot from the PDF that I made then from the exact same sheet layer with exactly the same setting. Find the differences....
  6. Ethan R.

    ESC key not functioning correctly

    I remember that ESC should also cancel a Render in progress? I can't stop a render with ESC ESC or Contro-. frustrating
  7. Sebastiaan

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    The thing is that the projects I did in May and June did not show this distortion. I usually print my plots at around 1:100. So something changed since then, I just can’t figure out what. Have had numerous reboots and program restarts also it happens in every new file that I start now. The fact that the label fill of the OpenGL label renders fine on your machine makes me think there must be some setting somewhere that triggers the behavior. However strange it is that it is only visible on a sheet layer. I never had to increase the setting to get acceptable result. Something changed somewhere.
  8. Benson Shaw

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    @Sebastiaan Took a look at your test file. I think this is mainly the small scale of the vps causing OGL pixelation. I made a duplicate of the the vp stacks and increased the vp scale to from 1:50 to 1:10. The jaggy scaffolding brace rendered much better, as did the fuzzy outlines of the lighting device graphics. In your test file's native condition, the labels (D1-1, D1-2) show same background fill in both stacks on my system. Unlike the screenshot in your post. Maybe a reboot would make the labels show or perhaps the VP class viz are different in the test file? Also, the viewport OGL Background Render resolution can be raised to Very High, if desired. Not much improvement at 1:50 or at 1:10. I also tried some of the Renderworks render styles. I think the OGL looks best, but that's up to you. -B
  9. willofmaine

    First Hour with 2019 SP3: Productivity: 0%

    @Hernan & @JuanP - okay, good to know it's being addressed. Thanks.
  10. Sebastiaan

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    Thanks for your reply, alpha channel is turned on. Attached is a new file with the issue replicated. Also a screenshot of the issue. This is by the way only happening on sheet layers. Hope you can see whats's wrong Test OpenGL.vwx
  11. Tamsin Slatter

    Plant Labels

    Ah, excellent. Thanks for posting.
  12. avyclaire

    Plant Labels

    I just heard back from Vectorworks who told me that it is a known problem that they are working on solving. In the meantime, they gave a fix that worked for me. I custom selected all the plants in the document. In the palette info click on the drop down menu for bubble style on the plant tag, choose none. Or, choose a style and then re-choose none.
  13. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    I suppose some more swapping of columns is necessary to make the offset more uneven 😁
  14. Tamsin Slatter

    Plant Labels

    Hi all I've reported this as a bug and it is in hand. I was able to reproduce it at the time I filed it, but can no longer make it happen. It seems that not all templates exhibit the problem, so it might be worth trying different templates. I'm sorry I can't give more precise instructions, but did want to reassure you that our engineers are on the case.
  15. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    After some major refactoring (actually, a rewrite), the network has become more elegant and much smaller. Modifying the points before they are fed into the polygon proves much faster and more manageable. Now, it's also easier to add more options (movement of vertices along the x axis?). And since the "Set 2D vertex" node is now redundant, the whole Marionette works as an object. Array-IT2.vwx
  16. DeSignature

    Dialog with n-number of items

    Hi, I'm trying to display a legend, but I would like to be able to select the specific hatches to be displayed. Since I don't know how many hatches are used in a drawing, would it be possible to build a dialog according to the - schematic - code below? HatchId := BuildResourceList (66, 14, 'Hulpbronnen - Lijnarceringen', HatchNum); FOR n := 1 TO HatchNum DO CreateCheckBox (DialogId, Item(n), Index2Name(Item(n))); SetFirstLayoutItem (DialogId, Item(n)); SetBelowItem (DialogId, Item(n), Item(n) + 1, 0, 0);
  17. Julian Carr

    Defining Height of a Wall Style

    see http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetWallOverallHeights FUNCTION SetWallOverallHeights( theWall :HANDLE; botBoundType :INTEGER; botBoundStory :INTEGER; botLayerLevelType :STRING; botOffset :REAL; topBoundType :INTEGER; topBoundStory :INTEGER; topLayerLevelType :STRING; topOffset :REAL) : BOOLEAN; Julian
  18. Thanks! I'll try checking origin - I updated my profile - I'm on 2019 SP4.
  19. Pat Stanford

