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  2. In my experience 2020 is quite a lot faster.
  3. Mark Aceto

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    OK I'll take the bait... #1 anyone upgrading to Catalina right now is taking a huge risk with their business (most professionals I work with are perpetually one-year behind on macOS and we have no issues). Furthermore, you're accepting huge trade-offs (32-bit apps)... and for what? Breaking up iTunes? #2 sounds like you're experiencing graphics hardware issues with old equipment (not the MBP). 2020 really takes advantage of GPU over CPU. My 2014 MBP was choking on 2020 vs 2019. This is a good problem to have because the solution is new hardware that isn't 6+ years old. Easy peasy. #3 VW2020 is probably the most stable .0 and .1 release I've experienced since I've been using it (2011). From the outside looking in, there are signs that they focused on shipping a stable .0 release over packing every single new feature into it at launch (future SP updates will add features). I ran 2019 and 2020 side by side in Sep/Oct, and now that I'm migrating to a new 2019 MBP (and starting new projects), I'll only be installing 2020 SP1. Honestly, holding VW accountable for Apple's nonsense is a losing battle. It's insane to me how many things Apple breaks every year. Us long time Mac users just want them to leave well enough alone.
  4. Boh

    Find Text

    Just a suggestion. Here’s a thread on global editing of callouts if you’re interested in exploring the idea further.
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    The problem is related to this thread - Kevin
  6. Stu Wilson

    Photoshop to Vectorworks

    Hi All, I would like to drag something from Ps to VW but cant seem to get it to work..... I can copy and paste from Illustrator but this Ps thing isnt working, any help would be great. Thanks Stu
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  8. Wes Gardner

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    @halfcouple, I'm going to submit it as a bug/regression. Thanks for calling it to our attention. Wes
  9. josue Corona

    learning script

    Can someone please write me a simple script of a simple 3D square with a hole extrusion being subtracted from the middle , I sent screenshot of example. (Btw its a circle not a polygon , some reason looks like a polygon) My idea is to start learning from here . thank you thank you.
  10. @Amorphous - Julian I agree that the tools are awkward and could use some reworking. I’ve found it easier to delete and start over rather than editing wall recesses. Push/pull functionality is a good idea.
  11. halfcouple

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    Bug or Feature ? in VW 2019 a line can be extruded to a 'wall' this 'wall' can have a fill from the attributes palette. in VW 2020 (SP1) the fill button is deactivated for an extrude created from a line. (It works normal for an extrude created from a rectangle or polygon) This is very confusing when working with older files that are converted to VW 2020.
  12. Tom Klaber

    Viewport "Styles"

    Sad Face. I somehow thought this would not be that hard to do; I thought it would be an easy win. Glad to know it is still in the consciousness and is maybe on the horizon to be considered for possible future pipeline insertion.
  13. To my knowledge you can move plant database files from one USER folder to another, which would at least sync you short term. This isn't a real sustainable strategy, but may be useful in the short term. Instead, I still recommend WORKGROUP folders as the way to go to collectively manage the database...it just means that you have to coordinate its use a little better. One of the ways we have done this is to set aside time for plant database updates and the selection of "Favorites". We then have created Favorite resources files, complete with Plant Symbols pre-defined to specific plant records. These are symbols we use repeatedly. This has allowed our users to still select plants and actively plant projects without the need to spend time in the database. Just a thought.
  14. elepp

    File Referencing Slow

    Hi folks, can anyone tell me what the most influential factors are regarding file referencing. I have to files the source and the target on our server. The source file is roughly 450 MB big and opens in Vectorworks 2019 in 15 sec. This file is refernced into the target file. If I update now the source in my target file it takes 7:40 min to update this file. That is beyond acceptable. The path is set to relativ. The Checkbox at Copy/Cache he refrenced file is not set, even though in my test it didn't matter much if it was checked or not. The global setting is for referenced viewports. Am I missing something? What are the key factors for fast updating of referenced files bedisdes the file size? Thanks!
  15. Amorphous - Julian

