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    I don’t think you can change these as the a record fields of the plant symbols in the Vectorworks library file.
  3. Possible solutions off the top of my head: -autohybrids don't use classes as a means to control pens -some sort of "solo" mode where whatever objects are selected can be isolated and worked on regardless of class or layer. This is a refinement of the ol' "group the things you want to work on" trick that everyone uses.
  4. I wonder if this is a bug. I know it has been a bug in previous versions of Vectorworks. @JuanP is there a way to confirm if this is a bug or not? I really need to export Vectors so I can get it out to our digital designers and not manually redraw all the shapes... the shapes... hundreds of shapes! Here's a similar bug from 2015:
  5. You didn't quote the part about the hardscape tool looking like a shoe from an old Atari game. That was the essence of my rant 🙂 @drelARCH glad you enjoyed, it was writing therapy for me 🙂
  6. I see what you are saying, but it is doing exactly what Active Only is supposed to do. It is showing only the active class. Since the AutoHybrid part is using a different class it is not displaying that. I don't see how it can do anything else that would make any better sense. The best work around I can offer is to use the ability to Option-Click in the Class visibilities column to set all the classes to Invisible. Then set your primary object class to Visible, your AutoHybrid class to Active and your Class Options to Show/Snap (or S/S/M) Others. That way you get the visibilities that you want. Or maybe a better wish would be to have an extra visibility column something like Always Visible or Ignore Filtering so that you could set container classes (Autohybrids, groups, symbols) to always be visible no matter what the filtering or class options. Or a check box to make the class of container objects that have contained objects visible visible. Not an easy problem to get a working solution that will not mess up anyones workflow. Is you wish actually something more like Always Show Contained Objects Regardless of Class Options?
  7. I currently tell students to "never use 'Active Only' for Classes" because it just doesn't work. There are always nested classes in our workflow. This wish would make it much more functional and usable 🙂
  8. Looks like I've already upvoted 😂 By the way, the more I've worked with other 3D modeling packages, the more I actually really like many aspects of the way Vectorworks handles textures (particularly in regards to size, scale factor, and tiling). But two things should happen: Finesse existing functionality simply from a UI/UX standpoint. Add one additional level of mapping ability: custom UV Mapping. As I watch many industries swiftly move towards programs like Unreal, this will soon become imperative for Vectorworks to keep up and not lose market share.
  9. I did not submit a bug. If this is important to you I recommend that you do so.
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  11. @Phil hunt thanks for the reply and information. I admittedly have done no research into how or if this would work. It just seems like something software would have an easy time understanding since real light definitions in industry have mathematical definitions for their characteristics and seem to transfer between BIM applications fairly well. I hope others will weigh in with their experiences as well.
  12. Generally VW imports all resources and safes them in its *.vwx file format to make data exchange between users more comfortable. Image files will be converted while import to standard PNG or optionally JPEG in later VW Versions. PNG is compressed but lossless, JPEG is a lossy compression but smaller in file size. AFAIK when importing image files you can reference these instead. May work for underlays, not sure if applicable for image textures in RW materials. But that will not help for images already integrated into your file. I am not sure if there is any reasonable workaround to get these images out of VW again with Alpha Channel, maybe by trying any copy and paste into other Apps. Or at least re-rasterizing by exporting and recreating alpha in PS. If you really want to work with the images, I think it is best to ask the author to send you the images originals separately. For Image Textures in RW Materials a possible workaround would be to export the scene to Cinema4D, which creates a "tex" resource Folder containing all Texture files. The PNGs should keep their Alphas.
  13. When you switch this to "active only" in classes, the autohybrid will disappear in Plan view Autohybrid.vwx
  14. @Pat Stanford That sounds about right. Has a bug report been submitted?
  15. Can you post a file with an auto hybrid showing this problem?
  16. We chased this last week also and found that the automatic switching does not happen when you are in Edit Group (or I would assume Symbol) mode, only when you are directly on a design layer. And I meant Reset your preferences, not rest them. Although after this week I think I would like to rest my preferences.
  17. @Pat Stanford circling back to this as I work...I have an autohybrid which is classed the same as everything else inside it. But, since my appearances of my autohybrid are dictated by classes, when I work in "active only" then I cannot see anything in Top/Plan view. This seems to me to either be defeating the purpose of the "active only," or defeating the purpose of the autohybrid.
  18. I don't have Illustrator to test, so I am out of ideas. Sorry.
  19. I could be wrong but I shouldn't there would be a similar function in the Windows Vectorworks drop down menu?
  20. Hi, I would be interested in a VW Architect 2020 license, if you still have any left. How much are you offering them at? Paul
  21. I've made a planting plan, using place plant and created a report to list the plants (latin name, common name, sch size and quantity). Most of the plants all come out fine, but I have missing quantities in about 25% of the plants on the list and i can't figure out why. Quantity number just lists as -- Why would these plant numbers not be showing in the report?
  22. Everything the VW developers need to read from this thread, courtesy of @jeff prince
  23. Hello, I have been sent a VWX file with lots of hand drawn images. They are high quality PNG files with an alpha channel. I would like to work on these image files in Photoshop or Inkscape, but I'm not sure how to get them out of VWX. I have tried a simple copy paste of the bitmap from VWX, and that doesn't work. I assume the Image export function isn't what I want because it will re-rasterize the image. Any help is appreciated.
  24. Yes @P Retondo it appears tp be a "Macthang" (to quote my Windows loving brother-in -law). 😏
  25. This happens to me occasionally, but I haven't put the time in to see if there's a pattern. I think it's happening when I exit out of certain tools or editing modes.
  26. @trashcan There isn't currently an automated conversion from a ProjectionViz object, but there is a fairly simple workflow. 1. Insert a ProjectionViz object and match the projection cone. (If you're saying that you're having trouble with this, I can advise on that too.) Note the Spread Angle value under Lens and Image. 2. Insert a RW camera anywhere in the drawing. 3. Set the aspect ratio for the Camera. 4. Set the Camera's Field of View to the Spread Angle from PV. 5. Select the PV object and click the View from Projector button towards the bottom of the OIP. 6. Open the Cameras tab of the Visualization Palette. Right-click on the camera you added and select Match Current View.
  27. Is this a Mac thing? I'm not seeing this on my PC.
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