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  2. malonso


    Hi all, Classes is just what I needed, it works perfect now, once each wall is in a separate class, I can override it in the viewport. Many thanks for your help. Regards, Miguel
  3. turnerhoskins

    Display Flashing and Changing Colours

    @bcd thanks, its definitely not the cable or monitor - its only the workspace / sheet space flashing and changing colour. The rest of the program remains normal (exactly like AnaRF's problem)
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  5. Josh-gsy

    Referenced in models not displaying correctly.

    @Benson Shaw Thank you for your persistence with this. Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday - I wasn't in the office at all. I moved the model to centralise it over the origin, and found that class tick box. Neither of those resolved it. I have opened a blank document and inserted the first unit and it came in fine. I then inserted the second block in, and the roof on the first unit then went wrong? Could this be an issue with the PC hardware / specification? Both roofs are of identical construction - same layer names etc... could this be causing an issue? many thanks again for your help! atb, Josh
  6. jcogdell

    ganging tool label issue

    Hi Dave This is the result of the interaction of the ganging tool's preferences with the label legend assigned to the lights. As you selected the option, in the ganging tool preferences, to gang 'by circuit'' you will get a 2 part label for the ganging object (this will also happen if you select the option gang 'by channel and dimmer'). This is because in both of these cases the ganging tool label label is referencing the data in 2 data fields and combining it, 'by circuit' references both the 'circuit name' (top) and 'circuit number' fields from the fixtures. The horizontal offset that you can see in your example appears if you have set the one of these fields to 'right reading' in the label legend assigned to the fixtures. The easiest way round this is to prepare a label legend for the fixtures that you plan to use the ganging tool with , that does not have any right reading data fields in it.
  7. jcogdell

    Default 3D Legend View

    Cheers Mark That's an approach I hadn't considered.
  8. @Wes Gardner thanks for your answer. I can't open the file since I'm still on VW2018, but what you describe seems to be what I'm looking for. Yes all my walls are defined by wall styles, and the components of these styles are defined by class, so everything should be editable by class. However, everything should be working, the class my walls are assigned to has a correct lineweight, the wall components are in the right class, the wall object is in the right class as well, but the lineweight can't be changed from 0.00... Are the walls in your file defined not only by class but also have a style? Because I have further up in my file a set of walls in symbols that have no wall style, and these can be adjusted without a problem.
  9. Benson Shaw

    Slab not below walls

    @creatrix suggested work flow is to put geometry stacked up on several design layers (Eg slab, first floor walls/doors, second floor stuff, furniture, Site, roof, etc or stories with levels and layers - lots of ways to split out drawing elements) and dims/notes as annotations in sheet layer viewports. There are useful hybrids of this, Eg work sheets and large blocks of notes might be placed on separate design layers which are then shown whole or in part in various sheet layer VPs or might be directly placed as objects on sheet layers (but not as annotations in VPs) . Separate files are another variant- Eg Site in one file, bldg A in another, bldg B in another, etc with these files referenced into a Master for creation of sheets. . . All of the the above works best with consistent classing structure Hopefully you are already finding similar workflow . -B
  10. Taproot

    Temperature Chart

    An excellent integration of climate data!
  11. Taproot

    Precipitation Chart

    I'm unable to get this file to work. I've downloaded both versions and in each I get an "Index Error: List index out of range" message. I'm using the VW Designer 2019. The object loads, but as soon as I change anything i.e. mm to inches, it lists the error. Both the temperature and wind rose objects work, so I'm confident it isn't a network access issue.
  12. Glad that worked. It's often a good idea to import 3rd party symbols into an empty file then adjust classes / attributes before bringing it into you project file. Avoids importing random unwanted stuff and messing up your file.
  13. Benson Shaw

    Slab not below walls

    @Wes Gardner generally good advice, but this question refers to the recent parapet and shed roof thread. The mission style (Pueblo style? fake adobe style?) envelope walls slope and have variable rounded over parapets intersecting shorter or taller walls. Construction -edit- might be full height walls (ballon), -edit- or might be parapets on roof platform. Walls without components are mostly doable for this if not joined. But wrapping and joining styled components of uneven heights is rather a muddle (at least to me), even if split into stacked walls below and above the sloping roof line. Your pro comments would be most welcome there! - B
  14. WhoCanDo

    Batch Import PDF

    Hey, I've just found out that PDF drawings can be dragged and dropped into VW. You can even do this with multiple PDF files at the same time. 👌😃
  15. Sally yang

