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  2. I'm trying to change the color of all magenta text. I've changed the color of all classes with a magenta pen color but my Conn Panel Outputs and Data Terms are still labeled in magenta color. I've attempted to edit the sys symbols to see if I can change the text color there but no luck? Does anyone know how I can change the color of these labels?
  3. @Boh Thank you, Thank you! Data tags did the trick. This is going to save me soooo much time.
  4. Hi there, We have tried out the auto scale function in the title blocks in the office but every time we open up the file the scale is replace by the text 'manual entry'. The paper size then states the scale instead of the unlinked text that was there before. We have to go through each sheet, open up sheet data from the OIP and click refresh which solves the issue. This is more work than just manually inputting the scales. Is this a known error? Or perhaps a glitch when the file updated from 2019 to 2020? Need to find a solution otherwise we will revert back to manual text for this box. Screen shot attached below Thanks!
  5. @shorter If you're only interested in gaslighting its better not to reply. You can read above this post of people who are having compatibility problems. And it sounds like you are describing exactly that software can only work on each annual release of OSX as described. Hence, works for one year.
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  7. Have you tried activating a sheet layer from within that view (rather than clicking the orange "exit" button)? I agree.
  8. I would agree with the sentiment offered by @Jeremy Best In general, VW has been running without any issues for a number of OS updates for many years. 2014 (barring the hiccups with 10.11) is still running on 10.12 despite not officially being supported. On Windows it is still running. That 6 years. I run 2015 on 10.12 I run 2016 on 10.12, and suffer 10.13 I run 2018 on Mojave. 2019 runs on Catalina. 2020 runs on Catalina. Which version are you using that only works for a year? I have never ever had a version of vectorworks that only works for a year after it's official release date.
  9. @Matt Panzer I'm now hopelessly signing off from work, unable to complete what I needed to do for tonight. I can squarely blame this on Vectorworks being stuck in a cycle of intensive conking-out with 'Edit Section in Place'. In other words. Vectorworks has defeated me tonight. I have been forced to give up by the program that should be helping me. Had we had the ⌘-period shorthand, I would not be in this position. Also, if VW was more like revit, with instantaneous sectioning (see post below), I would also not be in this position. I just wish some of these wishlist items can be granted to us users sooner than later, so on a night like tonight, Vectorworks can feel like friendly helping hand, instead of a nemesis, for my work.
  10. @SeanR @maccadingo @loretta.at.large hi all, there have been a problem with a different issue that the release was fixing which delayed the release. At the moment it is scheduled to be released on monday, Dec 16
  11. 30minutes into this conversation... at 10:30pm here in the evening.... I'm still waiting for VW to get out of that 'edit section in place' cycle There is no way for me to get out of it. We need that ⌘-period shorthand By the way- if anyone gets stuck in this cycle... The only way to get out of it is ⌘-5 (top plan view) or ⌘-shift-W (wireframe).... I learnt this the ward way through experience. We really need that ⌘-period shorthand
  12. @Matt Panzer what is worse, since I have 'autosave' turned on, VW autosaved the file state once inside 'Edit Section In-Place'. So, even though I 'force quit' because of the slow/laggy operation. When I reopen, it reopens in the 'Edit Section in-place' state. We really need that ⌘-period button. Please...
  13. @Amorphous - Julian, Sorry about that. I should've added a warning that it can be very processor intensive on larger/detailed models.
  14. After 8 minutes, my 'edit in place' section finally loaded. But any operation within it is so laggy (including simply to 'return to viewport') I had to force quit it.