    VW2020 Logo

    Thanks @E|FA for sharing the icon. We will be using your logo when the Australian version of 2020 SP1 is released (that's when we will roll out 2020)
  16. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov. As much as I'd like to share our file with you, we are bound by confidentiality agreements (NDA) with our clients. Right now, we are trying to work out the best way to share confidential client information with Vectorworks staff. Our lawyers are drafting back-to-back NDAs for this. In the meantime, I have recorded a video to show you the situation with the Titleblock in Project Sharing, so you can try to replicate the issue. Note the following time marks 0:07 - 'Edit Title Block' button pressed 0:07 - 0:35 (~30 seconds) [thinking] 0:35 - 0:46 (~10 seconds) Title Block Manager dialogue box opens 2:05 All modifications made and 'OK' button pressed 2:05 - 3:37 (~1 minute 30 seconds) Title Block Manager recognises a permission clash in Project File 3:37 'OK' button pressed to dismiss permission clash alert 3:37-33:45 (~30 minutes) Vectorworks crashes. Note the cursor is spinning beach ball on screen. I chopped the movie to cut down on size, I can send you the full version (33:45) if you wish. As you can see in the video, the current workflow to merely add an 'issue' or 'revision' is really slow for us. Your offer to multi-thread this process to speed it up would be a most-welcome improvement. It would make a massive difference for us, and we would appreciate this a lot. titleblock1.mp4
  17. ZEROIN

    VW2020 Hard Crashes When Running A Report

    Hello Juan I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It would appear I was somehow selecting the wrong criteria when running the report, total count of a specific symbol. I can't seem to replicate the issue now, the DWG file I was using may have been a corrupted. If the issue reoccurs I will be sure to post it. Thank you, Piero Favretti
  18. VW 2020 -- Mac OS X High Sierra Selecting 8 video screen objects to set the text options -- all the same config (front projection, same screen, same projector). And the Lens info popped in on the wrong side (RP side not FP Side). Tried closing and re-opening -- stayed the same. Tried deselecting the text option and okaying out of the dialog and going back in and re-selecting it -- the text popped back into the same wrong spot. Was doing it yesterday to individual projectors -- worked fine. Today with multiple selected....not so much. Tried to recreate in a blank file but couldn't find the magic combination of steps to get it to do it. Anyone else seen this yet?
  19. Could it be that there is some rogue geometry that was perhaps imported from a DWG that is a huge distance from the internal origin? I have seen this striping many times, and it is almost always a distance from origin issue.
  20. Hello @boldoutdoors , From your original post, my first route would have been something related to the graphics card such as possible overheating. From the original description, it definitely sounded more hardware based (Monitors Flicker, Solid Colored Screen, Still hearing music when monitors were down, etc.). From your follow up post, it sounds like it may be more file based. From your description, I’ve never heard of a file causing these results, but its definitely worth testing. If I send you an upload link, can you send me a copy of one of the files where you are crashing a lot so I can see if: 1) I am finding any corruption. 2) I am able to replicate any issues on my end. 3) There is anything in the file that stands out. I use multiple monitors on my two machines here (granted, I normally keep Vectorworks on my main display), so I don’t think the multiple monitors in and of themselves is an issue. Thank you
  21. @zoeageorg If you're able to, can you post the file for us to have a look at for you?
  22. I moved my heliodon to a different layer and this seemed to sort it.
  23. @Tamsin Slatter I think I have already done this on this file. But i have done it again and all my walls have disappeared in Open GL
  24. This looks like a problem where the geometry is a huge distance from the internal origin. Try Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin.
  25. @JuanP thanks for this i follow the steps and it was fine at first, but the weird appearance has returned!
  26. @zoeageorg follow these steps: and if the problem persists, please contact your local tech support.
  27. anyone got a clue why my building looks like this in Open GL? I've recently got a new laptop and I've tried to set the NVIDIA graphics card to ideal settings for vectorworks, but not sure i've done it right.
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