    Automatic Class Assignment for a bunch of objects

    Yes, everything you want to do can be readily easily done in either VectorScript of PythonScript. If you remember any of your Pascal and don't mind the Begins/Ends it requires, then Vectorscript is probably your best bet. If Begins/Ends drove you crazy, then you might want to consider Pythonscript instead, but then you get to deal with it being "white space" delimited and an extra space will put something at a different indent (and therefore subroutine group) level. Here is some pseudocode. Procedure Create-Set-Class; Procedure Make_It_So(H1:Handle); {procedure to be called by ForEachObject} Var S1:String; Begin S1:=GetRField(H1,'Your-Record-Name'.'Your-Class-Name'); NameClass(S1); {Note Class names can only be 20 characters long} SetClass(H1,S1); End; Begin ForEachObject(Make_It_So,((R IN ['Your-Record-Name']))); End; Run(Create-Set-Class); The above was typed into the forum, so please excuse any typos or other errors. You may want to change the criteria in the ForEachObject to limit it to just objects that are on a specific layer or have specific field values. You will definitely need to change the record and field names to match what you are using. Good luck and let us know if you need more help.
  20. Hello VS folks Is there a way to define the height sets in a Wall Style... I can use the object selector 1177 to define thickness ... (SetObjectVariableReal(hwallStyle,1177,thick); but could not define the selector for the height sets ... Thanks for any ideas !
  21. Yesterday
  22. Benson Shaw

    Slab Style on a Site Model

    Also, here's a 2016 thread with a technique for extracting a usable surface from a site model (DTM) and shelling it. A few things are explored in the thread. Final few posts detail the process. Process is same in newer versions. Process starts with creation of a Drape Surface over the DTM. Use the entire Drape, or extract a portion of the Drape via the Project tool or Solid Section of an extrude. Apply thickness via the Shell command. If the Shell direction is downward, the Shell object can represent a stratum in the soil. The bottom surface can be extracted with the Extract tool and that surface can be shelled downward to represent the next layer. etc. These shell objects are not modifiers of the DTM. They are additional volumes which can have section attributes with fill, texture, or texture with hatch. Worksheet can display volumetric info and record info about each shell. -B
  23. hhafsteinsson

    All viewport´s disapair / empty

    Hello Joshua, Yes I have check that layer and class pf that and they seems correct, (might be my ignorance of not looking in right place) Here is example of one of the viewport layer properties with empty sheet layer. Also I have attached screenshoot of the viewport list red line is good example of empty sheet layer v/s the green line with new sheet layer that is working just fine, and when I compare them they look just the same.
  24. hhafsteinsson

    All viewport´s disapair / empty

    @michaelk you got PM
  25. Has anyone else had this problem? I created a dual stacked dimension standard in my drawing, then I noticed that the "inches" figure was not correct. It was not showing the fractions. The width of the box is 23-5/8". The dimension shows 23". I checked all of my settings, units too, and they are all correct. If I change the dimension to another standard, then the dimension shows the fractions correctly. This is what I see: To troubleshoot I opened a blank drawing and created the dual stacked dimension standard there and it works. Then I copied the layer objects from the offending drawing to the blank drawing, and it works there. This is what it looks like in the blank file: Any suggestions what the problem might be? Strangely, dual side-by-side shows the dimension correctly: OK, I think I narrowed the problem down to that the fraction does not show if the inches fraction is set to a stacked fraction. I tested that in both drawings and found this is true. I also tested ungrouping the dimension and that makes the fraction visible. I guess this is another bug 😫
  26. Benson Shaw

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    Is the alpha channel turned on in the OGL vps? That could cause the white pixels. But it usually affects only PNG image captures. Total longshot. If if you can force the problem in a simple test file post it here so forum can take a look. -B
  27. Sebastiaan

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    Unfortunately that is not it. It is already set to 300
  28. Benson Shaw

    OpenGL Graininess surrounding objects

    Would it help to increase the sheet layer resolution? Edit via the sheet layer list in Organization Palette or Navigation Palette. Default value is low and causes similar scutch.
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