  15. First the background. The Vectorworks IFC implementation uses Record Formats to generate IFC PSets which are basically pulled into the IFC record. This effectively give an extremely extensible record format, but also makes it 'interesting' to get at that IFC Data programmatically. In a worksheet you can use the GetIFCProperty function to tell the worksheet what IFC Pset and Field (Property) to return. But there is no way to use an IFC PSet Property as part of a criteria. This should be submitted as a Wish/Enhancement request. Or at the very least be able to tell if a given Pset is part of the IFC record. So the following script will select every object in a drawing that has an IFC Type of "IFCMechanicalFastener" AND has a non-blank 'Tekla Bolt'.'Bolt Name' as part of the IFC record. This could be relatively easily adapted to other IFC object types, PSets, and properties by editing the string constants in the script. Procedure SelectByIFCProperty; {December 13, 2019} {© 2019 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com} {Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License} {Selects all objects that are defined as IFCMechanicalFastener } {and have an IFCPSet of Tekla Bolt with a non-blank Bolt Name attached.} {Here be dragons. No Warranty Expressed or Implied. Use at your own risk} Var B1:Boolean; S1,S2,S3,S4:String; N1:Integer; Procedure Execute(H1:Handle); Begin B1:=IFC_GetPSetProp(H1,S3,S4,S2,N1); If ((B1=True) & (S2<>'')) then SetSelect(H1); End; Begin S1:='Tekla Bolt.Bolt Name'; S3:=Substring(S1,'.',1); S4:=Substring(S1,'.',2); DSelectAll; ForEachObject(Execute,((IFC_ENTITY='IfcMechanicalFastener'))); End; Run(SelectByIFCProperty);
  16. @Matt Panzer Funny you mention that. I just accidentally pressed 'Edit Section In-Place' and I am have now waited for 7+ minutes without an ability to stop this process. I really need to STOP this process. I can't afford to 'force quit' because I'll lose so much work. I really need the button in the post below for situations like this. ions
  17. You can also right-click on a section viewport and choose the "Edit Section In-place" option from the context menu.
  18. Hello @Vlaval , Here in pictures how I do it (here with a V.2020 US from VectorWorks). I do not know if it's very orthodox, but it works for me ... I don't know what the developers think about it? Formerly on the old versions of VectorWorks, the plant database was editable with the data from the object info palette and also from the spreadsheet. Now it's locked and suddenly it has become quite heavy and painful to edit the characteristics of the plants (SKU, price, remarks in particular). At your disposal and disposition to improve this plant tools that could be a real bomb, but whose complexity and randomness must repel a lot of landscapers who use so "simple" symbols ... Cordially. Edgar RAMEL Sorry if the syntax is not very good, but I am French-speaking, it is our friend Google who speaks for me in the language of Shakespeare... 😉
  19. Hi @Adam@ssqdesign, Are you in a 2D component or a 3D component when you right-click? The option is only available while in a 2D component.
  20. In my case i do this because I design allot of products / furniture. For example: when i design a table with a wooden table top I create part symbols and assembly symbols. Each part, in this case a screw, piece of folded sheet metal, a wooden table top, etc, gets his own part-symbol (P_01, P_02, P_02) Each assembly gets his own symbol as well: main assembly > A_01, sub assembly > A_02, A_03, A_... etc. Al these individual part-symbols and assembly-symbols have there own individual design layer, and there own individual sheet layer that all correspond with the symbol name. The separate design layers are needed to be able to create sheet layers with views of each specific part or assembly. I would be amazing to just be able to drag-and-drop symbols on sheet layers for the creation of viewports (left, right, top, bottom, back, isometric, perspective)
  21. Thanks Antonio, I'll have a go using your suggestion, but unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment. Without the time to do this, I resorted to the inbuilt search option that doesn't work for me, even though the list of ifc records are listed. Maybe this is a bug that needs to be reported or maybe I'm using it incorrectly. Regards
  22. I believe I have a solution for you. Use SelectObj with the criteria (IFC_ENTITY='IfcMechanicalFastener') to get all IFC entities that even could have the field "Tekla Bolt". Then make a loop to go through all selected objects using IFC_GetPsetProp to check for the value of "Tekla Bolt".
  23. Thanks Pat, I knew you'd enjoy the challenge. The attached drawing (vw2020 because it wouldn't import in vw2019) has one of the components from an imported .ifc drawing from our client. After importing the vary complex drawing, I wanted to move various components to other layers so I could work with them. I found that I couldn't "Custom Selection" "Field Value" "Tekla Bolt" "Bolt Name". This maybe because, even though these categories list in "Custom Selection", if you look at the Object Info, it's actually a sub-catagory of ifcMechanicalFastener, which is ignored by "Custom Selection". What do you think? Untitled1.vwx
  24. Can you attach a sample file with an instance of the Tekla Bolt with the IFC record attached? Or tell me a simple way to create a file with this object type so I can see what is happening?
  25. Edgar en Mike, thank you for your replies. @mikeheacox I should have mentioned that I did that but I get the rounded up number in my worksheet followed by 2 zeros (in this example : 39,00) @Edgar RAMEL I think that might be the solution to my problem. How do I get that "Editer format de base de données" window ? Valérie
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