    Plant elevation figure (2D symbols) are not showing

    @Boh Thank you! I just checked that's the problem indeed! I didn't expect the imported figure is on a new class created on its own and default as not visible...
  16. Have you checked all your classes are on? maybe the symbol is using class(es) that aren't visible?
  17. Hi all, I have downloaded some 2D plant elevation figures (dwg format), and I make individual one as symbol and exported. I want to use them in my elevation drawing. However, even though all the figures are showing properly in resource management, when I place them in my elevation drawing there's nothing showing. I had similar problem with symbols that I created and exported. Are there any way to solve this problem? I have attached an image to show what's like in resource management. The blue dot show where I import the tree figure (but nothing shows up...) Also, I can only find 2D plants elevation in photorealistic or artistic version. I would like to see if there are some 2D geometric based plant figures that ready to use. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks
  18. Yesterday
  19. MullinRJ

    convert vwx to dwg

    Simon, I opened your file in VW 2014 and exported from there. I hope all of the pieces made it through. It looked pretty good when viewed in eDrawings, but check it carefully if you can. If you need a PDF to compare it to, just ask. 30710-A- Topographic Survey-Dwyer v2014.zip Raymond
  20. Jordan

    joining lines & arcs

    Thank you @JustinVH I am importing lines from Rhino. I am having to convert these lines into polygons to activate the option to "close" them. Before converting to polygons this "closed" box was not appearing. I had to find another thread to learn about line types. LOL
  21. mgries

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    @Pat Stanford, This thread caught my attention, but didn't go where I was hoping it would. I'd like to control the display of parameters relating to objects that all share the same record(s). I think VectorScripts or Marionnette might be able to help... Currently when doing a site plan, I use a few custom records to track polygons that represent various types of site planning areas. These relate to zoning designations, planning tabulations, storm water coverages, etc. It's basically a catch-all system for identifying and tracking any areas relevant to site planning and fit studies. In other words, it's become a site plan version of the space tool for me. The problem I'm running into is that the record is getting bloated, and so I would like to add conditional formatting to it. Is it possible to filter or funnel an object's pop-up options based on some primary selections? Example: Project proposes a Commercial building. Property belongs to a zone that represents a sub-designation belonging to all Commercial zones (i.e.- "C-1") All other Zoning options (Agriculture, Residential, Industrial, etc.) are non-applicable. Currently, if I were to attach the building footprint to this zoning/planning record, it would show the selection related to Commercial\C-1, and then maintain a bunch of "n/a" selections related to the other zone groups. The object would have to carry around all this "n/a" data, which then makes it overly complicated to apply worksheets and data tags to these objects (which is the whole point). What I'd like to have happen is to select Commercial from a list of major category designations, and have this filter out all other lists of minor zone designations, so that I can then select from a filtered list of sub-categories only related to Commercial. This might seem trivial, but without this capability, it's a lot harder to make useful and simple "Project Info." worksheets, as well as a small and simple set of data tags. So filtering the data is a critical first step in an overall attempt to track and document project info. The attached screenshots show this issue in a simple zoning record. Keep in mind I have other records containing many more parameters than this one. The need to filter the OIP using conditional forms becomes more apparent the greater the record becomes. I hope this makes sense! Thanks, Matt
  22. JustinVH

    joining lines & arcs

    @Jordan Here is a screenshot, this should help you out.
  23. Bob Griffith

    Shop using SW 2019 cannot 3D render DXF export.

    Jim -- They seem to like AutoCad 2000 and can do IGES (which doesn't re-import back into VW cleanly for me), Step & X_T -- and of course SW native.. Kevin -- I'll try all, one at a time. Expecially the 3D view (your online help ticket guy also recommends that). Thanks guys. Let you know. Bob
  24. Jordan

    joining lines & arcs

    Where is this box??
  25. Simon Carroll

    convert vwx to dwg

    30710-A- Topographic Survey-Dwyer v2014.vwx I would be very grateful if someone could convert this file to a dwg one. Really appreciate your help. Thanks, Simon
  26. Kevin McAllister

    Shop using SW 2019 cannot 3D render DXF export.

    A couple of thoughts - - try exporting while your file is in a 3d view, not top/plan view. - use the newest export version possible (for VW 2008 it should be newer than DXF 2000 / 2000i / 2002). - use DWG instead of DXF if at all possible. Kevin
  27. @technical_pro I have 2019, but you can download earlier versions (2011–2018) from Service Select, using the serial number. I have the serial numbers for 2015–2019, under my VW license.
  28. Hi All, I most likely missing a trick, but I can't seem to find how/where I can export my proposed model as a data set to provide to an earthworks contractor. At this stage I'm not sure what format the contractor would need, but I'm presuming something along the lines of an XYZ for them to load into their plant and merrily mound up to the required heights. My existing model was created from a topo survey at a 10m grid and the proposed model created from a series of dashed linear modifiers with z-levels set 1m, 2m, 3m etc above grade to sculpt the landscape as required. The resultant 3D of the proposed looks roughly as it should. I just need to extract it out in a format a contractor might use (waiting to hear, thought I'd tackle the problem from this end too). Any help would be greatly appreciated. D
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